The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 581 Theodore Turner

Overseas, on an unknown island.

A spirited old man was sitting cross-legged on a rock at this time. His eyes closed tightly. It seemed that he had already meditated.

The waves kept beating on the rocks on the shore, and the sea breeze rustled the old man’s clothes, but the old man was not moved by the surrounding environment, as if everything around him could not affect his concentration.

After a long time, a sturdy figure appeared not far from the old man. This young man’s face looked firm and sharp. His eyes were a bit of indifference.

His figure quickly approached the old man without making a sound, as if his steps were no vibration.

He seemed to have melted into the sound of the sea breeze and waves. If others closed their eyes, they would definitely unable to discover him.

In the blink of an eye, the young man had already rushed behind the old man. A sharp dagger appeared in his hand. When he got behind the old man, he stabbed the old man’s back without mercy.

Seeing that the dagger was about to pierce the old man’s back, the young man showed an excited smile. However, at this moment, the old man, who had been motionless on the rock, suddenly rose into the air, and his body turned directly in the air.
His two fingers pinched the blade of the dagger. With a light force, the dagger made of alloy broke into two sections.

In the blink of an eye, the old man was already standing in front of the young man. The half of the dagger between his two fingers had also reached the young man’s neck.

The young man swallowed. There were some sweat dropping from his forehead.
After a long time, the young man took two steps back, bowed deeply to the old man, and said, “Master, I have done my best.”

The old man laughed. He said with the hoarse voice, “You have been able to approach me within ten feet. In terms of strength, no one among the younger generation can be your match. You have learned from me for nearly three years. Now, it’s time to leave.”

The young immediately bowed more deeply, and said, “Master, I feel I don’t study the best. I would like to learn from you for a few more years.” The old man said with a smile, “I have taught you everything that can be taught, and the rest is only the tempering of time for

you. If you continue to stay by my side, there will be no greater effect. ”

“Hasn’t your family sent someone to pick you up some time ago? Just go. You have learned what you have to learn. It depends on yourself in the future.”

Not far from the island, a helicopter was parked there. Several people in suits were looking towards this side.
Seeing this, the young man didn’t dare to say anything. He replied, “Yes, Master!”

“Go. Don’t let me down.” The old man waved his hand.

“I will not let you down. Take care!”

When the young man finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the helicopter.

“Theodore Turner!” After the young man took two steps, the old man shouted again.

The young man turned around and bowed to the old man again.

“After going back, don’t be complacent about your own strength. You are a talent in the younger generation, but there is still a big gap between you and the real master. If you meet a real master, don’t fight him. The most important thing is to keep you survive.” The old man said.

“Got it!” Theodore did not neglect in the slightest.

He naturally knew the horror of the real master. The one in front of him was the real master of the martial arts world in H Country, Myles!

Just now, he made an all-out effort against Myles, without any reservations, but he was still defeated by Myles with one move. If Myles treated him as an enemy, he would have become a corpse long ago.

After Myles exhorted this sentence, he turned around and stopped talking.

Theodore didn’t hesitate anymore, and hurried to the helicopter.

Before long, the helicopter took off and left the overseas island.

Myles stared at the helicopter until it slowly turned into a small black spot. The blade that was still between his two fingers was flicked by him fiercely. Then the blade entered the huge rock he was sitting on before, disappearing.

On the helicopter, a man in a black suit handed Theodore a stack of materials, and said, “Mr. Turner, during your absence, Master sent Mr. Finn to eradicate Davies family in B City. But he died in the hands of Scott, the current head of Davies family.
Master is very furious, and let me tell you to bring Scott’s head back when you go back to see him.

Theodore frowned and asked, “What kind of strength does Scott have? Finn, this trash, actually died in the hands of offspring of a traitor?”

“The latest news is that Scott killed the apprentice of Masayuki Ichiro.”

Theodore suddenly sneered and said, “Masayuki Ichiro? If it were three years ago, I might have been a little scared of him, but now, ten Masayuki Ichiro are not my match.”

“How do these worldly people know the real power of martial arts? If it were not for the three years of learning from the master, I would have thought that defeating a thousand people by one person is the limit. Thinking about it now, it is ridiculous. True strength is more than defeating one thousand enemies alone.”

“Since my father gave the order to me, I will go to kill Scott and get rid of these disgusting mice for our family.”

On the plane from H City to J City.

Scott and Edith were sitting by the window. Sitting next to them was a somewhat greasy middle-aged man. At this time, he was chatting with his companions about the most fun things to travel.

“I tell you guys, the best tourist attraction is not some place like Sanya, Hawaii, but a place called Moon Island. Only ordinary people will go to Hawaii. Those who travel on Moon Island are really rich people. It has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at least to travel once.”

“Moon Island is not only beautiful, it can be said to be the best tourist island in the country. Besides, there are also various entertainment items on the island that you can’t think of. It is what the real rich people travel to. Sanya sucks.”

When the middle-aged man’s companions heard what the middle-aged man said, their faces were full of envy. It was obvious that they all wanted to take a look at Moon Island which that man mentioned.

Listening to the middle-aged man’s narration, thinking of Edith’s safe return this time, but also restored her memory, Scott wanted to take Edith out to hang out to celebrate.

Moreover, he and Edith hadn’t had their honeymoon after their wedding, so he should compensate Edith for a honeymoon.

Before boarding the plane, Scott talked with Edith about this matter. Edith naturally agreed with pleasure and seemed quite happy, but she didn’t know where to go for her honeymoon.

Now hearing Moon Island, Scott also had a decision.
He glanced at Edith, and asked, “Why don’t we go to Moon Island for our honeymoon?” Edith’s eyes lit up and then she nodded immediately.

What Scott said was heard by the middle-aged man. The man turned his head, gave Scott a smile, and said, “Bro, I advise you to stop having this idea. Moon Island is not that kind of place you guys can go.”


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