The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 593 Distant Relatives

“Wow, this cruise ship is so large.” Edith blinked and looked at the cruise ship in front of her, making a sound of admiration.
Seeing the magnificent appearance of the cruise ship, Scott couldn’t help but admire the greatness of a human engineer.

This cruise ship was called The Pearl, which was funded and built by Moon Island and was dedicated to transporting tourists from all over the world.

It was precisely because of the existence of this cruise ship that the tickets to Moon Island had become extremely expensive.
Even the cheapest ticket cost 200,000 per person. Those who bought this kind of ticket could only stay at the bottom of the cruise ship, and they were not qualified to enter the higher floors.

The Pearl had twelve floors. The price of the bottom floor was 200,000 per person. For each floor up, the ticket price would increase by 50000 dollars. The top floor of the cruise ship was the most luxurious place on the cruise ship. It had the most luxurious decoration, the most high-end facilities, and the most top-level services. At the same time, it was also the best place for the whole cruise ship to have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the sea.

There were only ten tickets to the top floor, one for 1.5 million.

What Charles bought for Scott and Edith was tickets to the top floor.

“Husband, which floor will we be on this cruise ship this time?” Edith asked Scott.

Scott raised his hand, pointed to the top mast, and said, “It’s there.”

“Hey? Isn’t this Edith? Why are you here?” At this moment, a man’s voice rang.

Edith turned her head and glanced next to her, and saw a young man in a suit with his hair slicked back, who was a few years older than her.

Beside the young man, there was a beautiful woman with a gorgeous dress and a bumpy figure.

After seeing this young man, Edith immediately showed a puzzled expression and asked, “You are?”

The young man immediately laughed and said, ” I didn’t expect you didn’t even remember me. It is reasonable. You have been living in J City, a small place. We have met each other three times in total. It is normal that you don’t remember me.”

“I am Rowan, your cousin in G City. When your grandfather took you to our place, you were just a hick at that time. I didn’t expect that now you are also slim and beautiful.”

Hearing Rowan’s words, Edith immediately remembered who the person in front of her was, and then a frown appeared on her face.

Rowan was indeed her distant cousin. He a member of the Patel family, the quasi-first tier family in G City. The Patel family in J City and the Patel family in G City did have some relatives, but that had to be traced back to the generation of Francis’s father.

Because the two families didn’t communicate very much over the years, the relationship was weakened. Francis only took Edith to G City once.

Edith still had a deep memory of the visit to the Patel family in G City when she was a child, because G City was a big city comparable to B City. Since the Patel family could reach the quasi-first tier, they did not care the Patel family in J City.

So, at that time Francis took Edith over and was met with countless cynicism and ridicule. Among them, Rowan looked down on her the most. He always said that Edith came from the countryside, and he always compared the Patel family in G City with the Patel family in J City. He once made Edith cry.

Therefore, only after recalling who Rowan was, Edith frowned. From the tone of Rowan’s speech, she had already noticed that this guy was no different from before.

“I remember you. What a coincidence, Rowan.” Although she had a bad impression of Rowan, she still replied politely.
Rowan smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that you cloud also go to Moon Island. For you, I’m afraid it will take half of your life savings to go there once, right?”

Edith was speechless, and said, “It’s none of your business.”

Rowan laughed loudly and said to the woman next to her, “Rosa, this is Edith that I mentioned to you before, the hick. I didn’t expect that she would be more beautiful when she grows up.”

The woman named Rosa looked at Edith up and down, and found that the little girl in Rowan’s mouth was even more beautiful than her, and she felt a little unhappy.

“Is it the one who married a wimp? She looks very beautiful. Why did she marry a wimp? Is there something wrong with her?” Rosa muttered.

Scott was a little angry when he heard two people taunt Edith in a strange way. He wanted to warn them immediately, but was stopped by Edith.

“Edith, shouldn’t this be your useless husband? He looks really ordinary. Tut-tut, although your family conditions are not very good, but it is a pity that you married a wimp. I heard he can do nothing and is supported by you?” Rowan said, looking at Scott.

Rosa also glanced at Scott, her eyes full of disdain.

“He doesn’t do anything, but can still go to Moon Island for fun. What a shameless gigolo,” Rosa said with her mouth curled.

“Is that enough?” Scott was already a little unbearable. He didn’t expect these two people to be too much. If Edith was not on the side, he would have thrown these two people into the sea to feed the sharks.

“Hey, you don’t have much ability, but you have a bad temper. Edith, it seems that you really raised a lord at home. Forget it, 1 won’t talk to you anymore. We are going to board the ship. Unsurprisingly, you guys bought tickets for the bottom floor, right? Rosa and I bought tickets for the eighth floor, which was 600,000 dollars per person. Tut-tut, if you want to see what the rich people on the eighth floor are like, you can come to me,” Rowan flaunted.

Rosa tugged Rowan’s arm and said, “Okay, let’s go quickly, don’t waste time with these two poor guys.” Then they boarded the ship.

Edith sighed and said, “We don’t have much contact with them. They don’t know the changes in J City now. Don’t be angry with them. It’s not worth it.”

Scott touched Edith’s head and said, “I’m afraid you will be wronged.”

After going through so much, I’ve seen it a long time ago. I don’t care what others think of us, as long as I know you are good,” Edith said.

Scott nodded in relief and said, “Let’s go up too.”

They walked to the ticket gate together. After checking the ticket, all the people who boarded the ship had to wait in line to board.
Rowan and Rosa were already at the back of the line, staring at Scott and Edith with a sneer.

“It seems that the development of our country is really good. It’s really strange that even this kind of hicks can go to Moon Island,” Rowan muttered.

Scott handed over the two ferry tickets. The person who checked the ticket looked at it and immediately stood up straight, and then said in a respectful voice, “Please wait a moment. I’ll arrange for someone to take you two aboard from the VIP passageway. You don’t have to queue.”


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