The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 592 Kill with One Move

At this time, many people on the martial club were practicing basic skills. After the two guards fell in front of them, it caused a riot.

A group of people ran to confirm the situation of the two people, and then they were shocked to find that both of them had died.

“Who are you! You killed our junior, and our master will not let you go!” One of them raised his head and glanced at Theodore, gritted his teeth.

“I’m here to kill Masayuki Ichiro, let him come out quickly,” Theodore said impatiently.
“You? How can you kill our master? It’s really idiotic. We will let you first learn how good we are!” All the disciples rushed towards Theodore, aggressively.

Theodore curled his mouth and didn’t put these people in his eyes. He stared at the person in front of him, his breathing method changed immediately, and his arm, which seemed to have little strength, was lifted up and burst out amazing power in an instant.

He hit the man’s chest with a palm, and the ribs of the man’s chest were directly shattered, and a handprint was sunken in his chest. Then, his body flew upside down, smashing all the people behind him to the ground.

All these people felt their chests hot, and a mouthful of blood came out. They were already seriously injured, and the person who rushed to the front had already died.

“How is this possible? He hit us through one person’s body, why can he still transmit such a powerful force?”

“Hurry up and call master, this guy’s strength is too terrifying, only master can hold him down!”

Several people with less injuries immediately ran into it and called Masayuki Ichiro.

Theodore waved his hand, looked at the person who fell in front of him, and sighed helplessly, saying, “I have used 50% of my strength, but they just were just slightly injured. It seems that there is still a big gap between me and my master.”

Those who fell on the ground were all full of horror. They didn’t expect that Theodore just now only used only 50% of his power in his horrible move.

Who was this guy?

After a while, the ones who ran in and called for Masayuki Ichiro ran back.

“Master, it’s this guy. He killed several of our juniors. You must avenge them!” A person pointed to Theodore.

A gray-haired old man walked over. Although this person was old, he gave people a sense of uprightness, and his whole body was filled with a powerful atmosphere while walking.

This person was the master of fighting in R Country, Masayuki Ichiro, who held the title of “Undefeatable God”.

Expression on Masayuki Ichiro’s face suddenly changed when he saw the apprentices who had fallen on the ground. Then, his eyes fell on Theodore. When he found that it was just a young man, and the anger in his eyes became more intense.

“Who are you? Why are you being so cruel to my apprentice?” Masayuki Ichiro said solemnly.

Theodore smiled at him and said, “I came to you to study a few years ago, but you kicked me out. However, it was precisely because you did not allow me to stay here that I was lucky enough to meet my current teacher.”

“I am here today to see what I have learned from my teacher over the past few years. I want to know if you, the master I looked up to, can still hold my one move.”

Masayuki Ichiro heard this and suddenly snorted and said, “The juniors who have been rejected by me are countless. You are just one of them. I have long lost the impression. But you dare to say that you will beat me up in one move. Even for the reputation of my martial club, I must kill you today!”

“Then hurry up, I have limited time. I have to go back and kill someone else after getting rid of you!” Theodore sneered.
Masayuki Ichiro was completely angered by Theodore’s arrogance, and immediately put on a pose to confront and shouted, “Go die!”

Then he rushed towards Theodore.

As a well-known fighting master in R Country, Masayuki Ichiro’s strength was quite amazing. He had developed his physical strength to the maximum. He believed that no one could beat him by physical strength alone.

When Theodore saw Masayuki Ichiro rushing over, a joking smile appeared at his lips. Then his breathing changed rapidly, and the power in his body began to gush out. After seizing the opportunity, he punched Masayuki Ichiro with all his strength on the chest.

Masayuki Ichiro thought that no one could match him in the strength competition, so instead of hiding, he directly ran into Theodore’s fist.

Their punches collided and the power exploded. Masayuki Ichiro’s face was full of confidence, but then, with a click, his face instantly turned pale, and then he flew backwards.

Blood flowed out of Masayuki Ichiro’s mouth like a stream of water. He looked at Theodore in disbelief. He didn’t expect that he would lose to this young man with a single move.

Theodore rolled his wrist and looked at Masayuki Ichiro who was dying on the ground. He smiled and said, “You can take my full blow and can still breathe. You are not bad.”

“Why…why? My physical strength has been developed to the maximum, even if you are young and strong, it is impossible to beat me like this with one move.” Masayuki Ichiro was puzzled.

Theodore glanced at him and said quietly, “Who told you that physical power is the limit of humanity?”

Masayuki Ichiro’s eyes widened, and before he could ask his doubts, he twisted his neck and stopped moving.

Theodore clapped his hands, turned around, and walked out of the martial club without hesitation.

“Next, it’s Scott.”

At sea port, Scott and Edith both changed into casual clothes. They waited in front of the wharf, watching the sea in front of them and breathing the fresh air brought by the sea breeze. They felt a little relaxed.

Just yesterday, they took their luggage and came here, because the cruise ship to Moon Island would only stop at this place, and everyone who wanted to travel to Moon Island must come to sea portto gather.

“I’ve never been on a cruise ship before. This is the first time,” Edith said to Scott with a smile.
Scott smiled and stroked her hair, and said, “Have you seen the Titanic?” “I’ve seen it, what’s the matter?” Edith asked.

“The cruise we are on this time should be more luxurious than that. Then I will take you to the bow. How about jumping like Jack and Rose?” Scott said with a smile.

Edith rolled her eyes at him immediately and said, “You can jump as you want? I’m not alone now. Even if I agree, the one in my stomach won’t.”

Scott scratched his head and smiled, then reached out and stroked Edith’s belly.

At this moment, a huge whistle sounded, and both of them turned their heads to look over and found a cruise ship with more than ten floors that was large enough to occupy the whole wharf came.


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