The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 601 So Stubborn

.A hundred billionaire?” Hearing the host’s words, Brooklyn felt like his head was buzzing.

He turned his head to look at Scott. His face had become so pale. In his life, he had worked hard, exhausted countless efforts and bet on endless luck, only to have a net worth of five hundred million.

This had always been his greatest pride. He felt that he was the best among the younger generation.

However, now the host told him that Scott had at least 10 billion in this card, which was the number that he had to work hard for 20 lifetimes to get.

“Did… did you make a mistake? How could he have so much money?” Brooklyn murmured subconsciously.

Scott smiled at Brooklyn, and then he said, “He is indeed wrong.”

Brooklyn’s eyes lit up suddenly, thinking that Scott couldn’t continue to pretend. How could he have 19 billion in this card! At this time, Scott went on to say, “In fact, I have 100 billion in this card.”

Brooklyn was like suddenly struck by lightning. His whole body froze.

He looked at Scott in disbelief. At this time, he couldn’t tell whether Scott said that to give him a blow or whether Scott really had 100 billion.

Scott seemed very satisfied when he saw Brooklyn’s looks. After smiling, Scott said to the host, “Send these clothes to the top floor.”

The host immediately said yes. His attitude towards Scott was very respectful. Every time a fashion show, he would get some commission on the clothes sold. This time the commission on these clothes sold was enough for him to live the rest of his life without any worries.

After speaking, Scott walked towards Edith.

Because these audiences were far away, they didn’t know what happened just now, only to see Brooklyn’s face changed from triumphant to pale.

After Scott turned and went back, the host was a little hard to restrain his excitement. At the same time, in order to make the fashion show famous, he directly picked up the microphone and said, “Everyone, just now, this gentleman spent 23.5 million dollars buying 19 pieces of clothes. He is the only customer who bought so much clothes in our history.”

“In order to express my gratitude to this guest, I announce that this guest will become the lifetime honorary member in the future.
If he comes to buy clothes again, he can enjoy a 10% discount!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the audiences were in uproar immediately. Everyone was shocked by the price that the host said.

“Oh my god, over 20 million! He only bought a few pieces of clothes. It’s really, too rich!” “Holy crap, I used to think I was a rich man. Until I came to this cruise ship, I know that I’m a f*cking poor.”

“Nineteen pieces of clothes are more expensive than all of my belongings. OMG! Even if I work hard for a hundred lifetimes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make so much money.”

Edith did not expect that Scott would have bought so much clothes at a time. He spent more than 20 million! It was the market value of the company of Patel family.

Seeing Scott walking in front of her, Edith glanced at Scott reproachfully and said, “Why did you buy so much?” “One piece for a day. Throw it away after you wear it.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith immediately glared at Scott, and said, “Too luxury, so luxury.”

Scott stuck his tongue out at Edith and said, “Just kidding. I just thought you liked these clothes, so I bought them all.” Edith rolled her eyes at Scott, obviously not wanting to talk to Scott.

“Let’s go up. The clothes have already been bought. If I break your clothes this time, you can’t get angry with me.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith gave Scott a helpless look, stood up from the sofa, held Scott’s arm very naturally, and followed him towards the elevator.

Everyone looked at the two people with envy. Many people looked at Scott as if he was like a walking cash machine.
Only Brooklyn stood there alone. Scott’s voice just echoed in his mind.

On the top floor, in the room.

Edith happily dressed the clothes Scott bought for her. Now she could change her clothes in front of Scott without any shyness.

Scott looked at Edith who was constantly changing clothes. He felt that his throat was somewhat dry.

After a long time, Edith put on the last dress, and then walked to Scott, staring at him. She asked seriously, “Scott, how much money do you have?”

Scott thought for a while and said, “I don’t know too well. I can’t count them.” Edith asked again, “Then how much is itin your bank?”

“Originally it was 100 billion, but today I spent a little, so there are only more than 99 billion.” Scott said, took out his bank card and handed it to Edith.

“Honey, please take care of my money from now on, so that I won’t spend the money like water.” Edith immediately pursed her lips proudly and returned the card to Scott, saying, “I don’t want it. Money makes me lost. I don’t

want to bear the weight of these numbers.”

Scott was amused by Edith’s answer. Anyway, in his entire life, he had only a wife, which was Edith.

At Moon Island.
In a high-end hot spring club.

Wearing a kimono, with her hair curled up, and two slender and straight legs soaking in the hot spring, Annabel stared at her feet in the hot spring, thinking of the scene that Scott scratched her feet when they were in Guanling.

After a long time, Annabel chuckled, her face full of sweetness.
A girl sitting next to Annabel suddenly laughed, and said, “Miss, you are thinking about Scott.” “So what?” Annabel raised her head proudly.

The girl shook her head helplessly, and said, “Miss, that man named Scott is so good and makes you miss him all day and night.”

Hearing this, Annabel was also a little helpless. Ever since Scott left Guanling, his figure had always appeared in Annabel’s mind. She couldn’t control herself at all. According to her mother, she might have been fall in love with Scott.

“How long will it take for their cruise ship to reach Moon Island? According to the news we got, they should have been on the cruise ship by now.” Annabel asked.

“There are still two days. But this time Scott came with his wife. Miss, why are you obsessed with a man who already has a wife?” The girl looked at Annabel with a puzzled face.

Annabel said nonchalantly, “So what? This does not prevent me from liking him. People are not static. If he gets married, he may get divorced one day. As long as I take the initiative, there will be opportunities to let him fall in love with me.”

“Miss, it seems that the morality and ethics still can’t restrain you.” The girl said with emotion.

Annabel said with a smile, “It’s because that you haven’t really liked a man yet. When you have such a person in your heart, you will understand that morality and ethics are not important anymore.”

“At that time, all you think about is being with him.”


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