The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 602 Moon Island

Scott and Edith were completely relaxed during the two-day cruise ship.

In the past two days, they hung out all over the twelve floors of the cruise ship, watched all the programs, and tasted all the food on the cruise ship.

Rowan and Rosa were locked up in the room. Brooklyn didn’t dare to have any other ideas after learning about Scott’s financial resources. He had been in his room for the past two days and had not come out.

Therefore, Scott and Edith had a great time. Because no one came to make trouble for them, and no one asked if the two of them got on the cruise ship with fake ferry tickets.

Edith felt that these were the happiest two days she had played since she was a child. She had never been so relaxed since she grew up.

The biggest reason was naturally that Scott had made her feel an unprecedented sense of security. Being with Scott, she didn’t have to worry about anything. She just needed to think about how to enjoy herself.

Because of the close relationship between Scott and Edith, Edith often flirted with Scott during these two days. Scott considered that Edith could not do that stuff too often because she was pregnant, so Edith used another method instead, which made their relationship have been greatly sublimated.

In the afternoon two days later, The Pearl docked on a beautiful island. The island was not small and shaped as an arc. This was also the origin of the name “Moon Island”.

Although Moon Island was just an island, due to the development of tourism, the population on this island was not small. All kinds of buildings were available. In addition to skyscrapers, buildings that existed in any first-tier cities could be found here.

Because of the first-class environment and beautiful scenery, many people directly set up their homes here, which made the island look vivid. These people could also rely on tourism to support themselves.

In addition, Moon Island received relatively wealthy tourists, which made this island develop very rapidly. The people living on it were relatively rich.

There were all kinds of tourism projects here. Tourists could experience them one by one on this island. Of course, the premise was that they had to have enough money.

After the cruise ship docked, everyone couldn’t wait to get off the cruise ship, and couldn’t wait to go to this famous island to have fun.

Scott and Edith walked to the ladder. A waiter followed them with their luggage.

The two of them had already overlooked the entire island from the cruise ship, and were already attracted by the scenery here.

At this time, there were many people waiting here on the shore. These were the people who lived here. They were all the tour guides of Moon Island. Although it was only an island, the area of Moon Island was still very large, so the tour guide was already necessary.

Scott and Edith got off the cruise ship and planned to find a tour guide to take them to understand the situation on Moon Island.

At this moment, an angry voice sounded, “Edith, Scott! You two shameless! We were locked in that broken room for two full days. I was really so angry. Apologize to us!”

Scott and Edith both turned their heads and found that it was Rowan and Rosa who looked so angry.

Two people bought tickets for the eighth floor this time, just to enjoy the sea view at a higher place, but they were locked in the room and were not allowed going out just not long after they got on the cruise ship.

In the past two days, the two almost died of suffocation in the room with only one small window. They could do nothing but play with their mobile phones, just like staying in a cheap hotel for two days.

Because the two of them offended the passengers on the top floor, the eighth-floor service staff gave them the worst meals in the past two days.

This made them feel that their tickets were worthless.
So when they got off the cruise ship, they began to look for Scott and Edith, planning to get even with them.
“It’s really unexpected that you had the money to buy the top-floor ferry tickets. Did you take out all your money for this traveling?

Tell you, don’t think that you are noble just because you bought the top-floor tickets. You could only show off in the past two days. Apologize to us quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame for us being rude.” Rowan looked fierce.

Rowan didn’t think that Scott and Edith would win the lottery so that they could afford the top-floor ferry tickets. Instead, he felt that they had put out all their savings just to experience the feeling of being the rich.

Rosa also stared at Scott and Edith with anger and yelled, “It’s not enough to apologize. They caused us to be imprisoned on the cruise ship for two days. They have to pay us compensation and let them give us their tickets so that we can enjay the top treatment when we go back.”

“That’s right. Have you two heard it? Quickly hand over the top-floor ferry tickets!” Rowan said fiercely.

Scott was a little speechless. He didn’t understand what these two people were thinking about. They actually dared to ask him for ferry tickets.

“Why are you two so fierce? You look like robbers. Why do the handsome gentleman and the pretty lady have to give you the tickets?” At this time, a voice sounded. Several people looked over. It was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy.

“Little bastard, what do you know? They have caused us to lose too much. We have to defend our rights. You! Get out of my way.” Rosa shouted at the boy.

The boy immediately said, “Don’t be funny. This lady is so beautiful. How could she harm you! But you, a shrew, wants to harm her.”

Scott and Edith laughed when they heard the boy’s words.

At this time, the steward of the cruise ship noticed the situation here and found that it was still that two people who offended the passengers on the top floor again. They immediately brought people over and surrounded Rowan and Rosa.

“If you still want to do something to our distinguished guests, we will lock you up on the cruise ship and send you back directly.” Rowan and Rosa were so scared that they froze immediately.

Scott and Edith both shook their heads, stopped paying attention to them, and turned to leave.

At this time, Scott glanced at the boy and asked, “Are you living on this island?”

The boy nodded.

“Then can you be our tour guide?” Scott asked. He had a good impression of the little boy. Anyway, he wanted to find a tour guide, so he asked.

The boy’s eyes lit up and he said, “Of course, I’m very happy to serve you.” After speaking, he ran over to get Scott and Edith’s luggage. The three of them walked forward together.
Rowan and Rosa both gritted their teeth as they watched the three people leave.

“It seems what I guessed itis correct. They must have spent all their money to buy the top-floor ferry tickets. They actually found a kid as a tour guide, which proves that they have no money.”

“That’s not over. On the island, there aren’t these people to protect you two. I have to let you two suffer!”

Rowan said angrily.


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