The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 597 Just A Chuff

In the bedroom.
Scott looked at Edith helplessly. Then he walked to the front of the suitcase and found a piece of clothes to change on.

At this time, Edith was sitting on the bed with a blushing face. Her one hand was tidying her clothes. In the position of her chest, there was a hole on her clothes.

“I selected those clothes carefully. You bastard! You actually tore it up. I only took two dresses this time. We just got on the ship but you damaged one.” Edith said bitterly.

“I didn’t expect that you would suddenly…kiss me. I thought you were going to do something with me. I didn’t hold back for a while, so…” Scott said innocently.

Hearing this, Edith’s cheeks became even more flushed. It was obvious that she was ashamed of some of her thoughts just now.

After changing the clothes, Scott saw Edith still tidying her clothes, then he said, “Don’t make it. Didn’t it say that there was a fashion show on the eighth floor? Let’s go to have a look later. If there are some good clothes, buy it, just as a compensation for you, okay?”

Edith gave Scott a helpless look, then looked down at her torn clothes. She said, “Anyway, it’s all torn. Come here and do what you just wanted to do.”

Scott was taken aback for a moment. Then he said, “But, you are pregnant now…”

“I have asked the doctor about it. The doctor said we can do that stuff appropriately after three months.” Edith said with a shy face.

Scott didn’t expect that Edith would even ask the doctor this kind of question. He was a little bit dumbfounded.

“I’ve already put on my clothes.” Scott said again.

“Just take it off. What are you wasting your time?” Edith glared at Scott.

Hearing this, Scott was turned on. He walked directly to Edith, pressed her to the bed, and said in the voice of an overbearing president, “So arrogant?”

Edith didn’t dare to look directly at Scott. She quickly turned her head to the side, her chest rising and falling.

Something happened in the room. The Pearl also honked its whistle and sailed towards Moon Island at this time.

After lunch, Scott brought Edith to inquire about the fashion show in a good mood. The waiter told them that the fashion show was about to begin, but if Scott wanted to watch it, they could delay the show until Scott arrived at the eighth floor.

It was the highest treatment of the top passengers. No matter what the show was, as long as they wanted to watch, the show had to wait for them.

After the waiter explained clearly to Scott and Edith, he told them that they could take the boat tickets to the eighth floor, and the performance would begin after they arrived.

The two turned and walked towards the elevator. Just as the waiter turned around, a figure appeared in front of him. It was Brooklyn.

“What are the two of them going to do?” Brooklyn asked.

“Sir, they are going to the eighth floor to watch the fashion show.” The waiter answered honestly.

Brooklyn just laughed immediately after hearing it. He asked, “I heard that the clothes for the fashion show here can be bought?” “Yes, sit, if you like it, you can buy it directly.” The waiter replied.

“Make arrangements for me. I will go to the eighth floor to watch the show.” Brooklyn said.

The waiter immediately turned around and contacted the eighth floor again, changing the number of top passengers to watch the fashion show to three.

Staring at stared at the backs of Scott and Edith, Brooklyn sneered and murmured to himself, “The clothes on this cruise ship are not cheap. That toy boy will definitely not be able to afford it. At that time, I will buy one for the beautiful woman. Then that toy boy can understand the gap between him and me. I hope he can go away by then and stop wasting my time.”

At the eighth floor.

Compared with the one-bedroom and one-living room on the top floor, the cabins here were a bit shabby. The passengers on the eighth floor lived in relatively small rooms with little space and a double bed. After that, only one more table could be put down.

But anyway, here was relatively high floors. Each room was equipped with a toilet and bathroom. Compared with the floors below, here was already very luxurious.

Rowan and Rosa were staying in one of the rooms at this time. Rosa looked at the decorations in the room with curiosity, and then she said, “It’s too luxurious here. There is separate toilet and bathrooms. It’s almost the size of a hotel.”

“Of course. We spent a lot to get on this cruise ship. If here is not luxurious, we will suffer a lot of loss.” Rowan was smug.

“Here is already so luxurious. What will the top floor look like?” Rosa asked.

“I heard that there are only ten passengers on the top floor. They occupy the entire floor. They live in a suite, which is much more comfortable than ours.” Rowan said.

Rosa immediately showed envy, and then said, “If I can go to the top floor to stay one night, I will have no regrets in this life.”

“The one who can live on the top floor has more than 100 million dollars’ assets. Don’t think about that. The one you live in is already very good. At least itis better than Edith and her husband. They might already be driven out of the cruise.” Rowan said.

Rosa immediately laughed, “Well, they have no qualifications to compare with us. Two chuffs. They look so funny.” “Okay, don’t talk about them. That fashion show is about to begin. Let’s go now.” Rowan said.
The two left the room together and walked towards the hall on the eighth floor, where the fashion show would be held.

There were already many people in the hall at this time. A stage for catwalks had been set up in the center. Below were two rows of seats. From outside to inside, the quality of the seats was getting better and better. The innermost one was even directly replaced by a sofa. Yes, this was for the passengers on the top floor.

“Honey, where are our seats?” Rosa asked while looking for the seats.

“We are only ordinary tickets on the eighth floor. Maybe we can sit in the middle position.” Rowan said.

Rosa nodded, thinking that it would be nice to sit in the middle. As for the sofa, she had no extravagant expectations.
They walked to the entrance and planned to go in. At this time, the staff stopped them both.

“Isn’t it time for the show? Why not let us in?” Rowan asked.

“Sorry, passengers from the top floor will come to watch today’s show. Only when they arrive will the show start.” The staff explained.

Suddenly, Rowan sighed with emotions. Sure enough, only the rich could do whatever he wanted to do. If he could make friends with a passenger from the top floor, he would surely be able to make a lot of achievements in the future.

Just as the they were waiting by the side, Rosa suddenly stretched out her hand, pointed in a direction, and said, “Honey, look, it’s them.”


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