The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 596 The Swimming Competition

Scott walked to the edge of the swimming pool and stood with Brooklyn.

Brooklyn turned his head and glanced at Scott. Then he said with a smile, “You have spent a lot efforts so that your figure can be like this, right? I really envy such a person like you who can be supported by women. It’s a pity that I am a tough man. I can’t do this kind of thing, so I can only rely on myself to make a living.”

Hearing the obvious sarcasm in Brooklyn’s words, Scott said with smile, “You are right. Having such a good wife is my biggest fortune. Most people aren’t so lucky.”

Brooklyn curled his lips. He thought that Scott was so shameless. How could Scott be so arrogant to say that he was a toy boy? It was so shameful.

“I can let you swim three seconds first. After all, your body shape just looks good. Compared with me, a professional swimming coach, you’re a little bit worse. I don’t want you to be so embarrassed.” Brooklyn said.

“No need, if you really let me swim three seconds early, you will be the one who is embarrassed.” Scott said seriously.

Brooklyn gritted his teeth, thinking that this toy boy was really arrogant. In that case, he must try his best to let this guy feel the price of arrogance.

“I hope you can still say something like this when the game is over.” Brooklyn said these words, and then stopped talking with Scott.

The service staff on the top floor had found a professional timer, waiting for the start of the game at any time.

Everyone around was looking expectantly at the two people by the pool. The three women present were all attracted by Scott’s figure. They were staring at Scott. Those men hated Scott because Scott’s body shape was so eye-catching.

“No matter how good his figure is, he is definitely not the match of the swimming coach. Later, these stupid women will know it is pleasant to the eye but of no use.”

“That’s right. See, it seems that that guy still doesn’t take the coach of the provincial team seriously. How arrogant he is!”

“Everything speaks with strength. Although he makes his body shape look good, he still sucks.”

With a whistle, the competition between Scott and Brooklyn officially began.
Two people agreed to swim three rounds, and the person who took the shortest time would win.

As soon as the whistle sounded, Brooklyn jumped into the water with a professional posture and swam to the front quickly. Since Scott didn’t accept his kindness, he didn’t need to show any mercy. However, Scott did not jump into the water directly after the whistle sounded, because he didn’t know what the water entry action in a regular game was like.

After thinking about it, Scott jumped into the water directly with his usual posture.
After everyone saw it, they all burst into laughter.

“It turns out that he can’t swim, he can’t even know the professional posture. Just when he was hesitating, the coach has already swum out for ten meters. The result has doomed.”

“So funny. Maybe he doesn’t want to surrender in front of his wife, so he agreed to compete with the coach. But I didn’t expect him to suck. I thought there was a wonderful game.”

“Tsk-tusk-tusk, if he loses, his wife would be so embarrassed. If his wife runs away with other men, it will be so funny.”

Several men quite despised Scott and mocked Scott.

However, not long after the smirk on their faces appeared, it turned into astonishment. The scene made everyone’s jaws drop.
Although Scott’s posture was not very good, after he entered the water, he immediately swam to the front quickly like a fish, which stunned everyone.

Brooklyn, who had been ahead of more than ten meters, was still complacent, thinking that Scott had been left behind by himself at the beginning, and it was even more impossible for Scott to catch up with him.

But as soon as he thought of this, he felt the water behind him sway for a while, and then a “fish” swam past than him, making him dumbfounded.

Scott took a deep breath when he jumped down just now. With his lung capacity, this breath could last until he swam directly to the other side of the pool, which would save a lot of time and unnecessary movements.

Everyone was shocked by Scott’s swimming style. If it was in this way, even the world champion would not necessarily be able to win Scott.

“My god! So fast! He is definitely the fastest swimmer I have ever seen.”

“It seems that we have misunderstood him. He is not only good in figure, but he is unmatched in swimming. This kind of person is too powerful. No wonder he has such a beautiful wife.”

“Holy shit, I have to ask him the secret of keeping in such a good body shape later. If my wife runs away with other men, I will be screwed up.”

Before long, Scott swam three rounds in the pool with his powerful swimming skills. When he reached the finish line, the service staff who had been on the side immediately blew the whistle.

It was just that everyone understood that timekeeping was not meaningful. When Scott finished his game, Brooklyn only swam halfway for the last round.

Scott climbed up from the pool and glanced at Edith with a smile. Seeing that there was some admiration and eagerness in Edith’s eyes, Scott couldn’t help but shiver.

Everyone ran over to surround Scott, praised Scott, and asked Scott about the secret to keep the good figure.

It took a while before Brooklyn climbed up from the swimming pool, but at this time, everyone’s focus was on Scott, so no one paid him any attention.

Brooklyn only felt embarrassed. He originally wanted to make Scott awkward, and by the way to show Edith his strength. But he never expected that he would become Scott’s foil in the end, which was really embarrassing.

“Humph, no matter what, you’re just a toy boy. No matter how powerful you are, I still despise you. Swimming is just my usual hobby. I have 500 million dollars. You are just a toy boy who can only be raised by women.”

“You are not worthy of such a beautiful woman. It’s not over. I will find a chance to let her see my charm.”

Brooklyn just muttered a few words, and then walked toward his room dejectedly. It would only be more embarrassing if he still stayed here at this time.

The crowd surrounded Scott and asked for a while. Then Edith held Scott’s hand and said to them, “Excuse me, my husband and I have something to do. We have to go back to the room first. Wish you all have a good time.”

After speaking, Edith dragged Scott back to the room.

When they came into the room, the first thing Edith did was to close the curtains in the bedroom, and then looked at Scott expectantly.

Scott went to take a towel and wiped the water on his body. After noticing that Edith was closing the curtains, he was a little confused, then he asked, “The sun is so good now. Why did you close the curtains?”

Edith immediately showed a bad smile on her face and then licked her lips.

“Come here and lie down on the bed. I want to appreciate your body.”


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