The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 6 Negotiating

Edith felt shivers down her spine the moment she stepped into the living room, she was uneasy.
The farnily of four stood at the sidelines of the living room, the family always had to stand during a family meeting.

“The meeting will be set in motion since everybody is here now. I’ll get straight to the point, the point of this meeting is none other than about the purchasing of the office building.”

“The Patel family’s business is now developing steadily and hence the location of our office shouldn’t be in such a shabby place anymore and should be upgraded. An office building from the TY Real Estate Inc. caught my eyes and I wanted the purchase to be a success. Does anybody want to volunteer to negotiate with TY Real Estate?”

Francis glanced over the crowd.
Everybody lowered their heads hurriedly, afraid of meeting Francis’s eyes. They didn’t want to take over the task.

They all knew deep inside at which level the Patel family stood at, TY Real Estate wouldn’t give a damn about negotiating with them. A few even went to the real estate office already and were given the cold shoulder, nobody was willing to take up the task.

“Hmph, nobody wants to shoulder the responsibility for a proper task and all of you are staying quiet. You guys are only proactive when it comes to fun and feasting. What’s wrong, do you guys think that we are not on their level to purchase a building from them?” Francis snorted coldly.

The crowd lowered their heads even more.

Edith didn’t dare to say anything, she really wanted to help the family to purchase this building, but she also knew very well that this wouldn’t be an easy task. She could only think of a way silently in her head, and she wasn’t 100% confident about it, volunteering for the task half-heartedly like that would be no different than death itself.

At this moment, Albie glanced at Edith, he smiled sheepishly and said out loud, “Grandfather, the other day I heard Edith mentioned something about she is capable of negotiating with TY Real Estate and purchasing the office building. How about we give the task to her?”

Edith’s eyes were now wide open, she wasn’t expecting Albie to say that.

She wanted to refute but Nyla chimed in and said, “Yes, grandfather. Edith told us herself the other day, that if she were to take on the task she will be done with the negotiation in no time, and she might even get us a 50% discount.”

Francis’s eyes brightened up, he was prideful yet stingy, it would be a great thing if Edith was able to get him that discount for purchasing the office building.

“Edith, is that true?” Francis asked.

Edith quickly tried to explain, “Grandfather, I have said no such thing…”

Nyla interrupted her and said, “My dear Edith, no need to be so humble, we all heard you loud and clear the other day.” Nyla gave the crowd a signal as she finished her sentence. The people got the hint and echoed what she said.

“Nyla is right, we all heard the same thing as well, it is true.”

“Francis, it would be perfect if Edith can negotiate the office building’s price into a good five million, we must let her handle the task.”

“That’s absolutely right, the Patel family brought her up so well and it is her time to show her gratitude. We must let her handle this task, otherwise, it will be all talk and no action.” Edith was speechless, though she immediately understood what was going on when she saw the snicker on Albie’s face, he had

to be the mastermind behind this.

Amara and Nicolas never thought that all these people would chime in and concluded that Edith could buy the office building for 5 million, they had butterflies in their stomach.

Not Scott though, he was all relaxed and chill, it was like the danger had not dawned upon him at all.

Amara was furious seeing Scott like that, she scolded, “It must be because of you, you good for nothing. Otherwise, something like this wouldn’t have happened.”

Francis stared at Edith, he then said, “Edith, if you are up to it I will officially hand you this task. I will transfer you the 5 million in a bit, and of course, if you succeed there will be rewards awaiting.”

Albie and Nyla smiled wickedly upon hearing Francis, they were sure that their plan was all set in motion.

Edith grimaced, she said helplessly, “Grandfather, the office building’s price was set at more than 10 million, I’m afraid that 5 million…”

“Edith, you said it yourself that you can purchase the building from TY Real Estate for 5 million, you were gleaming with confidence when you told us about it. Why are you denying it in front of our grandfather, are you scheming to keep the leftover money for yourself?” Nyla abruptly cut off Edith’s sentence.

Amara knew that Edith was in a tight spot, she quickly smiled and explained, “Nyla, maybe you heard it wrong, I don’t believe that Edith will say something like that. We all know very well that she doesn’t lie, please don’t place her in a difficult position.”

“Amara, you are very wrong about her. Everybody was there when Edith said that, we all heard it, and by denying it you guys are just planning to let Edith keep grandfather’s money to her own, and not helping the Patel family’s business,” Albie said with a confronting tone.

Amara choked on her words and couldn’t retort.

Francis was also starting to get annoyed at Edith and her family for pushing the matter around, his expression darkened and he said with a deep voice, “Why are you denying it in front of me when everybody heard your claim?”

“Is what Albie says true, that you just wanted the money and wouldn’t help out with the family’s business?” Edith hurriedly explained herself, “No, grandfather. I want to help the family, but…”

“But what? If you are willing to do it for the family then don’t make up any more excuses, the task of purchasing the office building is now in your hands. If you are not willing to, then there is no need to stay in this family, I’m not a person that only takes and doesn’t get back.” Francis said sternly.

Edith was worried, she couldn’t disobey her grandfather’s words, but the Patel family was really not all that great, Francis was just full of himself and thought themselves as better. The TY Real Estate Inc. wouldn’t bat an eye at Francis’s mere 5 million, and only 5 million for an office building with a good location? It was way too far fetched.

“Grandfather, I promise you that I will complete the task, but 5 million for an office building is not enough at all, could you raise your price? I can only negotiate with TY Real Estate at a price more than that, “said Edith.

“You dare to bargain with grandfather after you said that you can get the deal for 5 million? Why should he give you more money?” Nyla said aggressively.

Francis gave Edith a look, he obviously was unwilling to pay more than that. In his eyes, TY Real Estate should be happy that he would even give them some face and buy the building from them, and it went without saying that TY Real Estate should at least give him a 50% discount.

Edith was panicking and millions of thoughts were running through her head, at this very moment, Scott stepped up and said out loud, “It’s a deal. Edith will buy the office building with 5 million!”


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