The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 588 He Was So Scared that He Wet His Pants

Half an hour later.
A few shirtless, tattooed men came to the underground gambling den. They all had buzz cut and beer bellies.

They were Eason’s “drinking buddies”. Eason got to know them after coming to J City. They were so-called thugs. Considering that Eason was generous, they were all willing to have a drink with Eason.

Now, knowing that Eason was in trouble, they immediately hurriedly came here with something like iron sticks.
“Fuck, is it you that are making trouble for Eason?” A man with a big belly threateningly pointed at Scott with an iron stick.
Scott glanced at them and said with a smile, “You’re but a ragtag bunch.”

Eason glared at Scott and cursed, “Stop being f*cking pretentious. You must be so scared that you’re going to wet your pants now, right? Don’t pretend to be calm. Kneel down, kowtow to me and apologize to me. Besides, give me five million dollars as compensation. In that way, I’ll spare you. Otherwise, my friends won’t show you any mercy!”

They all threateningly stared at Scott as if they would start a fight with Scott at any time.

After paying some attention to time, Scott murmured, “They should arrive here soon.”

“What’re you muttering? Who’s coming soon?” Eason gave Scott a glance with his eyes narrowed.

When he just finished speaking, there were many footsteps coming from outside. Even the ground somewhat shook.
Not knowing what was going on, people in the gambling den were all puzzled.

“What’s that?” Eason looked around.

Those tattooed men were also puzzled and shook their heads at Eason.

“Maybe someone is coming from outside. I’ll go to have a look.” The man, who just shouted at Scott with an iron stick in his hand, said. Then, he walked towards the door of the gambling den.

When he just arrived at the door, several people rushed in from outside, bumping into him and therefore making him fall to the ground.

Soon after that, a lot of men with strong muscles and an air of forcefulness rushed in, making the gambling den crowded.
Eason and his drinking buddies were immediately dumbfounded. They didn’t know what was going on at all.

There were at least one hundred people rushing in. Even if each of them only gave them a punch, they would be paralyzed.
Moreover, these one hundred men had all been specially trained. Each of them could defeat ten person at the same time.

After rushing in, these people directly surrounded Eason and his drinking buddies, forming a wall and leaving no chance for them to escape.

“Brother Scott, is it these guys who are making trouble for you? I’ll chop them into pieces with my men now!” Morgan stood in front of his men and shouted with a murderous look. He was holding a machete.

Eason and his drinking buddies were so scared that they all trembled. At ordinary times, they pretended to be thugs by bragging while drinking and showing their tattoos. They had never seen something like this before. When these well-trained men rushed in, they were already frightened a lot.

Conor came close to Scott and asked, “What happened? I just come here with these men. Is it enough? If not, I’ll ask other people to come here.”

Scott smiled and said, “It’s not a big deal. These people tried to threaten me, so I ask you to come here to scare them.”

Conor turned his head and gave Eason and his drinking buddies a glance. Then, he came close to them and said coldly, “Is it you that are making trouble for Scott? Why, don’t you want to live? There are someone that you can afford to offend. You’re so bald that you dare to offend anyone.”

At this moment, Eason and his drinking buddies all recognized Conor. They were so scared that their faces became pale at once.

“Are…Are you Conor?” One of them asked.

“Could it be that you have met another person named Conor?” Conor questioned.

That guy was so frightened that he directly knelt down before Conor.

“Conor, it’s our fault. Please be the bigger person and spare us!”

Seeing that, the rest of Eason’s drinking buddies all hurriedly knelt down before Conor and begged for mercy.

Only Eason was still perplexed, not knowing who Conor was.

“Why…Why do you kneel down before him? Who is he?” Eason asked.

The man beside him stared at him, saying, “He’s the underground emperor of J City! You really get me into great trouble this time. I really want to choke you now. Why should you offend such a powerful person? I’m so unlucky!”

Eason gasped. He didn’t expect that the person Scott turned to for help would be the underground emperor of J City. Didn’t Amara say that this guy was a loser? Why would such a powerful person come to help him?

Conor gave Eason a glance and then asked, “Do you want to be chopped into pieces or thrown into mountain as the food of the wolves? Choose one.”

After hearing that, Eason couldn’t help trembling. Then there was a sound of peeing. He wet his pants.

Unexpectedly, Eason was so scared that he directly wet his pants.

“Bro, spare me, please! I really don’t know who you are. If I knew that Scott was your friend, I wouldn’t dare to cross him.” Eason was so anxious that he burst into tears.

Conor gave him a glance in distaste and said, “You’re a coward. I just said a few words, and you’re so scared.”

Scott came close to him and said, “Well, don’t scare him anymore. Take his friends away and teach them a lesson. Besides, take Amara here. It’s time to put an end to this matter.”

Conor nodded and immediately asked Morgan to take Eason’s drinking friends away. After that, he took Amara in from the cyber cafe with his men.

At this moment, Amara was still puzzled. She didn’t know what was going on in the gambling den. Before, when Conor came here with his men, she was shocked and felt a little uneasy.

She knew how powerful Scott was. In her opinion, Scott was someone who dared to kill someone. So she was worried about Eason.

After taking Amara into the gambling den, Conor asked his men to throw Amara and Eason to one place.
Smelling the smell of urine from Eason, Amara immediately frowned. When she saw that Eason was scared a lot, she felt sad.

Seeing Amara, Eason put on a resentful expression at once, slapped her in the face and said, “Bitch! Didn’t you say that your daughter’s husband was a loser? Then, how could he ask the underground emperor of J City to help him now? You get me into great trouble!”

Amara hurriedly covered her face with her hand. Feeling aggrieved, she said, “Eason, didn’t you promise that you would never beat me? Why do you beat me now? Could it be that you give in because Scott is powerful?”

Eason was speechless. He cursed, “Fuck, I’m in such a trouble now. You should be glad that I’m not going to choke you. I really shouldn’t go to fool you just because you’re gullible. Now, it’s too late to regret it.”


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