The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 603 Time on the Island

“Sir, lady, have you booked a hotel? I will help you deliver your luggage to the hotel first, and then I will introduce you to the situation on our island.”

The three people walked forward together. The boy had introduced himself to Scott and Edith. His name was Gardner and he lived on Moon Island with his parents. His parents were the owner of a small restaurant on Moon Island. His family depended on that restaurant for their livelihood.

Gardner was born on the island. Although he had reached the age of the college entrance examination, the education conditions on the island were too poor. Although there was a high school, there was no chance to hold the college entrance examination.

The wealthy people on the island usually send their children directly to school inland. People who settle on the island like Gardner’s family, but were not wealthy, would often choose to let their children stay at home to help.

Now, it was the peak tourist season. The high schools on the island had also closed classes. Gardner came to the place where the cruise ship stopped every day to see if he could take some private tour guide work. In addition to subsidizing the family, he could also hear many things about the outside world from the tourists.

The boy who had lived on the island had been very yearning for the outside world since he was a little baby.

Scott originally wanted to say that he had not booked a hotel yet and asked Gardner to recommend a few good hotels, but after another thought, hotels all over the world were the same. Since he was traveling out, it would be better to feel more like staying in a homestay.

So he asked Gardner with a smile, “Do you have any extra rooms at your home? I want to experience the lifestyle of the local people here. I will pay you at the price of the hotel.”

Gardner was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Scott to want to live in his home. He hesitated and said, “There are rooms, but…the conditions of my home are not as good as those in the hotel. Although my house is built by Moon Island and it is a double-story bungalow, the beds in my home may not be as soft as the hotel’s.”

Scott said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. I just want to experience your local customs. It’s okay as long as your parents agree.”

After speaking, Scott asked Edith to see if she had any comments.
Edith said that she always stayed in hotels and wanted to experience the feeling of living in a homestay.

Gardner immediately called his parents and asked about it. After confirming that they could live in, the three of them walked towards Gardner’s house together.

On the way, Gardner introduced Scott and Edith a lot of characteristics here. He told Edith and Scott about the advantages and disadvantages of many attractions, and reminded Scott and Edith of those attractions where were so boring and expensive.

The advantage of finding a private tour guide was that you could avoid some boring and money-trapping places and save a lot of time. If it was those professional tour guides on the island, they couldn’t wait to let tourists go to those money-trapping places.
After all, the tour guides served scenic spots, not tourists.

It didn’t take long before the three of them arrived at Gardner’s house. The residents here lived in uniform houses. The rich could also live in the villas in the center of the island. Gardner’s family was in general condition. Even if the house was the same as the others’, it could be seen that the decoration was quite poor.

Scott and Edith didn’t care about it.

Gardner’s parents warmly entertained Scott and Edith, cooked them a lot of hearty dishes, and carefully cleaned the room they were staying in.

Scott wanted to pay Gardner’s family for room and meals at the hotel price, but Gardner wanted to learn about outside affairs from Scott and Edith, so he told his parents that Scott was his friend. It was naturally that Gardner’s parents were unwilling to accept the money.

Scott felt that it was not appropriate, so he insisted on giving money. Gardner and his parents didn’t accept it. Scott had no choice. He thought he could leave the money on the day when he was about leave here.
The journey of the two people on Moon Island officially began. As a local, Gardner’s understanding of the local area was no

worse than those of professional guides. In a few days, he took Scott and Edith to visit a lot of attractions on the island.

Gardner even took them to some undeveloped places on the island. Besides, the scenery here was still beautiful, and no tickets were required.

In the past few days, Scott and Edith had also experienced the life of islanders in Gardner’s house. The lifestyles of the people here were very different from those of the inland people. Because they were on the island, every household would go out to sea to fish.

Scott and Edith experienced the life of a fisherman and learned many ways to make seafood from Gardner’s parents.

This kind of carefree life made people intoxicated. If it wasn’t for the heavy responsibility of avenging his grandfather, Scott would even want to buy a house on the island directly and live a reclusive life with Edith.

On the third day of coming to the island, Gardner learned that Edith was pregnant, so he recommended a hot spring club to her, saying that the natural spring water there was good for people’s health and was very suitable for Edith.

Scott and Edith went to the hot spring club together. But the club was separate for men and women. Scott didn’t have much interest in hot springs, so he waited outside every time and let Edith go in alone.
After a few days, Edith did feel that she become much healthier because of this hot spring, so taking a hot spring became a

must-have item for Edith every day.

Within two days, Edith told Scott that she had met a beautiful friend in the hot spring club. She liked to chat with that girl. The two of them talked about everything. That girl was very gentle and cultivated. Edith felt she hit it off with that girl. Soon, they became the best friends.

Because of this friend, Edith no longer let Scott follow her. She went to the hot spring club with that friend every day, so that Scott didn’t have to wait outside boringly every day.

Scott had always been puzzled about the speed of the girl’s friendship, but he didn’t think much about it. Edith also said that she wanted to take him to meet this friend.

During this period of time, Scott also found that after Gardner took them out to play every day, he would take a book to read and make a lot of notes as long as he had time. He was a very hard-working child.

Moreover, Gardner asked Scott many things about the outside world. Every time Scott told him, Gardner’s eyes would shine.

Thinking of the hospitality of Gardner’s family during this period, Scott felt that he could help Gardner go out when he was.
leaving, so that Gardner also had the opportunity to see the outside world.

This afternoon, Edith and that friend made an appointment to go to the hot springs. Scott was bored at Gardner’s home alone, so he planned to hang out with Gardner.

However, he did not see Gardner at home. He felt a little weird. Logically, Gardner would have been waiting at home, ready to take Scott and Edith to hang out at any time.

At this time, Scott heard a loud noise coming from outside the house. He walked out and saw Gardner was surrounded by a group of men about his age.

The lead raised his hand and slapped Gardner on the face.


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