The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 604 You Guys Bring It on Together

“Brat, I heard that you have already been a tour guide privately again? You even let the tourists live in your house directly? You are so f*cking courageous.” The lead cursed at Gardner.

Gardner was slapped, then his face immediately turned red. He stared at the person in front of him, and shouted, “Clarke, there is no rule on the island that I can’t be a tour guide. So many people on the island are doing this kind of thing. Why are you hitting me?”

The man named Clarke sneered, “My father is the director of the tour guide management office. I said that if you are not qualified to be a tour guide, the you are not qualified. If you do it, I have to teach you a lesson!”

Gardner was full of indignation. Clarke was his classmate in school. Because Gardner’s family conditions were relatively poor, he was often bullied by Clarke.

The tour guides on the island were indeed under the control of Clarke’s father, but in order to make more money, many people on the island would entertain some tourists for livelihood in private. Generally, Clarke’s father would turn a blind eye. After all, they were all residents of the island, so there was no need to be too strict.

Clarke didn’t like Gardner, so he came to make things difficult for Gardner on purpose.

“Hurry up and hand over the money you earned from your tourists. Then I can spare you once, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Clarke said viciously.

“They are my friends. I didn’t accept their money.” Gardner said.

“You’re f*cking lying to me. I think you just want to be hit. Give it or not? If you don’t give it to me, I will slap your face to broken today!” Clarke shouted at Gardner again.

Gardner gritted his teeth and stared at Clarke angrily. He didn’t show any signs of surrendering. However, Clarke had a few men on his side. Gardner could not run away because Clarke’s men were pressing him.

Seeing Gardner not speaking, Clarke raised his hand again and was about to slapped Gardner.

At this moment, one hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the side with force.

“What are you doing?” Scott stared at Clarke and his men coldly, and stretched out his hand to drag Gardner over.

Clarke turned his head and glanced at Scott. Then he yelled, “Who the hell are you? You don’t know who I am? You dare to take care of my affairs. Don’t you want to live?”

“Boss, listening to this person’s accent, he should be from other cities. He’s probably the tourist who is living in Gardner’s house.” A man on the side said.

Clarke looked at Scott up and down. Seeing that Scott was wearing ordinary clothes, thinking about that Scott actually let Gardner be his tour guide and he also lived directly at the tour guide’s house, Clarke thought that Scott was the kind of tourists who had no money, so he didn’t take Scott seriously.

When Gardner saw Scott stand up for him, he was a little anxious. It was nothing that he was beaten. But if Scott got into trouble because of him, he would definitely feel sorry.

“Scott, this is a matter between me and him. You don’t have to take care of me. Clarke has a strong influence on the island. His father is the director of the tour guide management office. He knows many people. If you offend him, it will be not good for you.” Gardner shouted.

Scott turned his head and glanced at Gardner, then said with a smile, “No matter who he is, it’s not right to hit someone casually. I’ll help you deal with this matter. You can just watch it from the side.”

Clarke and his men laughed immediately, obviously not taking Scott’s words seriously.

Clarke took two steps to the front, rubbed his hands, and said, “Don’t think you are a few years older than us, you are better than us. Tell you, I’m black belt in Taekwondo. With just a flying kick, I can break your head.”

Gardner was anxious. He said, “Scott, Clarke has indeed learned Taekwondo and is good at fighting. Don’t have any conflicts with him!”

Scott showed a joking smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “If fighting can resolve the matter, it will be very easy.”

Although fighting with a group of seventeen or eighteen-year-old children was a bit bullying them, what Clarke had done was a bit hateful. Scott was just teaching him a lesson for his elders.

Seeing Scott’s undaunted looks, Clarke coldly snorted, “Since you are looking for death by yourself, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Bring it on together. I don’t want to bully you guys.” Scott said.

Clarke laughed suddenly, “Holy crap, this guy is so arrogant. Let us punch him together? Is he afraid that I can’t kill him alone?”

“Boss, since he has made such a request, let’s go together and let him understand what the cost of being arrogant is!” A man immediately said.

“No, I can take care of this guy alone. After I knock him down, you guys can come on.”

When Clarke was speaking, he took a few steps back, moved his body, and assumed a standard Taekwondo starting position.
After that, he yelled and rushed towards Scott quickly.

“Look, a flying kick!”

Clarke’s body vacated and kicked towards Scott, looking full of momentum.

Scott looked at Clarke’s tricks and shook his head. When the two fought against each other, the taboo was to let himself in the air. If there was no place to support him, the man would be beaten so miserably.

Clarke’s tricks looked good, but it was limited to kicking boards. If he used the skills in actual combat, he could frighten those children who didn’t know fighting. But those who knew the martial arts could beat him to the ground so easily.

When Clarke was about to kick Scott, Scott turned around, kicked directly on Clarke’s stomach, and directly kicked him out.
Clarke fell to the ground with an incredible face.

Everyone watched this scene dumbfoundedly. They didn’t expect that the taekwondo black belt third-level master in their minds would be solved with one kick.

Gardner also didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful. He originally thought that Scott would be beaten by Clarke, who was a black belt third-level master.

“What are you guys doing? Go together. Fuck, if I don’t beat him down today, I won’t be Clarke!” Clarke shouted.
His men hesitated for a while, then quickly rushed towards Scott and surrounded him.

Clarke also got up from the ground and rushed towards Scott again.

After almost five minutes.

Clarke fell to the ground and said weakly to Scott, “Sir, I was wrong. From now on, I won’t make trouble for you. Please forgive me.”

Scott reached out and grabbed his collar, dragged him to Gardner, and said, “Apologize to him.” Clarke looked up at Gardner. Obviously, he was very unwilling to apologize to this guy he had looked down upon.
Scott waved his fist in front of Clarke.

Clarke blurted out, “Gardner, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I won’t dare anymore.”


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