The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 609 Only Guests in The Top Private Rooms Can Take It

At home.

When Edith saw Scott come back, she immediately went forward and asked with concern, “How is it, has the matter been resolved?”

Scott smiled at Edith and said, “It has been solved, and no one will come to trouble Fisher and his family anymore.” Edith just breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the desperate look of Fisher and his family last night, Edith was also a little worried.

On the way back, Fisher refused to accept the position of director of the tour guide management office, saying that Scott had spent 30 million in exchange for it. He really couldn’t afford it.

Scott patiently explained to him for a long time, saying that after this trip, he would leave Moon Island, and it was impossible to stay here as the director.

In the end, under Scott’s painstaking persuasion, Fisher agreed to be the director of the tour guide management office and told Scott that they would pay back in the future.

Scott just smiled. He didn’t pay attention to Fisher’s promise. After all, it was really nothing to him. Since Fisher became the director of the tour guide management office, he would be able to send Gardner to the inland for study in the future.

Maybe Gardner could become a useful talent in the future and give Scott a helping hand when he needed it.
“That’s fine.” Edith smiled.

“Fisher, go shopping with me this afternoon. Let’s make a good dinner in the evening to express our gratitude for Scott’s help,” Anika said with a smile.

Fisher nodded immediately, saying that he must make the most sumptuous dinner for them in these years.

“Fisher, Anika let’s forget it tonight. We made an appointment with friend tonight. We can have dinner together when we have time,” Scott said. He remembered that Edith told him yesterday that she was going to meet her friend tonight.

Hearing what Scott said, Fisher and Anika didn’t mind. They said they would cook for them when they were free.
In the evening, Scott went out with Edith and went all the way to the most famous restaurant on Moon Island, the Crescent Hotel.

As the most prestigious restaurant on Moon Island, the Crescent Hotel was very popular throughout Moon Island. The decoration here was magnificent. The exterior of the restaurant was designed in silver and white. The appearance of the restaurant was also like a standing crescent. At night, when all the lights were on, the restaurant was as dazzling as the moon on Moon Island.

Although the cost of the Crescent Hotel was not affordable for ordinary people, the scenery here still attracted a large number of tourists to take pictures here.

In front of the Crescent Hotel was a square. Every night, there would be a lot of people gathered here, and the Crescent Hotel would also hold some activities from time to time to accumulate popularity for the restaurant.

At this time, on the square in front of the Crescent Hotel, a stage had already been set up. At this time, there were already many people around there, but there was no performance on the stage yet, and it seemed that it was not yet time to start.

“Is there any performance going on over there? It looks very lively,” Edith said.

“Wrist-wrestling contest, isn’t it written over there.” Scott smiled.

Edith was amazed, but she didn’t expect this kind of place would hold a wrist-wrestling contest.

“Let’s go to dinner, this contest hasn’t started yet, maybe we can come and have a look after dinner,” Edith said.

Scott nodded, and followed Edith to the door of the Crescent Hotel, and walked into the hall.

A waiter ran towards the two of them and asked, “May I help you?”

“We made an appointment with a friend. She should have arrived. She seems to in be the best private room here,” Edith said.
“Okay, I’ll go to confirm it, please wait a moment.” After speaking, the waiter hurried to confirm.

Scott glanced at Edith and said, “It seems that your friend is great. She actually asked for the best private room. She’s a millionaires.”

Edith rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “She is a lady from a big family in R Country, a person with status. How can you call her in such a vulgar way.”

Scott smiled. Unexpectedly, this friend of Edith was still a girl from R Country, and he suddenly became a little curious.
While the two were waiting, Rowan and Rosa also walked into the hall of the Crescent Hotel.

“Dear, this time I spent a lot of money to book a box here. Although it is only an ordinary private room, it is already very rare.
Most people who travel here can’t even reserve an ordinary private room,” Rowan said smugly.

“Dear, you are the best, I will take a few more photos later, and send them to my friends, so that they can also see our life,” Rosa said with a smile.

“It would be great if Scott and Edith were also here. Their money was used to buy ferry tickets. They must not be able to afford such an expensive restaurant. If they were here, I would have to get even with them,” Rowan said angrily.

“Dear, look, are the two people over there?” Rosa suddenly stretched her finger forward.

Rowan looked over there, his eyes glared. He gritted his teeth and said, “Talk of the devil and he comes. Let’s go and see what they two are doing here.”

With that, they walked up to Scott and Edith.
“No wonder as soon as I came in, I smelled a sour smell of privation. It turned out that the two of you were here. Well? You come

in for a visit? Don’t look around here. You can’t afford such an expensive place. Don’t drool later,” Rowan mocked.

“My husband has booked a private room here. Well, do you envy us? Don’t think that you would be a real noble as you bought ferry tickets for the top floor. You are here to stay still, because you can’t afford to spend money to reserve a private room. It’s ridiculous,” Rosa also said something strangely.

Both Scott and Edith were a bit speechless. They didn’t expect to meet these two jinxes wherever they went.
“My friend invited us to dinner here, we don’t have to book a private room,” Edith said.

“Hey, Don’t brag. Do you still have friends in a place like this? Don’t tell me that it is the tour guide you were looking for that day.
You are so poor to find an unlicensed tour guide. How dare you say that someone invite you to have dinner here!” Rowan immediately said contemptuously .

“Husband, I think they are keeping up appearances,” said Rosa, “You are just people from a small place. Even if you have friends, it is impossible to invite you to dinner in such a place. But don’t worry, wait a minute. When my husband and I finish eating, I will show you the photos, so that we can also treat your eyes well.”

Both Scott and Edith were a little speechless, and they ignored Rowan.

At this time, the waiter also ran over and said respectfully to them, “Please come with me. It has been confirmed. You two can go up.”

Scott and Edith nodded and followed the waiter to the elevator.

After helping Scott and Edith operate the elevator, the waiter turned around and said to himself, “I really envy them. They can go to our most luxurious room for dinner.”

Both Rowan and Rosa were a little confused, so they hurried over and asked the waiter, “What did those two people do? Why can they still take the elevator?”

“Go up for dinner,” the waiter replied.

“Could it be true that someone invited them to eat here? They are really lucky,” Rowan muttered immediately, and then went to the elevator with Rosa.

The waiter stopped them and said, “You two, if you want to go up, you can only take the stairs.” Rowan was a little puzzled and asked, “Why? Those two people took the elevator just now, why can’t we?”

“I’m really sorry, that elevator is dedicated to our top-class private room. Only guests who eat in that private room can take it.
Other guests can only take the stairs,” the waiter explained.

Rowan and Rosa were dumbfounded when they heard it.


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