The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 595 Scott’s figure

“It’s a fate to be able to take this cruise to Moon Island with you. Can I buddy up with you? My name is Brooklyn and I am the chairman of Youth Gymnasium. At present, our company has more than 200 stores across the country. I have 500 million dollars in wealth. At the same time, I am also the coach of the provincial swimming team. I’m happy to meet you.”

The man wearing sunglasses reported his worth as soon as he came up, as if he was afraid that others would not know how wealthy he was.

Scott and Edith glanced at each other, both awkwardly and politely smiled at Brooklyn, and didn’t mean to say a word to him.

Brooklyn was a little embarrassed when he saw that they ignored him, but he did not give up. After a little cough, he asked, “What do you do? This journey is precious. Those who have come to the top floor have influential identities. I think that you will also want to seize this good opportunity to expand your network.”

When asked by Brooklyn, Edith was stunned. Now the Patel Group had gone bankrupt because of Albie. To be precise, neither she nor Scott had a job, so they didn’t know how to answer Brooklyn’s question for a while.

It was not a good idea to say that both of them were vagrant.

“My wife has a company.” Scott replied at this time. He felt that Brooklyn’s focus was on Edith. Although he was wearing sunglasses, Scott had already felt Brooklyn’s coveting for Edith.

“Oh? What do you do, sir?” Brooklyn asked. He wanted to figure out Scott’s details and see if he might grab his woman. He had done this kind of thing before.

“I don’t have a job,” Scott replied.

Hearing what Scott said, Brooklyn immediately showed an expression of dawning comprehension, and at the same time he laughed, with a little more contempt in his eyes.

“It turns out to be a man lives off a woman. In this case, the chances of getting this beautiful woman are greater. After all, gigolo is just a momentary pleasure. A woman will still be conquered by a powerful man after all,” Brooklyn muttered in his heart.
After that, Brooklyn’s focus was on Edith. After knowing that Scott was a man lived off Edith, he became more courageous. He

ignored Scott and kept asking Edith questions.

The questions that Brooklyn asked were nothing special. It was nothing more than to show that he was great, so Scott ignored him. Instead. He felt a little funny that such a self-righteous person showed superiority in front of him.

Edith heard Brooklyn talk about his achievements, and felt Scott was even more powerful. After all, what Brooklyn had done so hard to accomplish was nothing more than a sentence to Scott.

After chatting for a long time, seeing Edith always answering his questions passively, Brooklyn felt that he had to change his strategy. Women who could run company were competitive, and he had to let Edith see his strong points.

At the very least, he had to let Edith know that in addition to his great business skills, he was no worse than the wimp next to her in term of physique.

Brooklyn turned his head and glanced at Scott, then smiled and asked, “Man, can you swim?” Scott nodded and said, “I know a little bit.”

“The weather is so good no. Everyone has nothing to do except enjoying the scenery. The swimming pool over there is very good. Why don’t we go swimming and have a friendly match? Don’t worry, I won’t bully you,” Brooklyn said a confident look. As the coach of the provincial swimming team, he felt that he was qualified to say such things.

Scott smiled and said, “Okay, since you are interested, I will compare with you.”

Brooklyn got up immediately and shouted to everyone on the top floor, “Everyone, this buddy and I are going to have a swimming competition. If you are interested, you can come and take a look.”

Everyone immediately became interested, after all, sitting and chatting was quite boring.
Edith glanced at Scott and said, “Husband, he is the coach of the provincial team. Do you really want to have a competition with him?”

Scott smiled and said, “It’s just swimming. I have never been afraid of any physical competition, even if the Olympic champion is here.”

Seeing Scott so confident, Edith didn’t say anything.
“You go with them first. I’ll change my swimsuit,” Scott said, and went back to the room to change clothes.

The service staff on the top floor heard that Brooklyn and Scott were going to have a swimming competition and immediately went to the swimming pool to start preparations. The guests on the top floor also went to the side of the swimming pool, planning to watch the competition.

After Brooklyn changed his swimsuit, he stood by the swimming pool and began to warm up. Of course, his main purpose for doing this was to show off his figure.

“Wow, his figure is really good, he deserves to be a swimming coach,” a woman exclaimed.

Several men present also praised Brooklyn.

Before Scott and Edith came up, Brooklyn had already greeted everyone here, and everyone knew that he was a swimming coach.

Brooklyn showed a triumphant smile on his face, and said, “Don’t worry, I will humor him later. This kind of friendly match is just for fun.”

Everyone laughed. Obviously, they all felt that Scott would definitely not win the competition with a provincial coach. It would be great that he would not lose badly.

Soon, Scott changed his swimsuit and walked over. Everyone turned their heads and looked towards Scott. The moment they saw Scott’s figure, everyone was stunned.

The sunlight hit Scott’s bronze skin, bringing out the power of those muscles in his body.

Although Brooklyn also had abdominal muscles, it was from fitness,, while Scott’s muscles were formed by fighting. Comparing with Brooklyn, people could feel the sense of deterrence exuded by Scott. It was a subconscious signal. They all subconsciously thought that these muscles in Scott could kill people.

And Brooklyn’s muscles was only for seeing and enjoying..

“Oh my god, this figure, this muscle, is too attractive! I really want to go up and touch it.”

“Wow, it’s so s*xy. This is a man. Why do I feel like I want to be conquered by him? I’m so ashamed.” The women couldn’t hold back their admiration, making their husbands look sullen.

The moment Edith saw Scott, she was also stunned. Although she had seen Scott’s whole body, the environment and atmosphere at this moment perfectly showed Scott’s charm. Even she was a little obsessed for a moment.

“Oh, it’s really weird, how could I have such a strange idea? Why would I want to… lick it?” There was a flush on Edith’s face.
“Well, try it later in the evening.”

Brooklyn saw that everyone was attracted by Scott’s figure, and he felt uncomfortable. He muttered, “Damn, you are really a gigolo. No wonder you can hook up with such a beautiful woman, but there is nothing to be proud of. That’s all you can do. All is not gold that glitters. I’ll let you know how powerful I am later!!”


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