The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 585 Get Even with Amara

“Why… why did they leave? I am the owner of this villa. Could it be that they don’t even care about the owner’s safety? I’m going to complain to them! These unscrupulous developers!” Amara shouted at the door.

Scott didn’t know why these security guards treated him so respectfully, and why they just took a look and then left.

However, considering that this community was developed by a real estate company under TY Group’s name, Scott guessed that the security guards here probably saw through his identity, so they didn’t dare to be nosy.

Amara glanced at Scott in a fear, and said tremblingly, “Get… get out of here. These security guards dare not arrest you. I don’t believe that the boss here dares not. If you still stay here, I will go to find their boss now.”

Scott laughed, “Then you don’t have to waste this effort. The boss of this community is me.”

Amara’s eyes almost popped out. She didn’t expect that Scott would have said that he was the boss of this community. No wonder the security guards saw Scott as if they had met their boss, and they ran away without even daring to ask.

If it were in the past, Amara might still think Scott was bragging. But now, even if Scott said that half of the houses in J City belonged to him, she would have no doubts.

“Even if you are the boss of this community, so what? I bought this villa with money. I have the rights to enjoy your service. Even if you are the boss, you can’t break into my house without my permission!” Amara continued to find reasons for herself.

Scott walked towards Amara and sneered, “Did you buy this villa? Has your name been written on this villa?”

When Amara heard Scott’s words, she didn’t look into Scott’s eyes. She said without confidence, “So what? Anyway, I paid for it. It doesn’t matter whose name is on it. I am happy to write others’ name on it. It’s none of your business!”

Seeing that Amara was so arrogant by this time, Scott was so angrily. He grabbed her neck and lifted her from the ground.

Amara suddenly struggled. Her eyes were popped out and her face flushed.

“Edith is in danger, but you don’t care about her safety at all. You even kicked your husband out of the house, ran here to fool around with other men, and sold TC International Hotel. You even bought a villa for a man you have only known for a few of months. After doing these, you don’t feel sorry for Edith?” Scott asked Amara word by word.

Amara was almost suffocated, unable to speak at all.

“You have a great responsibility of Edith’s disappearance. As her mother, you are against her everywhere, helping others to destroy the company she worked so hard to run. For this, I must make you suffer!”

After speaking, Scott raised his other hand and slapped Amara three times on the face without hesitation.
The corner of Amara’s mouth instantly shed blood. That half of her face was swollen.
Amara was so scared. She showed a pleading look at Scott, and tears couldn’t help streaming from her eyes.

How could ordinary people’s strength be comparable to that of Scott? It was Amara’s luck that Scott did not directly beat her into a concussion. Amara naturally couldn’t bear it. The fear of facing death was already born in her heart.

Scott didn’t let Amara go because she cried. He continued, “I have found Edith back, and she is okay. Now she lives in CZ Community.”

Amara immediately made a purr sound in her mouth, as if she was saying that since Edith had been found back, why did Scott treat her like this? “During this time, I have known Edith’s real life experience. You are not her biological mother. She disappeared because she

returned to her original family.” Scott continued.

Amara’s face suddenly turned pale. She didn’t expect Scott to have known Edith’s real life experience. If this were the case, she would have lost the biggest capital to contend with Scott.

“Edith didn’t live too badly over there. It was just that those people wanted to take advantage of her, so they took her back.
Before Edith had an accident, she was pregnant. But over there, her child was almost gone.”

“Edith is pregnant with my child. Those who tried to kill the child have already been to the hell.”

“And you, as the main promoter of this matter, also have a great responsibility, so you can’t escape it!”

After finishing speaking, Scott slapped Amara on the other side of the face three times.

Amara’s entire face was swollen into a ball, and the corners of her mouth kept bleeding out, looking rather miserable.

Scott threw Amara on the ground after giving Amara the six slaps. If Edith didn’t beg him before him coming, Amara would have become a corpse now.

Amara almost died when her neck was grabbed by Scott just now. After falling to the ground, she hurriedly breathed to get herself back to normal.

At this time, in Amara’s eyes, Scott had become a devil. This guy was like the death who came out of hell to kill her. As long as he wasn’t happy, he would kill her directly.

Scott waited for Amara to resume her normal breathing, then he stared at her and asked, “Where is Eason?” Amara shook her head quickly and said, “I… I don’t know.”

Scott glared at her and said, “Do you still want to protect that liar?”

“He… he is not a liar. Scott, I know I was wrong. Please don’t hurt him.” Amara pleaded.

“He is not a liar? Then why was his name written on the villa? You gave him the money you sold TC International Hotel??” Scott questioned.

Before coming, Scott also asked someone to check Amara’s account and found that all the money in her account was transferred to Eason one by one. Now all Amara’s money was in Eason’s hands.

“He… he took the money to do business. I just want to support his business. When he makes money, he will pay it double back to me.” Amara said.

Scott suddenly sneered. He didn’t want to talk nonsense with Amara, so he said coldly, “Tell me where he is now. If you don’t tell me, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Amara still hesitated for a while. Scott took a step forward, and was about to pinch Amara’s neck again.

Amara shivered immediately, and said quickly, “Stop, stop! He should be in the underground casino in internet café on Pingan Street now. Don’t hit me! I will tell you everything.”


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