The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 606 Then I Can Give You More

Early the next morning.
After Scott got up, he told Edith a few words, and then went to find Fisher.

Fisher and his family were already waiting for Scott in the living room. Last night Scott said that there was a way to help them deal with Clarke’s family. Although they didn’t have much hope, they could only trust Scott at present.

After all, if they didn’t believe Scott, they could only find a way to leave Moon Island.
“Scott, do you really have a way to deal with Clarke’s family?” Gardner stared at Scott and asked.

“In my opinion, let’s just forget it, we can’t take them on, maybe we will get even more trouble. At this point, we can only sell the house here, buy the cheapest ferry ticket and leave Moon Island,” Fisher said and frowned.

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t be so pessimistic. Since I said there is a way, I will be able to solve this problem. Don’t worry, if this matter is screwed up, I will bear all the consequences.”

Hearing what Scott said, Fisher and his family could only nod their heads, and walked outside with Scott.

“Our management department on Moon Island is in a building in the center of the island. The managers of the island usually work there. The tour guide management office is under a manager named Paisley. He is also the superior of Allen, who is Clarke’s father and has the power to expelAllen, but they are family, and they must defend for each other. If we go there, doesn’t it mean we have entered other people’s territory,” Fisher said worriedly as he walked.

“Dad, under the circumstances, don’t worry about it, trust Scott. Since he said it can be done, it will definitely be done,” Gardner said.

Fisher had to shut his mouth.

The four people came to the front of the Moon Island office building. Scott walked towards the front. A guard stopped them and asked them what they were doing.

Scott stepped forward, stuffed a envelope to the guard, and said, “We’re here to find Director Allen of the tour guide management office, please.”

The guard glanced at the money in the envelope, his eyes brightened up. Then he let them in.

They came to the office building together. Scott did not go to the tour guide management office, but directly asked where Paisley’s office was.

Then, they came to the door of Paisley’s office. Scott looked at Fisher and his family, saying, “You guys wait here for a while, I’ll go in and talk to him.”

Fisher and his family nodded, waiting outside the office a little nervously.
Scott reached out and knocked on the office door, then pushed the door directly and walked in.

In the office, a graceful female secretary was squatting in front of Paisley. When she heard the door opened, the secretary quickly stood up and wiped her mouth.

Paisley stretched his hand and closed the zipper of his trousers, glanced at Scott, and cursed angrily, “Who let you in, get out of here!”

Scott smiled and glanced at Paisley and the secretary, and said, “Sorry for interrupting your happy time, but I have something to talk to you today, so your business may be delayed for a while.”

Paisley looked at Scott with a cold look and said, “Who are you, I haven’t even seen you before. If you have something to do, go to the person at the counter outside, don’t bother me.”

Scott took out his ferry ticket for the top floor and said, “I think this ferry ticket should allow you to sit down and listen to what’s wrong with me.”

Paisley stared at the ferry ticket and found that it was a ticket for the top floor. He glanced at Scott, then at the female secretary, and said, “You go out first.”

Those who could afford ferry tickets for the top floor of the Pearl’s were either rich or respectable. Paisley knew how to accumulate contacts. This ferry ticket really allowed him to hear what Scott came to him for.

After the female secretary went out, Scott went straight to the sofa and sat down.

He took the teacup on the table and got himself a cup of tea.

Seeing Scott so casual, Paisley couldn’t help frowning, and said coldly, “This is my office. Don’t think that you can be unscrupulous on this island with a ticket for the top floor. That ferry ticket is nothing but a ticket. It just allows you to be treated better on the cruise ship.”

Scott smiled and said, “I came to you today to discuss a business with you.” Paisley stared at Scott for a few seconds, then asked, “What business?”

“Your subordinate’s son bullied people for no reason and was beaten by me. As a result, he used his own power to force the family to have nowhere to go. I am responsible for this matter, so I need to help them settle this matter. I want you to give me the position as the director of the tour guide office,” Scott said.

When Paisley heard Scott’s words, he was taken aback for a while, then laughed, and said, “Boy, don’t you pee and see what you are like. Who do you think you are? Do I have to follow your orders and give you a position?”

“Tell you, I heard about Allen’s son. Since you are here , you don’t have to leave today.” Scott smiled and said, “I heard that your position here can be bought with money. I am not asking you to give it to me for nothing. I can buy this position.”

Paisley curled his lips and said, “Do you think you can afford a ticket for the top floor, so you are eligible to come to us to buy a position?”

“Allen bought the position of director for 5 million, and then he will pay me dividends every year. Now you can buy this position, but I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

Scott stared at Paisley, and said, “I pay you 10 million.”

Paisley obviously hesitated and said, “Don’t waste time, go out quickly. Allen is the one of my subordinates who has the best relationship with me. I will never sell his position.”

“Twenty million.” Scott continued.

Paisley swallowed, and then he said, “Don’t think you can make me ignore my friendship with Allen for so many years with a little more money. You go, I won’t agree.”

“Really? Then I will give you more.”

“Thirty million.”

Scott laughed.

When Paisley heard this number, his whole body trembled, and there was also a clear desire in his eyes.

Scott stood up directly, took out a bank card, walked to Paisley, and said, “As long as you promise, 30 million will be transferred to you immediately. This is a a safe bet for you. Opportunity knocks only once.”

Paisley took a deep breath. After a while, a smile suddenly appeared on his serious face. Then he patted Scott’s shoulder and said, “Come on, sit down and sit down. Actually, I have long been dissatisfied with Allen, Since you have this meaning, then I will help you. I agree to this business.”


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