The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 610 Pretending Not to Know Each Other

In the elevator, Edith looked at Scott helplessly, and said, “The biggest regret of this trip is that I was on the same cruise ship with them. I really can’t figure out why they had to demean us to show their superiority.”

“And we obviously bought the ferry tickets for the top floor, and they always find all kinds of reasons to prove that we have not been so rich in fact.”

Scott smiled and said, “The Patel family in G City looked down on the Patel family in J City. In their subconscious mind, they feel that they are superior to you. Now it is nature that they refuse to believe that you have lived better than them. So, they can only find various reasons to make themselves feel better.”

“Then they can’t always come to trouble us, it’s really annoying.” Edith was a little irritable.

“As the saying goes, miner’s lady strange to blue water. At our current level, they can’t understand it, so don’t take them to heart.
Caring about idiots will make you will become idiots.” Scott said laughingly and touched Edith’s head.

Edith nodded and stopped thinking about Rowan and Rosa.

When they came out of the elevator, Scott and Edith saw a high-end, atmospheric door. This was the only door. Edith’s friend should be inside.

Before entering, Edith turned to look at Scott and said seriously, “First, you can’t have any thoughts about her, she is really beautiful. She is so beautiful that any man would like her. Others can like her, but you can’t, remember it.”

Scott laughed dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Edith to take this matter so seriously, and emphasized it several times.

“I know, I know, you don’t believe me. My heart is so Small, there is no room for others with you in it,” Scott said.

After telling Scott this, Edith walked to the door of the private room, knocked on the door, and then opened the door and walked in.

At this time, there was a not-so-large table in the private room. The table was full of exquisite dishes, which looked delicious in the bright lights of the private room.

At this time, sitting in front of the table was a girl with fair skin, a delicate and pleasant appearance, and a detached temperament.

Scott was stunned when he saw the girl sitting at the table, because he knew this girl. She was Annabel, who was threatened by him by scratching her ankle in Guanling.

He remembered that at that time Annabel had designs on him, and he had a deep impression of this informal girl.
He didn’t expect that the friend is wife had known for so many days would be her.

At this moment, Annabel was staring at Scott with a joking expression, as if she knew that Scott would appear here, and her big crystal clear eyes blinked.

Scott immediately guessed that Annabel knew from the beginning that Edith was his wife, and it was not accidental that Edith would know Annabel.

Did she come to Moon Island because of him? What was her purpose?

If Scott remembered correctly, he only forced Annabel to tell something about Terence at that time, and then took her phone that saved a lot of revealing selfies. It stood to reason that this girl shouldn’t go to Moon Island to retaliate against him because of it.

For a moment, Scott was full of doubts, wondering what Annabel wanted to do.

When Edith found that Scott stared at Annabel as soon as he came in, she didn’t know what he was thinking, and suddenly became angry. In her opinion, Scott was fascinated by Annabel’s beauty.

She stretched out her hand directly, pinched Scott’s arm severely, and then dragged Scott to sit opposite Annabel.
“Annabel, let me introduce you. This is my husband, Scott,” Edith said.

The moment Scott was pinched by Edith, he almost called out directly, and his sense were pulled back. At the same time, he secretly sighed in his heart that the jealous woman was really terrible. He just distracted for a while, and got so “serious” treatment.

“Wow, Edith, your husband is really handsome. No wonder you married him. From his eyes, I can see the temperament that ordinary men don’t have. I think you must be very happy.”

As if she didn’t know Scott, Annabel said very naturally.

“Well, he is a idiot. See, he is stupid and he doesn’t even know to say hello,” Edith replied with a smile, and there was a condemnation of Scott in her tone.

Scott was a little embarrassed. He didn’t say hello because he knew the girl sitting across from him. But seeing Annabel’s expression, it seemed that she didn’t want Edith to know the fact that they knew each other.

And Scott didn’t know how to explain the relationship between him and Annabel to Edith. If the explanation was not clear, and misunderstood them, it would be even more troublesome.

So just pretended not to know each other first, and then asked Annabel why she was here when he had the opportunity.
“You… hello,” Scott said to Annabel.

Annabel just smiled politely at Scott, and then chatted with Edith without taking him seriously.

Edith was also a little angry because of Scott’s behavior just now, so she kept chatting with Annabel. The two girls ignored Scott, making him a little at a loss and could only immerse himself in food.

During the chat between the two girls, Scott discovered that Edith really liked Annabel, and their relationship almost had risen to the level of confidantes.

And what Annabel did indeed look like a well-knowledgeable, gentle and cultivated lady. If Scott didn’t know that the lady from the Thompson family was a casual person and took him to her room when she saw Scott was powerful, he may have to be fooled by Annabel now.

He was more and more puzzled about what Annabel came to Moon Island for, and guessed that it may be just a coincidence.
But when he first came in, Annabel’s look told him that she knew he was Edith’s husband.

After a long time, because he had been eating and drinking, Scott wanted to go to the bathroom, so he told the two girls and got up and got out of the private room.

Annabel continued to chat with Edith. After a while, she said, “Edith, I’ll go to the bathroom too. Help yourself and let’s talk later.” After speaking, she went out of the private room.

Scott walked out of the toilet after going to the toilet. After washing his hands, he just turned around and saw Annabel staring at him playfully.

“Long time no see, dear Mr. Scott. Do you miss me?”


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