The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 587 Send One Hundred Men to Here

After receiving the slap from Scott, Eason’s mind went blank. After lying on the ground for a long time, he still didn’t realize what had happened to him. Not knowing why Scott suddenly slapped Eason in the face, people around were all shocked.

“Fuck…Is there anything wrong with your mind? How dare you beat me! I’ve been too nice to you, right?” After gathering his wits, Eason immediately shouted at Scott.

Scott stared at him coldly and asked, “Amara got a sum of money by selling TC International Hotel. How much of it is left?”

Eason’s expression changed. He asked while staring at Scott, “Who the hell are you? How much money I have is none of your business!”

“I’m Scott.” Eason narrowed his eyes. After knowing who Scott was, he was no longer in fear.

He got up from the ground, stared at Scott angrily and said, “I’m wondering who the f*ck you are. It turns out that you’re the worthless son-in-law of Amara. How dare you beat me! If you don’t kneel down before me and apologize to me, I won’t spare you!”

Scott was immediately stunned. In his opinion, after he told Eason who he was, Eason would somewhat fear him. To his surprise, Eason became even more arrogant.

Amara almost cursed Scott many times in the presence of Eason every day. However, in Amara’s opinion, however powerful Scott was, he was only someone who would incur disasters.

In addition, Amara was very unwilling to praise Scott. Therefore, she always told Eason that Scott was worthless and that Scott had achieved nothing in the past. She never mentioned how powerful Scott was now in J City.

Eason was a stranger to J City, having never heard of what Scott had done in J City. All he knew about Scott was from Amara.

Therefore, in Eason’s opinion, Scott was still the worthless wretch who could only do laundry and cook.
Scott didn’t care about Eason’s attitude to him. After all, no matter what Eason’s attitude was like, the result wouldn’t change.
“You haven’t answered my question. You have cheated Amara out of her money. How much is left?” Scott asked again.

“Bullshit. I haven’t cheated her out of her money. She gave that to me as an investment voluntarily.” Eason talked as if what he said was true.

Hearing that, Scott grabbed him by the neck and said coldly, “Don’t you want to live?” Being unable to breathe, Eason’s face instantly turned red and he began to struggle.
At this time, the person in charge of the gambling den came over with several strong men and stood in front of Scott.

“Guy, what do you want to do? You’re making trouble here. Could it be that you don’t take us seriously?” The person in charge asked while staring at Scott.

In recent days, Eason had lost nearly ten million dollars here. For them, Eason was really a big client. Now Eason was in trouble, they certainly had to help him. Otherwise, Eason wouldn’t come here and lose a lot of money here in the future.

Scott turned his head, gave the person in charge a glance and said coldly, “If you want to be alive, go away.” The person in charge was immediately angry. He didn’t expect this guy to be so arrogant and was about to ask his men to start a fight with Scott.

Eason also angrily glared at Scott, gritted his teeth and spoke, “Fuck…Let go of me. I’m a VIP here. If you continue to make trouble for me here, the employees of this gambling den won’t let you off!”

Right at this moment, a person came out of the crowd, approached the person in charge and whispered in his ear, “He is Scott.
I advise you not to offend him. Otherwise, if he gives an order, this gambling den will have to close down.”

The expression of the person in charge immediately changed. He had of course heard of Scott before. Even the underground emperor of J City was respectful to Scott. He was but a person in charge of a gambling den. How was it possible that he could afford to offend Scott?

Moreover, the reason why he could become the one in charge of this gambling den was that he had a relative who worked for Conor. If Conor knew that he dared to talk to Scott like that, both he and his relative would be done.

Realizing how serious the consequence would be, the person in charge immediately stopped the men behind him. After that, he approached Scott, bowed to him and said apologetically, “Bro, I’m so stupid that I offend you. I will leave here with my men now and won’t interfere with this matter. You can do whatever you want here. It doesn’t matter even if you pull it down. Have a good time, bro.”

After saying that, he left with his men without even turning his head once. He was afraid that Scott would kill him because he stayed here for some more time.

Previously, in Eason’s opinion, with the help of the employees of the gambling den, he would be safe. When he saw that, he was immediately astonished.
He didn’t understand why they would be afraid of a worthless wretch and shouted a few vague words.

Watching the employees leave, Scott was not going to do anything with them. Now he was very angry with Eason and Amara, and was not in the mood to deal with other people.

Seeing that Eason was about to be choked by him, Scott let go of him and said, “I don’t care about how much money you’ve cheated out of Amara. Now I’ll give you a chance. Go to explain to Amara what kind what sort of people you are with me and let her know how stupid she is. In this way, I can spare you. Otherwise, no one can save you!”

Eason still didn’t understand the current situation. In his view, Scott was a worthless wretch and was not eligible to talk to him like that.

He took two steps back, gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t believe that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re strong. Let me tell you something. I have powerful connections here. I can ask some men te kill you with a phone call!”

It amused Scott to hear that. He knew one thing: if he didn’t let Eason know how powerful he was, Eason would be as stubborn as Amara.

“Well, then, do it.” Scott said.

Without saying anything else, Eason took out his mobile phone, talking and swearing. After hanging up the phone, he said while glaring at Scott, “If you have the courage, wait here. My friends are coming soon. Don’t be too scared at that time!”

Scott smiled, got a chair, sat down and asked, “I’m also going to ask someone to come here. Do you mind it?”

Eason twitched his lips and sneered, “You’re a loser. Who will come to help you? Just do it. After all, people who come to help you must also be losers like you. They can’t be a threat to me at all.”

Scott didn’t reply. He just took out his cell phone and made a phone call to Conor.

“Send one hundred men to the underground gambling den on Pingan Street, quick.”


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