The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 591 Amara Was Superstitious

At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Amara and Nicholas came out from inside, both looked gloomy. Scott followed behind them, and all of them were filled with haze.

Amara had made a terrible scene in the CZ Community for a long time, and she refused to divorce Nicholas. At the beginning, she was full of regret and even knelt down and confessed to Nicholas.

But Nicholas was determined, no matter how much Amara begged for mercy, he didn’t move.

Seeing that it was useless to beg for mercy, Amara once again threaten them with her life, saying she would go die if Nicholas divorced her.

Nicholas asked Amara to go die directly and said that he didn’t care about her life at all. Amara was stunned. She was just using this method to intimidate Nicholas to listen to her, how could she really die.

Scott felt that if Amara continued to make trouble, it would affect Edith’s mood, so he told Amara that she would divorce Nicholas immediately.

Amara was afraid of Scott in her heart, so she became obedient at once, and finally had to follow Nicholas to the Civil Affairs Bureau and got a divorce.

“Scott, let’s go back.” Nicholas said, glancing at Scott.
Scott nodded, and followed Nicholas towards the car.

Amara stopped. At this time, she really felt abandoned. Eason was a liar. Nicholas divorced her and Edith was completely on Nicholas’s side. Scott, her son-in-law was a demon who showed no mercy for her.

Thinking of this, Amara suddenly felt that she had become the worst person in the world, and even had an idea of committing suicide.

She sat down on the ground and couldn’t help crying, attracting the attention of people passing by.

“Scott! You bastard! I became so miserable because of you. You are a jinx. You abducted my daughter, and fooled Nicholas to divorce me. You are the worst devil in the world!”

Amara was desperate and didn’t care whether Scott would beat her or not, and condemned Scott again.

“You will definitely get retribution. You hurt me so badly. God will never spare you. Just wait. It won’t be long before you will be in trouble!”

Scott turned to look at Amara. Amara thought Scott was going to beat her again, so she got up from the ground quickly and ran away.

“You will be in trouble!” Amara yelled as she ran.
Scott shook his head helplessly and ignored Amara. After getting in the car with Nicholas, he hurried back to CZ Community.
At home.

“Scott, do you think we were too unsympathetic? My mother is alone. Will she do take her own life in despair?” Edith asked with some worry.

Scott laughed and said, “Don’t worry about this. In this world, anyone may choose some extreme methods in despair, but she is the only one who won’t. She treats her own life more than anything.”

Edith thought for a while, and felt that Scott had some truth in what he said. Based on her knowledge of Amara, her concern was really misplaced.

“Don’t think too much about these things, you should think about where we are going to take for our honeymoon this time. I have arranged the itinerary for Moon Island. We will leave in two days,” Scott said with a smile.

There was also a hint of joy on Edith’s face. During this period of time, all the mess and encounters made her a little upset. She also wanted to travel to relax.

In the evening, Scott called Terence and told Terence that he was going to be a grandfather.

After Terence heard the news, he beamed with joy and danced with excitement, and he almost demolished his study.

Since Terence lived in the name of Percy, he had never been happy anymore. He had too many secrets. All his tine was occupied by Guanling’s affairs.

The news Scott told him was tantamount to a warm light that appeared in his world full of darkness and killing, which made him feel that this world was no longer so boring.

He was going to be a grandfather!

In order to ensure the safety of his unborn granddaughter, Terence directly decided to send the top three masters on the List of Ares to J City to protect Edith secretly.

Scott didn’t expect Terence to attach so much importance to it, and even sent the top three masters on the List of Ares. At that time, he told Terence that it was unnecessary, and he could protect Edith’s safety.

But Terence insisted on sending three people, including Kacper to them, saying that this was his love for his granddaughter, and Scott shouldn’t stop it.

Scott had no choice but to agree to Terence, thinking of an extra guarantee, and he could feel more at ease in his heart.

The next day, Scott asked Charles to help buy a cruise ticket to Moon Island. He and Edith decided to set off for Moon Island two days later to start a romantic trip.

Charles bought Scott the most luxurious room on the cruise ship, which was an expression of his wish to make the journey of Scott and Edith more comfortable.
Yafu Community, Amara’s villa.

Because Eason’s limbs was broken and he had become a beggar, this villa became Amara’s only residence now, and Scott did not take back the villa. Only by letting her live in such a big house alone could she feel the spiritual torture of desolation.

At this time, in the living room of the villa, a portrait of Buddha had been hung on the wall in the center. In front of the portrait, there was some tribute.

Amara was kneeling in front of this portrait, her hands clasped together, her eyes closed and she was praying religiously.

“God, thief Scott did a lot of evil. He caused my family to be ruined and let me stay this cold villa alone. He is really wicked.
Please punish Scott once. It’s better to let him die directly. Only in this way can I get rid of my hatred. I will pray with my utmost sincere heart.”

After speaking, Amara knelt down and prayed.

R Country, in front of a martial club with a huge area.
A tall man stood here, staring at the plaque above the martial club, and a sneer appeared on his face.

“Masayuki Ichiro, Undefeatable God, the myth of invincibility in R Country’s fighting world. I remember that when I came to him to ask him for advice, he directly drove me out. At that time, I was inferior to him, so I could only bear it.”

“Now that I have learnt all my teacher’s skills, it’s time to take revenge. I will kill Masayuki Ichiro, and then go back to kill Scott.” Theodore muttered to himself, and then stepped into the martial club.

Immediately two gatekeepers stopped Theodore and cursed, “What are you doing? This is the martial club of Masayuki Ichiro.
No admittance!”

Theodore didn’t speak, and he kicked them directly. The two people flew out, fell to the ground, vomited blood, and stopped moving.

“Ask Masayuki Ichiro to get out and meet me!”


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