The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 584 This Is My Family Affairs

Early the next morning, after Scott and Edith got up, they came to the dining room. There were a lot of dishes on the table, which were all made by Jennifer. When Scott and Edith came back yesterday, they went to take Jennifer and Nicolas back.

Nicolas walked out of the room dejectedly and sat down at the dining table.

Scott and Edith also sat down. Jennifer came over with soup, with a smile on her face. She said, “I didn’t cook so many in the morning. Enjoy yourselves.”

Scott and Edith both smiled and chatted with Jennifer. Nicolas was the only one with a gloomy face. The corners of his eyes were still bruised. He was beaten up by Amara when he went to find Amara two days ago.

“Dad, don’t let your head down early in the morning. We just came back. Be happy.” Edith glanced at Nicolas and said.

Nicolas sighed. He looked at Edith, and asked, “Daughter, … can I still call you daughter now? You have already known that I’m not your father. You should stay in H City. There is your real home.”

Edith said with a smile, “Dad, what are you talking about? Even if we have no blood relationship, I was raised by you. If I really stay there, you won’t see me now.”

When Nicolas heard Edith’s words, he was immediately relieved. He felt that he had made the right choice to tell Scott of Edith’s real life experience.

Then he turned his head to look at Scott, and asked, “Scott, are you going to find the crazy woman today?”

Scott nodded, “Now that she hasn’t divorced you, but she lives with the other man. It isn’t reasonable. I have some things to settle with her. ”

Nicolas sighed and said nothing.
After eating, Scott asked Edith to pack up the things needed for this honeymoon, and then he went out to the community where Amara lived.

The community where Amara bought the villa was called Yafu Community, which was a relatively well-known high-end community in J City

Before going to Yafu Community, Scott went to TY Group and checked the information of Yafu Community and found that Yafu Community was a development project of a real estate company under the name of TY Group.

Later, he asked Charles to check Amara’s villa, and found that the villa didn’t belong to Amara, but a man named Eason Chow.

If Scott guessed it correctly, Eason was the man who lived with Amara. Only Eason’s name on the property ownership certificate made Scott believe that Amara was deceived.

After checking it, Scott left TY Group and went to Yafu Community.
At the entrance of Yafu Community, Scott took out an access control card, swiped it, and walked inside.

The security guard at the door felt that he had never seen Scott, so he walked to the security captain and said, “Captain, I have never seen the person who went in just now, and the access card he held seems to be different from the residents’ in our community. Could this person come to our community to steal something? Did he make an access card to crack our access control?”

When the security captain heard the security’s words, he was shocked. Then he quickly glanced at Scott who was walking in. At this time, Scott was holding the access control card in his hand.

The security captain stared at the access control card in Scott’s hand for a while, then narrowed his eyes. After a while, his eyes widened as if he was thinking of something. He patted the head of the security guard.

“The access card that the person holds is very special. This type of card is only available to the boss of our community and a few major shareholders. If I didn’t take a look at it, I would ask you to take someone to catch him. If so, we all will get into trouble.” The security captain was in a false alarm.

The security guard was so surprised. He didn’t expect that the access card in Scott’s hand was special. No wonder he hadn’t seen it before.

At the same time, he felt complicated. The person who walked in just now looked so young. But he could become a shareholder of their community at such a young age, which was so shocking.

After Scott entered the community, he walked straight to the villa where Amara lived. He came to the door of the villa, and rang the doorbell.

In a short while, the door of the villa opened. Amara came out from inside with a smile on her face, and said, “Don’t you have the key? How can you return…”

Before she could finish her words, she found that the person standing at the door was Scott. Her face sank immediately, and then she said in a deep voice, “Why did you come here? I thought you were dead outside. Get out of here. This is my house. You are not welcomed!”

After speaking, she was about to close the door.
Scott stretched out his hand to push the door, and then pushed Amara back into the villa with force.
He followed in and looked around, and found no other people.

“You bastard! Did I allow you to come in? My daughter is missing because of you, and my family is ruined because of you. But you actually have guts to come to my house. Get out of my house quickly, otherwise I will call the security guards!” Amara shouted at Scott fiercely.

Scott was pissed off when he heard Amara’s words. It was okay that she didn’t mention Edith’s affair. When Scott heard Amara mentioning Edith’s affair, he was so angry. At this time, this woman still wanted to put the blame on him. It was extremely shameless.

He directly raised his hand and slapped Amara directly, which made Amara fall on the ground.

“Do you still know that your daughter is missing? You don’t care about Edith’s situation, but ran over to fool around with a man of unknown origin. Haven’t you thought about how Edith will react when she learns this?” Scott questioned.

Amara covered her face. She was a little guilty, but she couldn’t accept that Scott hit her.

Then she ran to the table and pressed a button. This button was used to call the security guards for help. As long as she pressed it, the security guards would come over.

“I have called the security guards. You broke into my house without my permission. I’ll ask them to arrest you and send you to jail. Just wait to go to jail!” Amara shouted hysterically.

After a while, the security captain rushed to Amara’s villa with a group of security guards.

Seeing the security guards coming, Amara hurriedly said, “Get him up quickly. He broke into my house and beat me. Send him to jail!”

The security captain glanced towards Scott, and then he was taken aback for a moment. Wasn’t this the person holding the special access card at that time!

Scott stared at the security captain and said, “This is my family affair. Are you sure you want to take care of it?”

The security captain knew that the person in front of him was not simple. He didn’t dare to provoke such a big shot. Besides, Scott had said it was his family affair, so they couldn’t intervene.

After thinking about it, the security captain showed an apologetic smile at Scott, and then took the security guards away under Amara’s dumbfounded gaze.


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