The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 590 Nicolas Would Get a Divorce with Amara

At CZ Community.

Scott went back home in the evening. He found it troublesome to deal with Amara. Considering her special identity, Scott couldn’t just kill her just like he did to other people.

Now, he knew that Amara was not Edith’s biological mother. However, he also knew that Edith attached great importance to affection. No matter how many mistakes Amara had made, Edith would still treat her as her own mother.

If Scott killed Amara, Edith might never forgive him.

Amara was indeed a little mean. However, according to Edith, when she was a child, to buy a beautiful dress for her, Amara had stayed up all night to do crafts, as a result of which there were many blisters on her hands.

Therefore, so far, Scott could only beat Amara up and let her stay by herself. Now, Edith had just regained her memory and was pregnant. Scott must make sure that she would not be negatively affected by anything.

“Scott, how’s the matter of Amara going?” Nicolas asked Scott carefully when they were having a meal.
They all looked at Scott. Obviously, they all cared about this matter.

Scott smiled and said, “I’ve basically settled this matter. That man is indeed a fraud and has received the punishment he deserves from me. In the future, he won’t come to make trouble anymore.”

Then, Scott told them what happened today. Certainly, he didn’t mention the violence he used and just briefly mentioned the consequence of Eason.

Hearing that, they were all angry. They didn’t expect Eason to be so detestable and that Amara would be completely fooled by him.

After hearing that, Nicolas breathed out slowly and said, “In the past, I considered the reason why she beat and cursed me to be that I was incompetent. Unexpectedly, the true reason should be that she doesn’t want to live with me anymore. Before, I thought that all of us could still live together after this matter was settled.”

Everyone was silent for a moment. They all knew that this matter had been out of control now.

At least, Nicolas would definitely be unwilling to live with Amara.

“Dad, get a divorce with mom.” After a long time, Edith broke the silence.

Others were all a little surprised. They didn’t expect that Edith would take the initiative to ask Nicolas to get a divorce with Amara.
“Edith, are you serious?” Nicolas asked in somewhat disbelief.

Edith nodded seriously and said, “Recently, mom did go too far. No matter why she did that, after doing something wrong, she has to take the consequence. You have showed her the greatest mercy by just getting a divorce with her.”

“In addition, before, she took the liberty to… Well, forget it. Anyway, we can’t indulge her anymore. Otherwise, sooner or later, she will be ruined.”

After saying that, Edith turned her head and gave Scott a glance. In fact, she clearly knew one thing: with Scott’s identity and status, there was no need for him to put up with Amara’s unreasonable behavior. He had been enduring Amara for her sake.

She said so for two reasons. First, she wanted to show that she sided with Scott. Second, she wanted to protect Amara.
If Amara continued to do something like that, sooner or later, Scott would teach her a good lesson.

“Well, since you say so, I’ll get a divorce with her. After all, without her, our family would be better. There is no need to let her ruin our peaceful life.” Nicolas immediately made up his mind.

Scott didn’t say anything. It might be the best choice.

The next morning, Jennifer was about to go out to buy some food. When she just opened the door, she saw Amara, who looked disheveled, kneeling down before the door. She was frightened a lot.

She screamed. Then, she hurriedly took two steps back, looked at Amara warily and asked, “What…What are you doing?” Amara raised her head, gave Jennifer a glance and spoke in a hoarse voice, “Where is my daughter?”

Jennifer hurriedly turned around. When she was about to ask Edith and Scott to come out, it happened that the door of their room was just open. Both of them had heard the scream just now, so they came out to have a look.

“Jennifer, what happened?” Scott asked.
Jennifer pointed in the direction of the door and sighed helplessly.
Scott and Edith looked at that place. When they saw Amara kneeling down there, both of them frowned.

Seeing Edith, Amara immediately shouted in tears, “Edith, I know that I was wrong. Forgive me! I will definitely reform and turn over a new leaf in the future. Forgive me, please.”

Edith approached Amara and looked down at her. Although she looked somewhat poor, Edith didn’t pity her. After all, Amara deserved it.
“After you did something, you can’t be forgiven by others. Mom, as you make your bed, so you must lie on it. I can’t help you.”

Edith spoke.

Amara widened her eyes and spoke in despair, “Edith, could it be that you no longer consider me to be your mom? It took me painstaking effort to raise you up, and you treat me in this way?”

Hearing that, Edith somewhat lost control of her emotion. She was still aggrieved, but Amara should come to question her. Edith wept.

Scott immediately pulled Edith behind his back, looked at Amara and said, “I’ve warned you that you no longer have anything to do with us. Don’t you know what I mean?”

“Scott, I really know that I was wrong. I’m Edith’s mother. Forgive me, please.” Amara begged for mercy from Scott.

Right at this moment, Nicolas said in a deep voice, “If you know that you’re Edith’s mom, you shouldn’t make so much trouble for Edith!”

Nicolas came out of his room unnoticed and went to the door.

Seeing that Nicolas dared to talk to her like that, Amara instinctively shouted, “Nicolas, you’re not eligible to speak! How dare you! Shut up now!”

If it had been in the past, Nicolas would have drawn back his neck and stopped speaking. However, now, he had made up his mind to get a divorce with Amara, so there was no need to be so afraid of her.

“I’m Edith’s father, why am I not eligible to speak?” Nicolas snorted, “Since you’re here now, I’ll directly tell you. It would be better not to delay it. Let’s go to register for divorce now.”

Amara cried out in surprise while widening her eyes in disbelief, “You should require a divorce! Nicolas, how dare you! What right has you to ask me to get a divorce with you?”

Nicolas sneered and spoke loudly, “Amara, stop deceiving yourself. I have had enough of you. I won’t be under your control anymore.”

“No matter you’re willing or not, I must divorce you!”


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