The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 589 You Have to Take the Consequence

Hearing that, Amara stared at Eason in disbelief with her eyes wide open, saying, “Eason, what did you just say? Did you say that I’m gullible?”

Eason lowered his head and dared not to look at Amara’s eyes. He clearly knew one thing: if he dared to tell lies now, Conor might really ask someone to chop him into pieces.

“Eason, speak! What do you mean? Why did you say those words? Didn’t you tell me that you came to me because you found me charming? Why did you say that you had fooled me just now?” Amara urged Eason to answer her anxiously.

Eason gave Amara a glance with some dislike and said, “That’s not true. You really believe that? You’re but an old woman in your late forties. How is possible that you’re charming? If you’re not rich, how is it possible that I would be willing to be with you?”

What Eason said was a like a dagger in her heart. She immediately exploded with rage.

She grabbed Eason’s arms with both hands and cried hysterically, “Eason, make it clear! What happened? Did you deliberately say those words to me after being threatened by Scott? You dare not to tell me the truth because you are afraid of Scott, right?”

Eason threw her hands away and said, “I’m afraid of him, so I tell you the truth. Could it be that you’re so stupid that you believe my casual remarks?”

Amara lost all her strength right away and sat on the ground with a despairing expression.
Scott gave Eason a glance and said coldly, “How much money did you get by selling TC International Hotel?”

Eason gave Scott a glance in fear. Now, he dared not to tell a lie in fear that Morgan would rush over to kill him because he looked a little nervous.

“Thirty-five million dollars in total.”

“Did you take all the money?” Scott went on asking.
There was immediately sweat on Eason’s forehead. He said in some fear, “I… gave her one million dollars.”

Hearing it, Morgan was so angry that he put the machete around Eason’s neck, cursing, “Fuck, is that hotel yours? You f*cking took all the money! How dare you!”

Eason was so scared that he nearly cried.
“I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I dare not to do that anymore.”

Seeing that, Amara hurriedly moved the machete away from Eason’s neck and said, “What’re you doing? I voluntarily gave the money to him as investment, so that he could do business with it. When he makes money, he would return more money to me!”

Seeing that Amara was still wrongheaded, Scott spoke while staring at Eason, “Tell her what you’ve done with those money. Tell her everything. If you tell a lie, he will kill you.”

Eason hurriedly nodded and said, “I…1 gamble some money away. I lost nearly 10 million dollars in this gambling den alone.
Besides, I spent another 10 million dollars on speculating in the stock market. As…As a result, I lost all the money. I still have five million dollars.”

Hearing that, Amara’s face became extremely pale. She stared at Eason and shouted in a hysterical manner, “Eason, didn’t you tell me that you would do business with those money? Didn’t you say that you could definitely make money from that business? Why? Why did you say that now?”

Eason dared not looked at Amara’s eyes at all. He spoke while trembling with fear, “Before, I did know a person. He promised me that he would teach me how to speculate in the stock market. He claimed that I would be able to make a great fortune. 1 found that what he said was reasonable, so I believed him. I gave him five million dollars as tuition fee, and invested five million dollars in stocks.”

“However, that person is a fraud. The stocks he asked me to buy all slumped by the maximum limits in a few days. He disappeared, and I couldn’t find him.”

“I want to win all the money back. After thinking it over, I found that the only way to achieve it was to gamble. However…I was so unlucky that I lost all the money in a few days…”

Just after Eason finished speaking, Morgan kicked him in the face and said that he was an idiot.

Amara was totally in despair now. It was only until this moment that she realized that Eason was completely a fraud. However, she had always trusted him.

“You’ve spent 25 million dollars. What about the rest 10 million dollars?” Conor asked while staring at Eason.
Eason rubbed his face and said, “The rest ten million dollars was spent on buying a villa.” Scott looked at him and asked, “How did you fool her into buying the villa in only your name?”

“At…At that time, I told her that only couples could buy houses in both people’s names. And she couldn’t get a divorce with her husband. If she bought the villa in her name, it would become community property. If she bought the villa in my name, the villa would have nothing to do with her husband. So she agreed.” Eason spoke in a very low voice.

Scott was always very calm. However, after hearing that, even he became somewhat angry.

Amara was so detestable that everyone would be angry with her. To avoid giving Nicolas any money, she would rather give Eason a villa for nothing. Seeing such behavior, even Scott was somewhat speechless.

“Brother Scott, this idiot should waste your money like that. How are you going to deal with him? If you want to kill him, I’ll do it right now.” Morgan said with an angry expression.

“It’s too good to kill him. Break his arms and legs, after which throw him into the street. Just let him be a beggar.” Scott said coldly.

Morgan nodded at once. Then, he dragged Eason towards the alley behind the gambling den with several men.
Eason wailed, “Spare me! Spare me, please! I won’t do that again!”

No one responded to him. Even Amara had given up begging for mercy forEason. Now, she had been in despair. She couldn’t understand what she had done these days at all.

After Eason was taken away, Scott stood up and approached Amara, asking, “Now, do you know how stupid you are?”

Amara realized what had happened. She knelt down before Scott and begged for mercy, “Scott, it’s all my fault. In a moment of madness I was fooled by this fraud. Now, I’ve lost everything. Help me, please. Take me to Edith. I promise that I will reform and will never do that again.”

Scott sneered, after which he turned around and headed towards the door of the gambling den. He spoke to Amara in a low voice:

“You have to take the consequence.”

“In the future, take care of yourself. In the future, you have nothing to do with Edith and other members of my family!”


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