The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 582 Return to J City

“Oh? Why did you say that?” Scott asked the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked at Scott up and down, and said, “Bro, don’t mind me for speaking straightly. You should have heard it just now. Going to travel once has to cost hundreds and thousands of dollars at least, which is not including the cost of those entertainment projects on the island. I don’t think you are a wealthy person. The place like Moon Island, you should just listen to me bragging. Only rich people can go there. Such a place has nothing to do with us.”

Scott immediately laughed, “Although I wear ordinary clothes, I still have money to play around on Moon Island as you mentioned. The most important thing is that my wife wants to go, so I naturally have to bring her there.”

The middle-aged man glanced at Edith next to Scott. Then his eyes lit up, thinking that this guy’s wife was really beautiful. But it was pity that such a beautiful woman married such a poor guy.

“Seriously, your wife is so beautiful. In order to make her happy, you are willing to pay for it, which is quite admirable. But listen to me, I also have the money to go to Moon Island. But it’s my life savings. You indeed can go here to have fun for once, but you still have to live after you come back. How can such people like us afford this level of consumption?” The man spoke.

His companions also began to persuade Scott, saying that Scott was still young. They all understood that young men liked to brag. Besides, they all persuaded Scott not to care too much about the vanity.

While talking, a group of people began to persuade Edith, saying it was not easy for Scott to make money. As a woman, she should be considerate of Scott and couldn’t just waste money like this.

Both Scott and Edith were a little bit dumbfounded. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were indeed a very large sum of money for ordinary people, but for Scott, this little money was just a little pocket money.

However, they all knew that these people were well-intentioned. They didn’t take the opportunity to criticize the two of them, so Edith and Scott didn’t say much.

A group of people chatted and talked about Scott and Edith, who were particularly famous in J City some time ago. These people had only heard about Scott and Edith, but they had not seen the two of them. So they didn’t know the persons they were talking about were sitting next to them.

These people’s discussions were naturally exaggerated versions. There were many things that Scott hadn’t done, but they were put on Scott. So when Scott and Edith heard it, they were embarrassed.

“Bro, have you heard of Scott? This person is really a legend. You should learn more from him. If you have his skills, let alone go to Moon Island to play, even if you want to live on Moon Island, it’s not a problem.” The middle-aged man turned his head and said to Scott.

At this time, he suddenly felt that Edith, who was sitting next to Scott, was a little familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere, but for a moment he couldn’t remember where he had seen her. He just thought he was dazzled.

Scott smiled and nodded when he heard the middle-aged man’s words. Then he said, “Yes, yes, I should learn from him.”

At the airport in J City.

At this time, a dozen black cars were parked at the gate of the airport. Beside each car, there were several men, looking imposing and domineering.

In front of the car at the forefront, two people stood with their hands back, staring at the gate of the airport, as if waiting for someone to come out.

These two people were naturally the king of the underworld in J City, Conor, and the chairman of TY Group, Charles.

The two of them had already received the news that Scott was coming back, so they took someone to wait outside the airport early.

The people around were attracted by the dozen or so cars here, and they kept talking about the situation here.
“What do these people do? They look amazing.”

“Didn’t you see the two people at the front? One is Conor and the other is Charles. The two of them can be said to be the two most powerful bosses in J City today.”

“Really? That’s the king of the underworld? Holy Crap, how come this kind of big shot comes to the airport?” “He should be here to pick up someone. I’m afraid that only Scott can make these two big shots come to the airport in person. ”

Everyone around suddenly realized. No wonder there would be such a big pomp here, it turned out that they were here to pick up Scott.

“After leaving for so long, Scott has finally returned.” Conor said.

“Yes, fortunately nothing happened to Edith, otherwise Scott must be crazy. At that time, no one will live well.” Charles replied.

While they were chatting, a pretty figure ran in front of them, and said angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me to pick up Case? How dare you guys! In J City, I am the boss now. If you two dare to do this again next time, I will definitely not spare you.”

Conor and Charles looked at the girl in front of them, and both of them felt a little headache. They didn’t want to let her come, but they didn’t expect she would still follow them.

The girl standing in front of the two of them was not someone else, but Lily, who had already recovered.

After Lily recovered, she packed her bags again and came to J City. This time she was not trying to pester Scott, but because she felt that J City was a good place and suitable for life.

Of course, it was unclear whether she had this feeling because of Scott.

Lily had already promised Scott that she would not entangle with him anymore, but the price was that Scott couldn’t prevent her from hooking up with his future son.

Now Lily had thoroughly figured it out. She didn’t feel anything wrong with calling Scott brother, not to mention that she was not without any expectations. After all, she believed that Scott would finally have a son.

When Lily came back, she brought Nicolas back by the way. Nicolas was unwilling at first, after all, he didn’t want to come back to face Amara at all.

But Lily felt that the family should be with each other. Since Scott brought Edith back, Nicolas should also come back, so that the family could be reunited.
Therefore, Lily brought Nicolas back under the forcible obstruction of Nicolas.

It was said that on the first day of Nicolas’s return, Amara beat him up and scratched a hole in his face. Nicolas couldn’t help it, so he could only ask Conor for help, letting Conor arrange a place for him.

Before long, Scott’s plane landed at the airport in J City. Scott and Edith walked out of the airport hand in hand.

The middle-aged man who chatted with them along the way also followed Edith and Scott. As soon as a group of people walked out of the airport, they saw Conor and his men not far away.

“My God, who are these people? Are they here to pick someone up? It’s too shocking.” The middle-aged man exclaimed.
Scott and Edith saw Conor at a glance. Scott said with a smile, “They’re here to pick us up.” After speaking, he walked over there.

The middle-aged man immediately murmured, “Why this brat still likes to pretend? Such a big pomp, can they come to pick him up?”

However, when he saw Scott and Edith laughing and chatting with the person on the side of the black car, and then got into the car, the middle-aged man was immediately dumbfounded.

“They… really came to pick him up?” At this time, a companion of the middle-aged man came over and said, “I have found out who those people are picking up.” “Who?” the middle-aged man asked quickly.

“The few people over there, one is the king of underworld, Conor, the other is the chairman of TY, Charles, and that girl is the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. They show up together, and there is only one person who can make them come here in person. That man is Scott!”


Hearing this name, the middle-aged man was stunned immediately. Recalling what he had said to Scott on the plane in his mind, he was instantly dumbfounded.


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