The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 580 Meeting You Is My Biggest Fortune

In Lan Couch Building.

Scott stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, staring at the scenery outside. Then he stretched himself and let out a long sigh of relief.

This time, he destroyed the Nelson family, found Edith, and figured out Edith’s real parents. The matters he cared about were all solved. Scott felt so relieved.

What surprised him most was that Edith was pregnant with his child, and he was about to become a father.
Thinking of this, Scott couldn’t help but show a smile on his face.

Of course, Edith’s memory had not recovered yet, so Scott still had to find a way to help Edith get her memory back. Although the feeling of first love was good, Scott still wanted the original Edith.

“Why are you smirking here?” A voice sounded.

Scott turned his head to look over. It was Nadia.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking about that the things I have to solve in H City will be over, then I feel a lot relax.” Scott said.
“So are you planning to go back?” Nadia asked.

Scott nodded, “When things are done here, it’s time to go back. Bringing Edith back to a familiar environment is also good for her to get her memory back.”

“Are you really so unfeeling? Are you going to abandon me like this?” Nadia immediately showed aggrieved face, which looked very adorable. No matter who saw it, he would feel she was so charming.

Scott was speechless. Then he said, “Enough!”

Nadia immediately smiled, and then leaned in front of Scott, with a sweet smile on her face, “Anyway, you are leaving. How about letting us enjoy one night before you leave? I miss you for a long time. I promise you that I will never tell anyone. It will be just a secret between the two of us. You only need to spare half an hour…”

Scott directly raised his hand and patted Nadia’s forehead, feeling helpless. Nadia’s ability was indeed very good, but she was a bit…too lustful.
“If you continue like this, I will throw you out of the window.” Scott said coldly.

Hearing this, Nadia immediately showed a disappointed look. Then she said to Scott, “Forget it! You’re so stupid in this aspect. I just think that you can’t last for half an hour, so you refuse me.”

Scott was helpless. He didn’t know what to do with Nadia.
“I came to you because I have good news. Do you want to listen?” Nadia said.
“What?” Scott asked.

“It seems that your wife has recovered her memory. She should have been stimulated by the photos you made. Now, she is in the room alone.” Nadia said.

Scott’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he said excitedly, “Are you serious?” “You’ll know if you go to have a look.” Nadia said.
Scott turned around immediately, ran towards the elevator and went downstairs.

Nadia looked at Scott’s back, sighed helplessly, and muttered to herself, “It would be so great if this guy met me in the first place. Maybe this is fate.”

In Edith’s room.
Edith was sitting by the bed at this time. Her face was full of emotions, and the trace of confusion which was in her eyes had

disappeared at this time.

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open. Scott rushed in. He looked at Edith excitedly, and asked, “Edith, you have gotten your memory back, right? That’s great. I thought that I had to take you around in a familiar environment. Now, it seems no necessary.”

Edith straightened up immediately, frowned slightly, glared at Scott, and said, “Scott, can you stop making a fuss every day? Can you be serious? Do you know how many people despise our family because of you? Can you cheer yourself up in the future?

Scott was taken aback for a moment. Feeling the tone of Edith’s words, it seemed that they had returned to the state in which Edith had been indifferent to him in the past few years.

“Edith…what’s wrong with you?” Scott asked cautiously.

“I’m okay. You go to ask them to give you a set of beddings. There is only one bed. Do you want to sleep with me on the same bed? Don’t forget you always sleep on the floor at home.” Edith said.

Scott suddenly understood that Edith’s memory had indeed recovered, but her memory had only been recovered to a few years ago.

This made Scott feel lost for a while.

Seeing Scott’s hesitating face, Edith said, “Come here. Give your face to me.”

Scott was a little confused. According to Edith’s attitude towards him right now, did she want to slap him? “What are you going to do?” Scott asked.

“Just give your face to me. Stop talking nonsenses.” Edith stared at Scott and said.

Scott looked helpless, but he still moved. He thought that Edith was sick now, and he couldn’t have a fight with her.

He closed his eyes, feeling that Edith might really punch him.

At this moment, he felt a soft and moist touch. Immediately, he opened his eyes and found that Edith had kissed his face.
Scott was immediately dumbfounded. He looked at Edith incredulously, and asked, “Edith, what are you…”

Edith giggled immediately, and then said, “Fool, I lied to you. I got all my memories back. Just now, I just wanted to tease you.”

Scott glared at her. He didn’t expect Edith would tease him. He held Edith into his arms and said, “You dare to lie to me! See how I punish you!”

“Hey, be gentle. I am pregnant!” Edith said quickly.

Scott hurriedly took his hands back. Now he regarded Edith as more precious than him, so naturally he had to take good care of her.

Edith looked up at Scott, and said seriously, “Scott, thank you! Meeting you is the greatest luck of my life.”

Scott gently hugged Edith into his arms, bowed his head and kissed Edith’s soft lips.

After a while, Scott and Edith separated. Then Scott asked, “Since you want to thank me, should you do something?”

Edith was taken aback, and asked, “What?”

Scott looked directly into Edith’s collar and licked his lips.

Edith blushed immediately. She stretched out her hand to hit Scott, and said, “Bad bad! Aren’t you afraid of affecting our child?”

Scott coughed slightly. He was no longer like what he used to be. He said to Edith, “In addition to the traditional way, we can


Then, Scott put a finger on Edith’s soft lips.


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