The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 613 Let Scott Challenge Him

As the developer of Moon Island, the Chan family was undoubtedly like a royal family on this island. Because of the Chan family, the people living on this island was able to make a living here.

Because Moon Island was a high-end tourism destination, the level of consumption here was very high. Therefore, the Chan family became a very powerful family in just a few years. Even some top families in inland area were not as powerful as the Chan family was.

Therefore, even tourists knew that the Chan family was powerful and that people of the Chan family were the last to offend on this island.

Paisley, whom Scott came to before, was a collateral relative of the Chan family.

Because of the fact that the Chan family was powerful, the young master of the Chan family was also very popular on the Moon Island. After all, if one could build a good relationship with the young master of the Chan family, it meant that one had built a good relationship with the Chan family. People all wanted to build a good relationship with the Chan family.

“Wow, is that the young master of the Chan family? He’s so handsome. If only I could friend him on Wechat.”

“You had better not daydream about it. He must be surrounded by many beauties, so he would only take a fancy to the most beautiful ones.”

Many girls were deeply attracted by Mylo after seeing him.
Scott, Edith and Annabel also gave Mylo a glance, but they didn’t have much reaction.

Edith loved only Scott, and Mylo was not her ideal type at all. Annabel was even the young lady of the Thompson family. the Chan family was powerful on Moon Island. However, compared with the Thompson family, it was far from as powerful as the Thompson family. Annabel naturally didn’t take the young master of the Chan family seriously.

After coming to this place and seeing that people were looking enviously at him, Mylo put on a somewhat proud expression. He liked to be admired.
After looking around, Mylo finally looked at Annabel with a hint of greed in his eyes.

It could be said that he came here for Annabel. He had noticed Annabel, an extraordinary beautiful woman, since they came out of the Crescent Hotel.

Annabel found that Mylo was looking at her and immediately frowned. Obviously, being looked at by Mylo in that way, she felt sick.

After coming close to the stage, Mylo directly walked onto the stage. The host immediately ran to him with a respectful expression and handed the microphone to him.

Mylo took it and said, “I found that it’s humming here, so I come here to have a look. Coincidentally, I’m also interested in arm- wrestling match. Besides, I’m confident in myself. What about allowing me to challenge these eight strong men and seeing if I can be the champion of the match today?”

The host immediately said with a smile, “It’s really our honor for us to have you, Mr. Mylo, to participate in this match. I believe that our eight players are also looking forward to having a game with you. I’ll ask someone to prepare for it now. Let’s see how powerful Mr. Mylo is!”

Mylo nodded and looked contemptuously at the eight players. It seemed that he looked down upon them.

So far, this match was actually designed by Mylo. He usually used this trick go after girls. When the host chose a lucky audience in the name of the match, he was actually choosing the beauty Mylo took a fancy to.

Then the host would manage to make the lucky audience to agree to have dinner with the champion of the match. After that, Mylo would defeat all the players in person. In this way, he had the opportunity to have dinner with the girl he liked.

As the young master of the Chan family, Mylo naturally had the tricks to make that girl sleep with him.
Most of the people on Moon Island were tourists and would basically just come here once. It were always new tourists who

watched the match. Therefore, he dared to repeatedly use this trick without worrying that it would be saw through. After all, people who knew his trick had already left Moon Island.

Soon, the host prepared the table for the arm-wrestling match. Mylo came over and sat at the table.

Then he gave the eight players a glance and said, “Take turns to compete with me. If I defeat all of you, I’ll be the champion.” The girls under the stage immediately screamed. It was obvious that they considered Mylo to be cool.

“Wow, he’s really so handsome! He should challenge eight people! I’ll take Mr. Mylo as my idol!”

“He’s so cool. Mr. Mylo’s really powerful! He’s a real man. I want very much to be with him!”

“Ah, I’m going to fall in a faint. I need Mr. Mylo to give me artificial respiration.”

The eight players began took turns to compete with Mylo. Mylo didn’t look very strong, but he indeed had great strength. The strong men were defeated a short time after competing with him.

The girls under the stage kept screaming to show their adoration to Mylo.

Seeing that, Edith turned her head, looked at Annabel and said, “At this rate, the young master of the Chan family will be the champion. Annabel, you’ll have to have dinner with him. How do you like him?”

There was immediately a hint of dislike on Annabel’s face. She said, “I don’t want to have dinner with that guy. I can tell that he’s very cunning at first sight. Besides, look, he’s so proud. I doubt that those people deliberately lost to him because of who he is.
It’s really a terrible match.”

“But you had already agreed. What should we do?” Edith spoke.

Previously, Annabel wanted to say that she could just refuse. After all, she didn’t take the young master of the Chan family seriously at all.

However, when she saw Scott, she immediately rolled her eyes and talked to Edith with a nervous expression, “Edith, he’s the young master of the Chan family, and no one on this island dares to offend him. Besides, when I have dinner with him, he won’t simply have a meal with me. He’ll certainly take the opportunity to do something to me. I don’t want to be ruined by him. Can you help me?”

Thinking that Annabel was right, Edith was immediately worried about Annabel. However, she didn’t know how to help her.

“Annabel, I want to help you, but I don’t know how to. What if directly refusing to have dinner with him? They can’t force you to have dinner with him, right?” Edith said.

Annabel gave Edith a glance and said, “Edith, didn’t you mention that your husband has great strength? I believe he could defeat the young master of the Chan family. Why not let him challenge the young master of the Chan family? As long as he defeats that guy, I won’t need to have dinner with that guy.”

Thinking that it worked, Edith’s eyes lit up at once, turned her head and looked at Scott.

Scott was lost in his thought. He didn’t take this matter seriously. Now, when he heard what Annabel said, he immediately put on a puzzled expression.


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