The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 594 The Luxury Cruise Ship

After speaking, the person who checked the ticket left here quickly.

Rowan, who had been staring at Scott and Edith, was a little confused when they saw this scene. He didn’t understand why the person who checked the ticket suddenly left.

“Would it be that they buy fake tickets? They are caught by the staff, and the staff is now looking for someone to verify it.” Rosa guessed.

Rowan nodded in agreement and said, “It is very possible. Even if the Patel family in J City is in the local area, it is only a small second-rate family, not to mention that Edith is still not favored, and she has a useless husband. How can they afford the trip to Moon Island? Maybe their tickets are really fake.”

“It’s so ridiculous that they came to board the cruise ship with fake tickets. Do they think the people on this cruise ship are fools? It’s no wonder that the Patel family in J City is a plebeian family. With sch stupid people, it’s impossible to develop anyway,” Rosa also sneered.

The ticket inspector soon returned. He brought a well-dressed man to Scott and Edith. The man immediately bowed to Scott and Edith and said, “Two distinguished guests, please follow me.”

Scott and Edith both nodded, and then followed the man on the cruise ship from the other side and went directly to an elevator entrance with the words “VIP only” written on it.

“What did that person do just now? Why does he seem to be respectful to them?” Rosa said with a puzzled expression on her face.

Rowan didn’t know what was going on, saying, “After all, this is a cruise ship to Moon Island. People here are very gentle and polite. Even if they want to rush someone out, they would be polit. There is nothing strange.”

“Ignore them, we are going to the eighth floor, which is already considered a relatively high-end floor. Even if their tickets are true, they must be at the bottom.”

Rosa nodded immediately, with a look of expectation on her face.
After the well-dressed waiter took Scott and Edith into the elevator, he smiled and said, “You two are the most distinguished

guests of The Pearl on this voyage. We will meet any request you two make. The Pearl has a total of 12 floors. You can visit any floor at will.”

“What’s the special feature on your cruise ship?” Edith asked curiously.

“We will have some different types of performances on each floor. You may be interested in costume performances. Then you can go to the eighth floor to watch the model show. If you find any clothes you like, you can also buy them,” the waiter said patiently.

Edith nodded, thinking that the clothes on this cruise ship must be extremely expensive. In the principle of diligence and frugality, she felt that she should not go to see any models on the catwalk. Otherwise, if she really saw the clothes she liked, Scott would not miss it and would buy it for her.

She even imagined the scene, “Buy if you like it. It doesn’t cost much.”

Coming to the top floor of the cruise ship, Scott and Edith saw the endless sea and the blue sky, and they were all in a good mood.

Sure enough, if you spent more money, you could still enjoy a different scenery.

The top floor area of the cruise ship was not very large, but all kinds of facilities were readily available. At the top of the cruise ship, there was also a swimming pool.

The waiter took Scott and Edith to their two rooms. Inside was a room and a living room, which was luxuriously decorated. The curtains of the bedroom were opened, showing the sea and the sky.

“In the public area outside the room, there are tables and chairs for resting. There will be a variety of drinks and you can enjoy the best scenery of the entire cruise ship. Of course, if you want to swim, they can also go to the swimming pool on the top floor, where the water quality and equipment are all of the competition level.” The waiter kept introducing the services that were available on the top floor.

After patiently explaining to Scott and Edith, the waiter left Scott and Edith’s room. If necessary, they only needed to shout and a service staff would come over immediately.
After the waiter left, Edith lay directly on the soft bed in the room, enjoying herself.

Although the rooms here were not big, all the products were of the world’s top brands, which were naturally hundreds of times better than those used in their homes.

Once Edith entered this room, she felt relaxed. It seemed that the designer had a lot of thoughts on how to decorate the room.

“Husband, it’s really comfortable here, but the price is too high, one and a half million per person, it hurts to think about it,” Edith said.

Scott laughed and said, “Charles bought the tickets. He should be the one who felt distress.”

Edith chuckled, beckoned to Scott, and said, “Husband, come here.”

Scott walked to the bed, Edith sat up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Edith sat up, hugged Scott directly, and said, “The baby in my stomach just said that it wants to drink milk tea.”

Scott suddenly laughed and said, “The baby in your stomach is only three months old and hasn’t formed yet. I think it’s you who want to drink milk tea.”

Edith immediately hugged Scott and started acting coquettishly, and said, “I just want to drink it. Didn’t the waiter just say that there is a variety of drinks outside? Let’s go and have a look.”

Scott gave Edith a cowardly smile, then nodded and said, “Let’s go, but you can only have one cup.” “I know, I know. Wait for me change into a beautiful dress.”

Ten minutes later, Scott and Edith came to the best view of the entire cruise ship. There were already eight people sitting and watching the scenery, plus Scott and Edith, exactly ten people.

Among the remaining eight people, there were couples, and the other four were all men.

When Scott and Edith appeared, everyone’s attention were attracted by Edith. She was wearing a blue suspender dress, showing her figure and temperament to the fullest. The women were a little jealous when they saw Edith.

Scott felt the gazes of those people, and a shadow of a smile touched his mouth. Edith was his wife, and it was his pride. His wife was charming, and he naturally felt very proud.

After taking Edith and ordering a cup of milk tea prepared on-site, Scott and Edith walked to an empty table and sat down.
“The air and sunshine here are pretty good,” Edith said with joy.

At this time, a man in his thirties, wearing casual shorts and sunglasses, looked at Scott and Edith. When his gaze fell on Edith, a certain desire for possession appeared on his look, but it was blocked by sunglasses.

He looked at Edith for a few seconds, then walked over here.


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