The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 586 I Can Help You Win It Back

On the way, Scott headed towards Pingan Street while pulling Amara.

Amara was in a panic and was anxious. It seemed that she was trying to figure out a way to get rid of Scott and ran away as soon as possible.

Seeing them, the passers-by all stopped in curiosity. They didn’t know what was going on. Seeing that Scott was so angry, no one dared to get too close to them.

Amara rolled her eyes. After finding a chance, she quickly got rid of Scott and rushed to several lookers-on.
“Help! He’s a human trafficker and wants to sell me. Call the police and ask the police to arrest him!” Amara shouted.
Before she could get close to those lookers-on, Scott caught her.

Those lookers-on were all shocked. Someone immediately questioned Scott, “Who on earth are you? Why are you holding her?”

Not being in the mood to talk to these people, Scott continued to walk while pulling Amara.
Seeing that Scott was not going to explain, those people were immediately about to stop Scott and questioned him.
Seeing this, Amara became a little hopeful at once and continued to shout, “Help, please! He’s a devil, and he’ll kill me!”

Just when lookers-on were about to stop Scott, a man stopped them and said, “Don’t you know that person? He’s Scott. The people he’s holding should be his wife’s mother. It should be a family affair. I advise you not to interfere with it.”

Those people were shocked. Now, in J City, Scott was a legend. Everyone knew that the last one to offend in J City was Scott.

“He should be Scott. I’m wondering why I find him a little familiar. It seems that it’s really their family affairs. I heard that his wife’s mother is very bad and often makes trouble for him for no reason. It seems that she’s being taught a lesson after making trouble for Scott.”

“You’re right. Scott’s wife’s mother is very mean and likes to tell lies. Just now she even claimed that Scott was going to kill her. She really considers us to be fools. If she didn’t anger Scott, Scott would not be so angry.”

“Don’t interfere with this matter. Just get out of the way.”

They immediately made way for Scott. None of them dared to stop him.

After Amara heard their conservation, Amara’s hopeful expression changed into despairing expression. What’s more, it never occurred to her that these people considered her to be that kind of person.

“Stupid guys! They and Scott are birds of a feather. If it goes on like that, the world will be ruined!” Amara thought.

They went all the way to the cyber cafe on Pingan Street. After pulling Amara into the cyber cafe, Scott found a rope and tied her directly to a chair.

Not knowing what was going on, people in the cyber cafe were all startled.

Scott directly took out 20000 dollars in cash from his pocket, threw it to an attendant and said, “I’m going in. Watch her and don’t let her run away.”

Seeing the money, the attendant was willing to do anything for Scott. So he immediately nodded and promised that he wouldn’t let Amara run away.

There was originally an underground gambling den in this cyber cafe. Apart from people who came here to surf the internet, there were also various people. The attendant knew that he shouldn’t interfere with some people’s affairs. Since Scott had given him money, he should just do what Scott asked him to.

Scott took Amara’s cell phone. After finding the photo of Eason, he directly went in.
Under the dim yellow light, many people gathered around a table, staring at the dice cup the dealer holding and shouting the result they wanted.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties that was closest to the table. He was a little messy and had a mustache. At this moment, he was shouting in a hysterical manner with his eyes wide open, “Small! Small! Small!”

There were chips worth hundreds of thousands dollars in front of him. He had already wagered all of them that the result would be small. Before, he had already lost several million dollars.

“Fuck, this time, it must be small. I’ll certainly win my money back!” Eason cursed secretly.

At this time, someone stood beside him. After glancing at the dice cup the dealer holding, he got close to Eason and spoke in his ear in a low voice, “If you wagered your money that the result would be small, you would lose your money.”

Eason immediately turned his head and gave the speaker a glance, Seeing that it was a young man that spoke to him, he immediately cursed, “Fuck, stop cursing me. I’ve lost a lot of money. It’s time for me to win! This time I, I’ll definitely win!”

Scott just smiled and didn’t say a word again, looking at the dice cup.

The dealer rolled the dice cup, shouting once and then read the result: it was big!

A chill stole over Eason’s head. He even felt that his lips were cool. Out of his expectation, he was so unlucky that he lost millions of dollars in one day.

At this moment, he turned his head and gave Scott a glance. He thought: if this guy hadn’t cursed me, I would not have lost.
He grabbed Scott by his collar, cursing, “It’s all your fault. Without you, I would not lose. You must compensate me for it!”

Scott was not in any panic. Instead, he spoke to Eason, “Don’t be anxious. It’s just a few hundred thousand dollars. I can help you win it back.”

Eason gave him a suspicious glance and asked, “Why should I believe you?” “After what had just happened, could it be that you still don’t believe me?” Scott smiled.

After hesitating for a moment, Eason said, “Well, I’ll give you a chance. Don’t try to fool me. If I don’t win those money back, I’ll not let you off! I have powerful connections. I’m able to kill you. Don’t try to fool me!”

Scott twitched his lips. He didn’t say anything more and just asked Eason to get some chips for him.
In the next 15 minutes, with a chip, Scott won chips worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. People around were all envious.
Eason immediately smiled. At this rate, he would be able to win back the money he lost in a short time.

He patted Scott on the shoulder, took the chips to his side and said with a smile, “Fella, you can be said to be good at it. If you win three million dollars for me today, I’ll spare you.”

Then, Scott stopped. He turned his head, looked at Eason and smiled at him.
Eason was a little puzzled and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Scott raised his hand and slapped Eason in the face with great strength, making him fall to the ground. Then he asked in a low voice:

“Does it feel good to gamble with money given by others?”


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