The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 579 The Sue Family Is Yours

The banquet between the Nelson family and the Sue family came to an end. That night, nearly half of the upper-class people in H City witnessed the Nelson family was ruined by an ordinary man.

Scott suddenly became popular in H City. In the past, everyone might not know who this person was, but in the future, this name would surely make those forces in H City frightened.

After Lochlan fainted that night, he never woke up again. As a participant in the murder of Scott’s grandfather, Scott naturally couldn’t let him stay in the world. That night, when the people in the Nelson family sent Lochlan to the hospital, Lochlan died for unknown reasons.

Afterwards, many people speculated that Lochlan was pissed off to death by Scott. Some people said that Lochlan originally had a heart attack, and the blow that night was too great for him, so he could not take it. Naturally, some people guessed that Lochlan’s death had something to do with Scott. But no one knew what really happened that night.

The death of Lochlan and his son on the same day caused an uproar in H City. This gave everyone in H City a warning that the young man named Scott was so terrible.

After the large-scale termination of cooperation by the Nelson family’s partners, the shares of listed companies under the Nelson family’s name were also sold in large quantities. In one day, the Nelson family’s economy was ruined and completely devastated.

The Nelson family without a leader also understood what kind of disaster they were in. Coupled with the secret guidance of some people, everyone in the Nelson family was thinking about how to make more benefits before the Nelson family was completely destroyed. No one was thinking about to unite together to overcome the difficulties.

The Nelson family, who used to dominate H City and hid its strength, had thus become the history.

Because the Nelson family hadn’t always appeared in H City in recent years, most people in H City didn’t know that there was such a great family disappeared in history, except for some people who saw the scene in person that night.

As for the Sue family, it was not as unlucky as the Nelson family. Because Darius stood by Scott’s side in advance, the Sue family did not suffer such a disaster.

However, some people in the Sue family involved in this matter still couldn’t escape the punishment they deserved.

In the Sue House.

Scott and Darius stood at the door. They escorted Emma who had messy hair and a haggard face.

“Unexpectedly, I and she will still come to such a point. Fate is really something that people can’t figure out.” Darius sighed helplessly.

“She deserves it. If she commits a sin, she has to pay off it. Isn’t it right?” Scott said lightly.

Darius didn’t speak any more. He only knew that if the young man standing next to him wanted to revenge, no one could stop him, even if that person was his mother.

A few people walked into the house together. At this time, the Sue House looked a little deserted. After that night, many people saw the current situation clearly and knew that Old Lady Sue was going to have what she had to deserve, so they all ran away.

They came to the door of Old Lady Sue’s room. Darius opened the door and walked inside.
At this time, Old Lady Sue was sitting by the bed. Her hair was scattered and her eyes were dull. Those precious jewelry fell all

over the floor, and the whole room was in a mess.

Hearing the door opened, Old Lady Sue raised her head and took a look. Seeing that Darius and Scott were here, a fierce look immediately appeared on her face. She yelled, “You bastard dares to appear in front of me. Darius, you are the sinner of the Sue family. Because of you, my Sue family became so desolate. You’re really the shame of the Sue family.”

Darius stared at Old Lady Sue, and said, “Mother, the Sue family is not down. You are the only one who is down. You have been so stubborn for so many years. Now it’s just God’s retribution.”

Old Lady Sue immediately widened her eyes and shouted, “You rebellious thing! What do you mean? Is it possible that you are going to unite this guy to deal with me? I’m your mother!”

Darius showed a mocking smile and said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to say such things. It really surprised me. I do have this relationship with you, but for so many years, have you ever treated me as your son? You treat me as a thief, for fear that I will snatch the Sue family away from you.”

“Do you think I don’t know who made the car accidents, poisonings, and assassinations that I have experienced over the years? Tell you, there has been no family affection between me and you for a long time. It’s all on your own account that causes us to come to this point. But now you said you are my mother? It’s too late!”

When Old Lady Sue heard what Darius said, her face instantly turned pale. She never expected that Darius would talk to her like this one day.

“The follow things are left to you. I have nothing to do with her. No matter what you do with her, it has nothing to do with me.” Darius said to Scott before turning around and leaving the room.

Old Lady Sue was desperate, but she didn’t regret it at all. Instead, she was complaining about Darius’ ruthlessness.

Scott stared at Old Lady Sue, and then someone pushed Emma to Old Lady Sue’s side.

“The child in Edith’s belly is mine. You actually want to murder an unborn child. How vicious you are! No matter whether you succeed or not, your sins are inexcusable.”

“I’ll never forgive you. Since you wanted to kill my children, I can only kill you. I hope that you two can also understand your faults. In the next life, do more good deeds and don’t be vicious.”

After Scott finished speaking, he gave the two people on the side a look. The two immediately took out two packets of medicine, put them into the water, and brought them to Emma and Old Lady Sue.

“Drink it!”

Emma looked desperate and began to kneel in front of Scott, begging for mercy. Old Lady Sue also trembled slightly. She was obviously too scared to say a word by the upcoming ending.

“Who do you think you are? Why do I have to listen to you? I am the head of the Sue family. If you treat me like this, I will let you die miserably!” Old Lady Sue shouted at Scott.

Scott waved his hand. The two men holding the cups immediately went forward, forcibly held Emma and Old Lady Sue, and poured the water from the cups into their mouths.

Scott did not stay any longer, turned around and walked out of the room to Darius who was in a daze. Then he said with a faint voice, “From now on, the Sue family is yours.”


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