The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 578 The Nelson Family’s Decline

Lochlan was stunned as he watched his son fall heavily to the ground. He did not expect that his son would be defeated by an unknown guy.

The gaze of everyone looking at Scott was very different from before. At that time, they thought Scott sucked. They just wanted to see how Scott be embarrassed. Now, they were a little scared of Scott.

When Edith saw that Scott had won, she was relieved.

It took a long time for Lochlan to react from the shock. Then he hurried to Rocco’s side, squatted down, and helped Rocco from the ground.

“Son, are you okay?” Lochlan asked worriedly.
At this time, Rocco couldn’t move. Lochlan could only hear grunting from Rocco’s throat.

Lochlan looked at Scott with a gloomy face. He said, “Brat, you dared to severely hit my son! It’s not over. I will never let you go!”

After speaking, he quickly looked at the bodyguards of the Nelson family and said eagerly, “What the hell are you guys still doing here? Call the ambulance!”

Scott took two steps towards Lochlan and said, “I think there is still no need to call an ambulance.” Lochlan glared at Scott, “What do you mean? My son has been seriously injured. Is it possible that you still want to kill him?” Scott shrugged and said, “Are you sure he is just seriously injured?”

Lochlan’s face sank. Then he quickly looked down at Rocco in his arms. He saw that Rocco’s eyes were round, his mouth was

slightly open, and strange noises kept coming from his throat. Soon, Rocco spit out some blood again. Immediately afterwards, his head leaned to the side, and then there was no movement.

Lochlan shook Rocco’s body quickly, and shouted, “Rocco, what’s the matter with you? Say something. Please say something!”

Everyone watched this scene with some horror. They all understood that Rocco could no longer respond to Lochlan.

Scott was not surprised by this result. He used all his strength. If the person didn’t have the same strength as Scott, he would be definitely unable to resist it. Rocco didn’t die immediately, which was already incredible.

“You killed my son! I’ll kill you!” Lochlan was crazy. Immediately, he rushed towards Scott.

Scott looked at him coldly and said, “If it was me who was lying on the ground now, you would probably not want to kill your son. Such a person like you always want to let others suffer and you don’t care about them at all. But once you suffer, you will be more aggressive than anyone else.”

Lochlan didn’t care about what Scott said at this time. After rushing in front of Scott, he stretched out his hand and wanted to grab Scott’s neck. But Scott dodged it so easily. Lochlan didn’t stop himself immediately, so he lay directly on the ground.

At this time, Scott glanced at the time and said to himself, “It should be coming soon.” As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sound of footsteps at the gate of the hotel.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the door curiously. It was a large group of people wearing suits. Many wore glasses, holding documents or laptops in their hands.

Those people walked into the lobby of Beach Hotel together and stopped in front of a crowd of guests.

Lochlan got up from the ground. He was about to fight Scott. Just at this moment, he also noticed the people who came in suddenly. He knew the few people who walked in the front. They were project managers of some companies which had close cooperation with the Nelson family.

He looked at these people with some doubts, not knowing why they appeared here.

“Manager Zhao, Manager Sun, Manager Wong, why are you here? Are you here for tonight’s banquet?” Lochlan stared at those people and asked.

They looked at Lochlan with a serious face. One of them directly took out a document and shouted at Lochlan, “From today, Kangling Group will terminate all business dealings with the Nelson family. The signing of the agreement is the proof. We won’t discuss any business with the Nelson family in the future!”

After this person had finished speaking, the people behind began to shout one by one.
“From today, Yunan Group will terminate all business dealings with the Nelson family!” “From today, the Williams family will terminate all business dealings with the Nelson family!” “From today…”

These people were all representatives of companies or families which had close cooperation with the Nelson family. Tonight, they drew a clear line with the Nelson family. They were almost the support for the Nelson family to stand firm in H City. Without these cooperation, the Nelson family’s development would soon stagnate and the cash flow would break instantly. Then the Nelson family couldn’t return the money they owed to the bank. It would not take long for the Nelson family to declare bankruptcy.

This was a key step for Scott to disintegrate the power of the Nelson family. During this time, what he arranged for Nadia to do was to persuade, induce or threaten these companies and families to terminate cooperation with the Nelson family by various means.

Scott used all the power that Guanling deployed in H City this time. So it wasn’t difficult for him to do it.

Lochlan stared at these people dumbfoundedly. He didn’t expect that those people would choose to terminate their cooperation with the Nelson family at this time.

He originally wanted to ask the reason, but soon he reacted and turned his gaze on Scott.

“You… you did this?” Lochlan asked.

Scott laughed, “I said, within half an hour, the Nelson family will fall apart. I never like to make jokes.” Lochlan only felt his body weak. He almost sat directly on the ground.

“Don’t think that this is all my actions. My goal is to make your Nelson family completely disappear in this world. This is just the first step.” Scott smiled.

Lochlan looked at Scott in a puzzled manner. He asked, “Why? Is it just because the woman my son wants to marry is your wife? It’s the Sue family who offered it. It’s them who want Sylvie to marry into our family. Why don’t you get even with the Sue family, but to target my Nelson family?”

Scott laughed, walked in front of Lochlan, leaned to his ear, and asked, “Do you remember Otis Turner?”

Lochlan’s body suddenly stiffened. There was horror in his eyes. Meantime, he recalled some scenes from that year in his mind.
“Who…who are you?” Lochlan asked with a trembling voice.

“He is my grandfather.” Scott finished speaking and walked away.

Lochlan stood there blankly. Scott’s voice was echoing in his ears. The Nelson family was facing extinction, and his son died in Scott’s hands. Lochlan only felt suffocated and dizzy. Then he fell to the ground and fainted.


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