The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 600 Twenty Million Is Just a Day’s Pocket Money

Hearing Scott’s words, Brooklyn laughed, “Don’t get me wrong. It’s just a little gift for you guys. I just saw that your wife wears so cheaply, so I just want to buy it for her. It’s only more than two million. It’s just a piece of cake for me.”

Brooklyn’s words were full of ostentation and mockery of Scott. After knowing that Scott was just a wimp, he was not afraid to offend Scott.

He had to let Edith see how powerful he was.
“No need. My wife doesn’t like the dress you picked.” Scott said.

When the most expensive dress came out at that time, Edith didn’t have much reaction. Although the dress was gorgeous, Edith didn’t like this style.

Brooklyn curled his lips and said, “This dress is so beautiful. I think every woman will like it. Don’t tell me that your wife doesn’t like this dress just because of the price. I’ve said I bought this dress to give it to your wife as a gift.”

Hearing Brooklyn’s words, Scott’s face immediately sank. He said, “I never look at the price when I buy things. I know best whether my wife likes it or not. You are an outsider, so don’t make your own claim here.”

Everyone looked at Scott and Edith curiously. They soon saw that the two guys felt tit-for-tat.

The reason why the two of them was like this was because of the woman sitting between them.

“Wow, that woman is so happy. There are two guys rushing to buy such expensive clothes for her.”

“It seems that the man who bought the clothes wants to take away the wife of that man. Is the world of rich people so exciting?” Brooklyn was very upset when he heard Scott’s words, so he immediately went to the host to pay to buy the clothes. Maybe Edith would abandon Scott because of Scott’s poverty.

Scott also walked towards the host. Edith hurriedly stopped him.

“Scott, these clothes are too expensive. Don’t buy them.” Edith said.

Scott said with a smile, “It’s not expensive. As long as you like it, I will buy it for you.”

Hearing Edith’s words, Brooklyn immediately sneered. He thought that Scott shouldn’t have much assets, otherwise Edith wouldn’t say that words.

After Brooklyn and Scott walked to the host, Brooklyn directly took out his bank card, handed it over, and said, “Wrap the dress I just mentioned.”

The host accepted the bank card with a smile on his face, and hurriedly asked someone to swipe the card.
Scott didn’t stop him, just standing on the side and waiting for the host to help Brooklyn pay.

After finishing it, Brooklyn looked at Scott and said with a smile, “Actually, it’s really unnecessary. Your wife said just now that these clothes are too expensive. You don’t have to spend the money for your vanity.”

Scott ignored him, but looked at the host.

“This gentleman, do you have any clothes you like?” the host asked with a smile.

“Number one, number nine, and number fourteen.” Scott said three numbers.

The host’s eyes lit up suddenly. He didn’t expect Scott to want to buy three at a time.

Brooklyn didn’t expect Scott to buy the three at once, either. He immediately said contemptuously, “These three clothes add up to almost 4 million. Are you sure you really want to buy these three clothes?”

“Sir, wait a moment, I’ll let the staff prepare these three pieces of clothing for you.” The host was afraid that Scott would regret it, so he said quickly.

At this time, Scott said calmly, “You got me wrong. I mean, except for these three, I want all the remaining clothes.” “What?” The host obviously didn’t react, and asked Scott instead.

“Do you want me to say it again?” Scott stared at the host with a calm face.

The host reacted and said, “No, no, I got it. Except for the number one, the nineteenth and the fourteenth, the rest is yours!”

Brooklyn on the side was also surprised by Scott’s words. He stared at Scott and said, “Don’t be kidding here. Except for the three clothes, the rest add up to more than 20 million. You don’t have to brag like that.”

“Just 20 million. Isn’t it just a few days of pocket money? Why do I have to brag?” Scott glanced at Brooklyn in a puzzled way.
Brooklyn suddenly felt speechless, thinking that this guy was too good at bragging. He had never seen such a person to brag like this.

“You don’t confirm his assets first? ” Brooklyn just turned to look at the host and asked.

The host also realized this problem at this time. If Scott was talking nonsense, it would waste a lot of their time, so he took a look at Scott and said, “Sir, it’s not that I don’t trust you. Because it is the first time I have encountered this situation. So…”

Scott directly took out a bank card from his clothes and handed it to the host. This card was used by him to bribe Darius. It had 100 billion in it.

“You can transfer the money first, and then help me get the clothes. The password is the last six digits of the card number.” Scott said.

The host quickly took the card, and immediately asked the staff to transfer the money.

Brooklyn looked at Scott with a dark face. He thought that he could rely on this matter to make Scott realize the gap between him and himself, but he didn’t expect this guy to buy a lot of clothes at once. If Scott really had so much money in that card, Brooklyn would really be unable to save himself.

Twenty million, even for him, was a considerable amount. Although he had 500 million, this was the sum of all his assets. He couldn’t take out so much cash at once.

He didn’t believe that Scott, who made a fortune, could take so much money at once.

“Hmph, this guy is just bluffing. How could he have so much money? When the staff tells everyone that the balance is insufficient, it will be so embarrassing. I just want to see how he explains by then.” Brooklyn snorted coldly.

After a while, the host took Scott’s bank card and walked back. At this time, the host was overjoyed, and both of his hands trembled slightly.

“Sir, the payment has been deducted. This is the invoice. Please check it. I’ll go to wrap the clothes for you.” The host said excitedly.

Brooklyn watched this scene dumbfoundedly. With a face full of disbelief, he said, “He… does really have so much money in this card?”

The host glanced at Brooklyn. Then he said, “Yes, sir, and this gentleman’s card is the highest level on our side. This is the level only available for tens of billions of cards. This gentleman is a real hundred billionaire.”


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