The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 608 This Is Your Retribution

Both Allen and Clarke stood on the spot in a daze, and the smiles on their faces disappeared.

“Boss… boss, don’t joke with me. I have been working for you for so many years, don’t you know me? Why did you suddenly remove me?” Allen was obviously anxious.

Paisley snorted and said, “It is because I know you that I know what you are like. Allen, you should reflect on your own faults.
The notice of dismissal will be issued soon, and you should complete the handover as soon as possible.”

“Boss, I have worked with you for so many years. I should be given credit for hard work, if not for merit. You can’t remove me so easily, and there must be a reason. Is it because of Fisher’s business? Don’t you know what the situation of their family is? You don’t have to help them.” Allen was almost about to go ballistic.

He was proud to show off in front of Fisher and his family just now, and Paisley told him that he had been dismissed in a blink of an eye. This psychological gap was almost like a roller coaster, and it was naturally unacceptable to him.

At this time, Fisher and his family were also in a daze. They thought that Paisley would help Allen anyway, but what they didn’t expect was that Allen was dismissed.

And what shocked them the most was that Paisley actually wanted Fisher to serve as the new director of the tour guide management office. For Fisher and his family, it was something that they didn’t even dare to think about.

Soon, they all guessed that this must be because of Scott. Otherwise, given their family’s status on Moon Island, there would be no such treatment.

They all looked at Scott gratefully, and Fisher felt a bit of self-blame in his heart. At that time, he even thought that Scott could not help them settle this matter, and he begged Allen for mercy. Now he knew know how stupid his thoughts were.

Paisley glanced at Allen with a cold look, and said, “It’s not negotiable. Don’t waste your time here. Hurry up and pack your things and get off.” Allen looked anxious, he glanced at Scott. Because Scott also walked out of the office just now, Allen guessed that it must be

related to Scott.

“What method did you use, why did he remove me from my position? You damn thing, why did you do this? Do you know that if I lose this job, my family has to go hungry!” Allen screamed at Scott.

Scott curled his lips at him and said, “So is it right that you abused your power and caused Fisher and his family to go hungry? This is your retribution. You can’t blame anyone.”

Allen’s look was as gray as death, and Clarke behind him was even more incredulous. He said, “Paisley, he is just a tourist. Why do you choose to help him? Is my father’s friendship with you for so many years still inferior to him, an outsider?”

Scott laughed and said to Clarke, “I really don’t have any friendship with Paisley. Your father was dismissed and I bought it with money.”

Clarke stared immediately, and he quickly said to Paisley, “Paisley, how much did he give you? Our family can also give you money, please don’t help this outsider!”

Scott glanced at Clarke and said, “I gave him 30 million, can you?”

Clarke’s body suddenly stiffened, and Allen also took a deep breath. Thirty million, which was already an astronomical figure for them.

Fisher and his family were also shocked by the number that Scott said. They did not expect that Scott actually spent 30 million to help them settle this matter.
“Scott, you cannot do so. We have no relatives with you. You don’t have to spend so much money for us. Thirty million is too

much. I can’t afford the position of the director,” Fisher said to Scott with a trembling voice.

Scott smiled at Fisher and said, “Your family treats me and my wife warmly these days. Gardner also took us to so many fun places, and this matter also has my responsibility. I should do so. It’s only 30 million. It’s worth your hospitality to my wife and me.”

Everyone present was shocked, and even Paisley was jealous.

Just because Fisher and his family warmly entertained Scott, Scott was willing to spend 30 million to help them to settle their matter. It was the generosity of the truly rich.

After all, for Scott, thirty million was nothing but money for a few clothes.

Both Allen and Clarke were desperate, and they knew in their hearts that human relationships were based on interests, and no matter how good the relationship was, it was no better than money.

Scott stared at Paisley and asked, “Allen has neglected his duty and abused his private power during his tenure. I am afraid

that dismissal is not enough. Does he have to be punished?”

At this time, Paisley looked at Scott as if he was looking at a human-shaped gold. His attitude was extremely cordial. After hearing Scott’s question, he immediately smiled and said, “Of course they have to be punished. They made such a big mistake.
I am nice enough that they weren’t kicked out of Moon Island directly. They will not be allowed to conduct any business activities on Moon Island in the future, nor will they be allowed to take over private work. Once they break the regulations, they will be fined one million, okay?”

Scott nodded in satisfaction, having no comment on the punishment.

Allen heard what Paisley said, and said quickly, “Boss, please, don’t do this. Otherwise, our family really can’t stay on the island anymore.”

“Well, you can treat others like this, but others can’t treat you the same way? How dare you! Hurry up and get out of here, otherwise I will find someone to catch you now!” Paisley said impolitely.

Allen immediately weakened and did not dare to continue begging Paisley for mercy.

Scott glanced at Fisher and his family and said, “Let’s go back.”

They nodded quickly, and now Scott was the savior in their hearts. No matter what Scott said, they would agree.
They walked out to the outside of the office building, and Paisley went out to send them out.

Allen and Clarke stood in place, both a little at a loss. In just half an hour, they fell from heaven into the abyss. It was easy to imagine how they felt.

“Dad, is our family finished?” Clarke asked.

Allen directly raised his hand, slapped Clarke fiercely, and cursed, “It’s because of you, damn thing. Why did you bully others for no reason? We’re done. Our family was harmed by you. From now on, your mother and I will have to go hungry!”


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