The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 599 It Doesn’t Bother You to Worry About

“The two of them are really hateful.” Edith said angrily.

Scott said with a smile, “So they got the punishment they deserved. At least, they won’t bother us again until we get off the boat.”

Edith nodded and stopped thinking about Rowan’s affairs. This time, they came out to relax. Such a good trip shouldn’t be ruined by such things.

The two of them walked towards the audience area of the fashion show. After giving the ferry tickets to the person over there, someone took them to the front sofa.

After the two of them sat down, the person in charge of the fashion show quickly announced that the show was about to begin, letting everyone go back to their seats as soon as possible.

Those people looked enviously at Scott and Edith, who were sitting at the front. The reason why today’s show was postponed was because the two of them had not yet come. At this moment, they all felt the power of money.

“When can I enjoy this kind of treatment in my life? Tusk-tusk, everyone is turning around me. It feels so cool.”

“You better wake up. Those people who can afford the top-floor ferry tickets has hundreds of millions assets. We can come to the eighth floor, which is already very good.”

After Scott and Edith sat down for a while, Brooklyn also walked to the side of the two and sat down on the other sofa.
“What a coincidence! You guys are also going to watch the fashion show.” Brooklyn asked with a smile.
Scott and Edith both turned their heads to look at Brooklyn. They just nodded politely to him, without saying anything.

Brooklyn was thinking about what Rowan said just now, with a meaningful smile on his face. Then he asked tentatively, “Those two rude people dare to say that they are your relatives. I guess they want to take advantage of you guys. You guys will definitely not have such relatives.”

Edith glanced at Brooklyn and said, “The two of them are indeed my distant relatives. They’re just way out of the line a little.”

“Oh? Since he is your distant relative, why did he still say that kind of slanderous words? I heard them say that Scott is a wimp, that you are from a small place and that you two can’t afford the ferry tickets here. Your relatives are distorting the facts. How could the people who can buy the top-floor ferry tickets be like what they said?” Brooklyn continued.

Scott knew that Brooklyn wanted to judge whether Rowan said was true or false from Edith. Scott felt it a little boring, so he said, “What they said is not wrong, but it’s all the past. The show is about to start. Let’s watch the show.”

Brooklyn just nodded with a smile. He was already smug. It seemed that these two people were not rich. Because they won the lottery or got the chance to make a fortune suddenly, they had the money to buy the ferry tickets of the top floor.

If it was in the case, it would be easy for him to steal Edith from Scott.
No matter what, Scott’s assets could not be as much as his 500 million worth.

Besides, he didn’t expect Scott to be a wimp in the eyes of his relatives, which made Brooklyn even more convinced that Scott was a toy boy.

The clothes of the fashion show on The Pearl were so expensive. Even the cheapest one was worth of millions, just because of the reputation of the designer and the vanity of the rich.

Ferry tickets were just one of the means for The Pearl to make money, and the luxury goods on the cruise could still bring them a lot of money.

Brooklyn only needed to buy Edith one, then Edith would be able to understand the gap between Scott and him.

After all, a toy boy must be reluctant to spend millions to buy a piece of clothing.

The show soon began. After a while, models with graceful figures and outstanding temperaments walked out one by one, wearing all kinds of beautiful clothes. They showed off their figures in front of everyone.

After each model showed the clothes on themselves, the host would introduce the designer and design concept of the dress, trying to exaggerate the dress and described them as collectibles. Then, he would quote the price.

Except for the first piece of clothing that was quoted at 880 thousand, every piece of clothing after that was between 1.5 million and 2 million.

The passengers on the eighth floor looked at these charming models with envy. Although they all thought these clothes were very nice, the prices were so high that none of them were willing to buy them.

“My god, a piece of clothing is more than one million dollars. How rich they are that they can afford it! I really don’t understand what kind of people are willing to buy such expensive clothes?” The man said with emotion.

“This is no longer clothes. This is a work of art. Buying it back is not for wearing, but for admiration. You chuffl” A girl had been brainwashed by the host. Her eyes lit up when she was looking at those clothes.

Edith was also amazed by the clothes worn by these models. She thought the clothes she bought were already pretty, but compared with these clothes, the clothes she bought really sucked.

Every time when a model came out, Edith would admire, “It’s so beautiful.”

Scott looked at Edith from the sidelines, wondering if she liked these clothes.

After a long time, the models displayed a total of 23 pieces of clothing. They stood in two rows in front of all the audience, posing in various poses for people to watch.

The host smiled and asked if anyone wanted to take these artworks home, but his eyes were mainly on the sofa in the first row.

After hearing the host’s words, Brooklyn immediately stood up, pointed his finger at a model on the stage, and said, “Help me wrap the dress number 17. I want to give this dress to this beautiful girl. I think she is worthy of this dress.”

Then he turned his head and glanced at Edith, completely ignoring Scott who was sitting next to Edith.

As soon as Brooklyn finished speaking, the audiences were in uproar. Everyone did not expect that someone would actually buy the clothes here.

Moreover, the clothes that Brooklyn picked was the most expensive among the 23 clothes, valued at 2.38 million.
“Oh my god, someone actually bought it. It’s the most expensive one. He is so rich!”

“The world of the rich is indeed not something I can understand. A piece of clothing is more than two million dollars, which is more expensive than the top-floor ferry tickets.”

“Sure enough, poverty limits my imagination.”

Neither Scott nor Edith expected that Brooklyn would suddenly buy a piece of clothing for Edith. Edith looked confused, while Scott showed a joking smile.

He stood up, looked at Brooklyn, and said, “She is my wife. I can buy her clothes, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


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