The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 605 Any Problem That Could Be Solved with Money Is Not a Problem

“Scott, you are so amazing. He has so many men. But you knocked them down so easily. You are even better than the martial arts masters on TV!”

After Clarke’s men left dejectedly, Gardner looked at Scott with admiration. He almost wanted to ask Scott to sign a name to him.

“You have to exercise well. Being strong is the foundation of everything. I will teach you a few tricks so that you don’t have to worry about being bullied in the future.” Scott said.

Gardner nodded seriously. He was full of joy, but after a while, he became a little lost.

Clarke’s father was the owner of the tour guide management office and was also a well-connected person in Moon Island.
Although Scott taught Clarke a lesson today and helped him, Clarke would certainly not give up.

Clarke was very likely to ask his father for help. At that time, the persons that Clarke would retaliate was not only him.

Thinking of this, Gardner suddenly worried. But he did not dare to tell Scott. After all, Scott had already helped him once, so he could no longer let Scott worry about him.

In the evening, Edith came back from the hot spring club. Once again, she told Scott how gentle and understanding that friend was, so Scott felt that Edith was about to fall in love with that girl.

“Honey, does your friend have a boyfriend?” Scott asked.

“No, what’s the matter?” Edith was a little confused.

“You said that your friend is so beautiful, gentle and understanding. But why doesn’t she go to find a boyfriend? Is she interested in you?” Scott smiled.

Edith immediately rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “She has a sweetheart. What are you thinking about every day?”

“I afraid that my wife will be abducted by others. If you’re still abducted by a woman, I will be so sad.” Scott said jokingly.

“Idiot!” Edith glanced at Scott, “I have already told her. We will have dinner together tomorrow night. Then I will introduce her to you.”

“Okay.” Scott said with a smile. These days, he always listened to Edith mentioning this friend, so Scott had also developed a lot of interest in this friend.

“But you can’t have any thoughts about her. Although she is indeed very beautiful and elegant, you are mine. If you dare to have other ideas about her, I will definitely not forgive you.” Edith said seriously.

“You know me. I only have you in my heart. How can I have other ideas about other women?” Scott smiled and hugged Edith, and touched her belly.

“Hey, Gardner’s parents will be back. If they see it, it will be so embarrassing.” Edith said shyly.

Not long after, Gardner’s parents came back from outside. As soon as they arrived at home, Gardner’s father shouted, “Gardner, you bastard, come here!”

Gardner, who was reading in the room, heard his father’s call and ran out quickly.
Scott and Edith also walked over, not knowing what happened.

When Gardner’s father saw Gardner coming out, he immediately walked over, grabbed his ears, and said with a stern look, “Do you know how much trouble you have caused for me? Did you beat Clarke? His father brought some men to our restaurant today, saying that I violated the rules of the island. He directly sealed our restaurant and prohibited us from conducting any commercial activities on the island in the future. How do we make a living in the future!”

Gardner’s mother also looked at Gardner helplessly, frowning and sighing again and again.

“Father, Clarke ran over to make me trouble. I didn’t provoke him at all. Let of me. You are about to get my ears off.” Gardner begged for mercy.

“He made trouble for you, but you just beat him like that? Now because of you, our jobs are gone. You said how we make a living in the future.” Gardner’s father said with a grumpy face.

“Enough! It’s useless to scold him. Just think about what to do next.” Gardner’s mother said.

Listening to their words, Scott probably understood what was going on. He walked over to Gardner’s father and said, “Sir, you let Gardner go first. Clarke was not beaten by Gardner. It’s me.”

Gardner’s father turned his head and glanced at Scott. His attitude eased, then he said, “Scott, you don’t have to intercede for this bastard. This is our family’s business, so just leave it alone.”

“It’s me who beat Clarke and his men. Gardner is so thin. How could he beat them?” Scott explained.

Then he recounted what happened this afternoon. After hearing it, Gardner’s parents felt more helpless.

Gardner also blamed himself. After all, Scott beat Clarke because of him. No matter what, Scott couldn’t be blamed for this matter.

“Father, I caused this matter. I am willing to take full responsibility. I will beg Clarke tomorrow.” Gardner said.

“Forget it. Clarke’s family is powerful on Moon Island. We can’t provoke them. Now, we can only find a way to leave Moon Island and go inland to seek a life.” Gardner’s father said helplessly.

At this time, Scott stepped forward and said, “Sir, lady, don’t worry. I punched them. I will help you solve this matter. This matter is because they are unreasonable. You shouldn’t have to bear the consequence.”

Gardner’s father shook his head and said, “It’s useless. You are just a tourist on this island. You can’t defeat Clarke’s family at all.”

“Don’t rush to conclusions. Tell me first, what kind of background does Clarke’s family have on Moon Island?” Scott said.

“Our Moon Island is dominated by the Chan family. All industries on this island are controlled by the Chan family. Clarke’s father is like a dog of the Chan family. A few years ago, his father spent some money to become the director of the tour guide management office. Then he started to make friends from all walks of life. Today, on Moon Island, no one dares to mess with Clarke’s family except the Chan family.” Gardner’s father explained to Scott.

After Scott heard it, he asked, “You mean, the position of Clarke’s father was bought with money?”

“Yes, Moon Island is different from other places. Here, as long as you have money, you can buy anything, including management positions, provided that you pay enough money.” Gardner’s father said.

Hearing what Gardner’s father said, Scott immediately laughed. He had already had a solution to this problem in his mind.
Any problem that could be solved with money was not a problem.

“Don’t worry about it. I have a solution to this matter. Go back and rest first. I will let Clarke’s family get the punishment they deserve tomorrow.”


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