The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 583 Have A Boy

“I haven’t seen you for a few days. But now you even can drive the extended Lincoln. It seems that you live so well.” Scott smiled and looked at Conor.

At this time, several people were sitting on the leather sofa of the extended Lincoln, laughing and chatting.

This car was the most eye-catching one in the row of cars parked at the airport. It was precisely because of the existence of this car that those people at the airport would be so shocked.

Hearing Scott teasing him, Conor immediately said seriously, “Firstly, I have to explain it. This time the car I drove over to pick you guys up is Charles’. It has nothing to do with me. The lives of me and my men can’t be comparable to this big boss.”

Charles immediately glared at Conor, and quickly said to Scott, “Scott, don’t listen to his nonsense. These cars belong to the company. They are all your own property. I’m just directing them.”

Hearing his words, a group of people burst into laughter. Lily rolled her eyes at him and said, “You are the shameless person among the flatterers I have ever seen.”

Charles was a little embarrassed at once. He didn’t dare to offend the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, so he could only smile.

Lily turned to look at Edith next to her, and asked, “Edith, I heard that you are pregnant. Is it a boy or a girl? Tell me quickly.”

Edith suddenly became a little shy. She put a hand on her stomach, and said, “It’s only three months. I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.”

“It must be a boy. I absolutely can’t be wrong.” Lily said firmly.

Edith was taken aback for a moment, and asked, “Why?”

“Because God will let you give birth to a boy for my sake.” Lily said.
Everyone didn’t know what Lily meant, only Scott knew why Lily wanted Edith to have a boy so much.

“Lily, whether it’s a boy or a girl, how about you be its godmother when the child is born?” Thinking of that she was saved by Lily, Edith said to Lily with some gratitude.

Lily refused without even thinking about it, “No, I don’t want to be the godmother of this child. If I become his godmother, how can I…”

Speaking of this, Scott immediately coughed slightly. So Lily didn’t continue what she wanted to say.

Edith was puzzled. In her opinion, being the child’s godmother meant that the person had a very close relationship with the whole family. Lily refused her. Was it because she had any opinions on her?

“Edith, don’t get me wrong. There is a reason why I don’t want to be your child’s godmother. You will know it later. I don’t have any opinion on you. I like you so much. I hope you will have a son soon.” Lily explained.

A group of people were confused by what Lily said. They didn’t understand what she meant.
Scott was embarrassed, for fear that Lily would tell others the agreement between the two of them. If so, Edith might kill him.

But Scott was very comfortable to see that Lily was so close to Edith. It was obvious that Lily had completely let go of her original obsession.

Edith glanced at Scott, then at Lily. She felt that this matter was not easy, so she asked Lily, “Lily, can you tell me what the reason is?” Lily said with a smile, “Secret.”

Hearing her saying this, Edith didn’t ask too much. She felt that Scott must know the reason. When they went back, she must ask him carefully.

“How is situation in J City during this time? Are there any troubles?” Scott quickly changed the subject in order to ease the atmosphere.

Conor shook his head, “There were no troubles during these time. The hidden dangers left by Finn have also been completely cleared up. It’s just that your mother-in-law…”

“Did my mother cause any trouble again?” Edith immediately asked with frown when she heard Conor’s words.

“Ahem, it’s not a big deal. She met a man about her age some time ago. The man tricked her into selling TC International Hotel.
Two days ago, your father came back and wanted to live at home, but he was driven out by your mother. Your mother wanted to divorce him and marry the man.” Conor finished speaking and looked at Scott and Edith cautiously.

After hearing it, Edith was so angry. She almost called Amara directly and asked what was going on. She never expected that her mother would do such a thing. It really didn’t make people relaxed for a day.

Scott also frowned slightly. Although he knew that Amara would not stop making trouble, he did not expect that she would even think about divorcing Nicolas.

Before Scott left J City, he had told Amara that he would get even with her after he found Edith back. It seemed that she didn’t take it seriously at all. When her daughter’s whereabouts were unknown, she actually started to have an affair with other men “Now drive me to CZ Community. I’m going to see what she wants to do!” Edith gritted her teeth.

“Ahem, she is no longer living in CZ Community. After selling TC International Hotel, she went to the city center and bought a villa. Now she and that guy live in the villa.” Conor said.

“What is the origin of that man? Have you checked it out?” Scott asked.

“That man came from other cities. He has only been in J City for three months. I haven’t found out who he is, but according to observations, it is very likely that he is a liar.” Conor said.

“Okay, I see. Drive us home first.” Scott said.

Now Edith was pregnant and should not be angry. If Edith was so angry, it would affect the child. The gain was not worth the loss. So Scott wouldn’t let Edith deal with Amara’s affairs.

“Scott, don’t you really want to see what is going on with her now?” Edith asked.

Scott smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. I will deal with it tomorrow. You can’t be angry about these insignificant things now. We had a deal on the way home, didn’t we? Amara has raised you for so many years, but she almost destroyed you. So you can’t stop me to punish her.”

Edith had no choice but to nod. After knowing that Amara was not her biological mother, and Amara’s crimes, Edith’s attitude towards Amara had changed a lot.

In the past, if Amara said, “you are my daughter”, Edith could only choose to accept it silently. But now, this sentence was no longer useful.

Scott’s eyes narrowed. Edith didn’t get any hurt, which was already silver lining. Amara’s punishment must be indispensable. As for the level of this punishment, it depended on Amara’s own performance.


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