The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 611 I Fall in Love with You

Scott narrowed his eyes, staring at this extraordinary beautiful woman who looked like a fairy, and asked with a cold voice, “Why did you try to approach my wife?”

Annabel put on a lovely smile and said, “I didn’t try to approach her. We have common tastes and have a lot to talk about. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t interfere with who I make friends with, right?”

“Then I’ll have to take you as a potential threat and get rid of you.” Scott said directly. In the past, Annabel was not his enemy, and she even disassociated herself from Nate for him. However, now, Edith was pregnant. So Scott had to be alert to Annabel who was mysterious and had unknown purpose.

There was immediately a hint of bitterness on her charming face. She looked at Scott with an aggrieved expression. Just now, she looked like a fairy, and now she looked like a little girl who was bullied.

“How can you treat me like that? Can’t you ask one more word about it? I just kept you suspense. Why are you so inflexible?” Annabel angrily said.

“I’m sorry, but I have no time to guess. I’ll get rid of anyone who has an ill intention towards my wife.” After saying that, Scott headed out.

Annabel clenched her small fists, stamped her feet and hurriedly followed him.

“Well, wait. I’m telling you. I don’t come here for your wife. You’re quick to think of killing me. Do you know that you’re thinking about killing your possible future wife?”

Annabel had many admirers. If they saw her acting like that, they might shed tears. They considered her to be a goddess, but she should go after someone else.

After hearing that, Scott immediately stopped. He turned around, looking at Annabel.

Seeing that, Annabel pretended that she failed to react in time and then came up to Scott.
“Ah! Why did you suddenly stop?” Annabel whispered while leaning against Scott.

Scott yang didn’t find that Annabel had deliberately done that. He hurriedly took two steps back and said, “What did you just mean?”

Annabel was still thinking about the body temperature of Scott. Hearing that, she said somewhat shyly, “Well, I’ll just tell you. I come here for you and I do get to know your wife by coincidence. However, considering that she and I may become a family in the future, I think it not a bad thing to build a good relationship with her now.”

Scott frowned, speaking, “Becoming a family? What nonsense are you talking about?” “Oh, you silly. Can’t you understand what I mean until I speak it out?” Annabel helplessly stared at Scott.
“Tell me now.” Scott said with a cold expression.

“I fall in love with you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. No matter whether you’re married or not, I’ll marry you. Did I make myself clear enough?” Annabel lowered her head with a red face, daring not to look at Scott’s eyes.

Hearing that, Scott was speechless. He couldn’t understand why there were always girls falling in love with him.
Supposedly, there shouldn’t be any woman who liked him, a man who didn’t understand woman at all. What’s more, he only loved Edith. He really didn’t understand what these girls were thinking about.

After complaining for a while, Scott gave Annabel a glance and said, “If that’s the case, give it up as soon as possible. I love only Edith, and I won’t love anyone else.”

It seemed that Annabel didn’t care about that. She said, “Although you don’t love me now, I can try.”

“I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed.” Scott said rather confidently.

Finding that Scott was confident that he wouldn’t fall in love with her, Annabel immediately widened her eyes in disbelief. She had never seen anyone who was so confident that he could turn down a beauty.

“Scott! How…How can say that? I can only marry you. You can’t treat me like that.” Annabel angrily spoke.

“You’re young and beautiful. Besides, you’re the young lady of the Thompson family. I’m sure that you can find the right person.
Don’t think about such a useless thing anymore.” Scott sighed and patiently gave an advice.

“No, I can only marry you. If I can’t marry you, I’ll have to kill you.” Annabel compressed her lips, “It’s a rule of my family. Do you remember that you touched my feet in Guanling?”

Scott frowned and nodded.
“For the girls of the Thompson family, the feet are very private parts and can only be touched by their husbands. If the feet of an

unmarried girl are touched by a man, she can only either marry him or kill him. It’s a rule handed down from our ancestors, and I can certainly not violate it.” Annabel went on speaking.

Scott didn’t expect that there should be such a feudal rule in the Thompson family. In the past, he just touched Annabel’s feet to force her to tell him the information about Terence. As a young man born in modern society, how was it possible for him to consider it inappropriate to touch her feet?

After explaining that, Annabel waited for Scott’s response as if she was awaiting trial. Although she was active and confident, she was still afraid that Scott would deny it.

Scott thought for a while and asked, “What if you can’t kill me? Is there any rule in your family about that?”

Annabel was immediately stunned. She had never thought about it. After all, she had never thought of killing Scott at all. She had always been confident that she could marry Scott.

“Well… There isn’t. If I fail to kill you, I’ll just keep trying, until I succeed.” Annabel said.

“Well, from now on, you can try to kill me. I won’t take the initiative to attack you. However, when you attack me, Ill fight back.
You can keep trying. In this way, you won’t violate the rules of your family, right?” Scott said.

Annabel immediately widened her beautiful eyes. She had thought of several possibilities of what would happen after she told Scott the rule of her family, but she didn’t anticipated that Scott would ask her to try to kill him from now on. Hearing those words, Annabel nearly wanted to say “can it work?”

“Scott, I’m no worse than Edith. Why do you think that it’s impossible for me to marry you?” Annabel said, feeling unconvinced.
“Because she’s my wife. That’s enough.”

After saying that, Scott turned around and headed for the private box.


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