The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 612 He Is a Bad Man

Back in the private box, Scott sat down beside Edith. Edith immediately bitterly looked at Scott and said, “Didn’t you say that you only love me? When you saw Annabel, why did your expression change?”

Scott explained, “When I just saw her, I thought she was very similar to someone I knew. So I was stunned for a moment.
Besides, she’s really very beautiful. If I didn’t have any reaction, could it be that there was something wrong?”

Edith thought for a while and believed that Scott was right. Now, she only loved Scott. However, sometimes, when she saw a very handsome man, she would also find him attractive. After all, human being liked beautiful things and would always pay more attention to something beautiful.

After a while, Annabel was also back. Her expression was obviously darker than before.
Edith noticed her change at once and asked with concern, “Annabel, what’s wrong? It seems that you’re a little unhappy.”

After sitting down, Annabel sighed and said, “Don’t mention it. Just now, I met my beloved. I lost control of myself and told him that I loved him. But he should turned me down!”

Edith asked with a surprised expression, “Does your beloved come here for a tour, too?”

“Who knows why he comes here? Maybe he comes here to go after a woman. I saw that he was with a rather pretty woman.” Annabel said with a sad expression.

“Ah? Didn’t you mention that you have to marry the man who touches your feet according to a family rule? And your beloved had intentionally touched your feet, right?” Edith blinked.

“Yes. I didn’t expect him to be so cruel. He even said that he wouldn’t marry me for the rest of his life. Edith, what should I do?” Annabel looked at Edith with an aggrieved expression.

Edith became immediately angry, saying, “That man is really too bad. How could he do that? Annabel, don’t be sad. Such a bad man doesn’t deserve your love. You’ll meet someone better than him in the future.”

“But…But I just like him. What should I do?” Annabel looked so poor that anyone would pity her.

Edith was troubled and didn’t know how to comfort Annabel.

At this moment, Annabel gave Scott a glance and said, “Edith, your husband is also a man. Men know men best. Can you ask your husband to analyze what that bad man is thinking about for me?”

Scott’s lips twitched. He didn’t anticipated that Annabel would talk to Edith about this matter and she even made Edith scold him. He even couldn’t refute it!

Edith turned her head, gave Scott a glance and said, “Quick, analyze it for her. Why would there be such a bad man? He knew that there’s such a rule in the family of Annabel, but he still deliberately touched her feet. Now, he refused to take the responsibility. He’s too bad!”

Scott coughed slightly and said with an embarrassed expression, “Maybe…Maybe there is some misunderstanding.” He wondered how Edith would react when she knew that her husband was the bad man Annabel mentioned.

Seeing that Scott was so embarrassed, there was a hint of playful expression in Annabel’s eyes.
“Misunderstanding? Are you speaking for that bad man?” Edith glared at Scott.

“Well, I don’t know. You know that I’m slow in this respect.” Scott hurriedly explained.

Edith sighed and talked to Annabel, “Annabel, Scott’s indeed slow in this respect. Don’t be sad. That man is bad, and you’ll certainly find a better one.”

Annabel nodded, put on a smile and said, “Well, stop thinking about that bad guy. Let’s have our meal now.”

Edith nodded. Seeing that Annabel no longer talked about this matter, Scott was relieved.
After finishing eating, they went downstairs and headed out of the Crescent Hotel. They were going to have a walk in the square.

At this moment, the square was already a sea of people, most of whom were gathering in front of a stage of an arm-wrestling match.

A host was speaking to the crowd on the stage. According to him, the match was at half-time and it would came to the climax of the match later.

“Annabel, let’s go to watch the arm-wrestling match.” Edith said.

Annabel nodded and agreed. Scott followed them to the stage.

Edith and Annabel were indeed too beautiful, so they attracted the attention of many people the moment they came here.
Many men enviously looked at Scott. It was indeed enviable to stay with two such beautiful women at the same time.
They stopped somewhere not far from the stage and looked at the stage. At this time, eight strong and muscular men were standing on the stage. They were all winners of the first half. Later, they would contend for a championship in the final.

The host was talking about the rewards the champion would receive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, apart from the rewards I just mentioned, the champion of this match could get another lucky reward. As for what it is, I’m not going to tell you now. Now, let’s choose a lucky audience from the present audience!”

After the host finished speaking, the spotlight on the stage moved and finally shone on Annabel.
“Congratulations to this beautiful young lady! You’re the lucky audience!” The host shouted with passion. Not knowing how she became the lucky audience, Annabel was a little puzzled.

Then the host invited Annabel to come to the stage, telling her that she would get a gift on condition that she played mora with the host and won. However, if she lost, she would become the lucky reward for the champion of the arm-wrestling match.

Certainly, the champion would just get the chance to have dinner with Annabel.

Annabel had never participated in such a game before. As the young lady of the Thompson family, how was it possible for her play such a game? She found it very novel, so she agreed.

However, Annabel was not good at playing mora and lost to the host. According to the rule, she would have to have dinner with the champion of the arm-wrestling match.

The arm-wrestling match went on. Annabel came down from the stage, approached Edith and talked to her like a child, “I’m so stupid that I lost.”

Edith smiled at her and said, “It doesn’t matter. You just need to have a meal with the champion. Maybe he would be accidentally your ideal man.”

Just when they talked, the crowd stirred. The people present all turned their heads and looked at one side of the square. At that place, a handsome young man was coming under the protection of a few bodyguards in suits.

“Look! It’s the young master of the Chan family, Mylo Chan!”


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