The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 577 A Fatal Blow

Lochlan looked at the two people in the middle of the field with calm. He seemed quite confident with his son, so he was not worried that Rocco would be beaten by Scott.

“He is just a jack-of-all-trades. Where did he get the courage to go head-to-head with my son? My son has been studying with Masayuki Ichiro, the combat master of R Country, for several years. Masayuki Ichiro’s understanding of combat can’t be matched by normal people. It is said that he was once invincible in the battle against thousands of ninjas. How could a student of him be beaten by an unknown guy?”

“If my son does his best, this guy may not be able to resist his ten strokes.”

“I am afraid that only Kacper in Guanling is the rival who dares to fight with my son among the contemporaries. How dares the smelly fish or shrimp like Scott provoke our family”

“Well, today I will let Rocco deter these people. When they know that my Nelson family is powerful, they will think twice before they try to make trouble for our Nelson family.”

Darius stared at the two people in the middle of the field earnestly. He had seen Scott’s commercial strength, so he was quite confident in Scott’s ability to deal with the Nelson family.

But in terms of fighting, especially with Rocco, Darius couldn’t help but worry.

Although he knew that Scott was strong, and he beat the bodyguards with only three to five strokes, but now Scott was facing Rocco, the combat maniac of the Nelson family.

He had heard that Rocco had been studying with the invincible fighting master Masayuki Ichiro in R Country for several years.
Even if Rocco had only learned 30% of the skills of Masayuki Ichiro, he would be quite powerful. He wasn’t sure if Scott could handle it.

If Scott died in Rocco’s hands like this, he would have bet on the wrong side this time.

After hesitating for a long time, Darius walked to Nadia and asked with worry, “Are you sure to allow Case to fight Rocco like this? It is said that Roccois quite powerful. What if Scott could not beat him? All your plans would be broken.”

Nadia turned to look at Darius and asked, “Why, you mean that you don’t have confidence in Scott?”

“No, I’m just a little worried. You may not know that Rocco has been studying from a fighting master in R Country for the past few years. The fighting master is famous in R Country. He once defeated thousands of ninjas by himself ……” Darius expressed his worries.

Before he could finish, Nadia asked, “Do you know Kacper?”

Darius was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded. The Sue family was considered a world-class family anyway, and naturally he knew something about Guanling.

“Do you think Rocco is more powerful than Kacper?” Nadia continued.

Darius pondered for a while and said, “This is really hard to say. Kacper is said to be on the top of the List of the Ares, and his is powerful indeed. Rocco is the apprentice of the fighting master, and they are almost at the same age. Maybe, the two of them are equal in strength. Why do you ask this?”

“Scott is more powerful than Kacper, so he can definitely deal with Rocco, so don’t worry about it.” Nadia said.

She couldn’t reveal that Scott was the young Lord of Guanling and succeeded in climbing high ladder, so she made a simple comparison for Darius to let him rest assured.

After hearing what Nadia said, Darius opened his eyes wide, and asked in an unbelievable way, “Really? How did you know?”

Nadia glared at him immediately and said, “Why do you have so many questions? I told you that Scott could handle it. Please shut up and don’t bother me and watch them fight.”

Darius had to shut his mouth with frustration. Knowing that Nadia was not as simple as she seemed, he also had some fear for her.

“I hope Scott is really as powerful as she said.” Darius prayed silently in his heart.

In the middle of the field, after Rocco rushed towards Scott, he directly hit Scott’s chest with a heavy punch with no mercy.

Without neglect, Scott took a step back with one foot and stretched out his hand to block Rocco’s fist. Scott felt a huge force and he used his foot to relieve the force. He stepped back and resisted Rocco’s punch.

Scott felt that Rocco was really powerful from his punch, and he might be able to compare with Kacper,.

However, he didn’t panic at all. Instead, he became excited. It was not easy for Scott to run into such an opponent. The stronger the opponent was, the better could Scott perform.

He had been looking forward to such a battle for a long time.

Rocco frowned when he saw that Scott was able to resist his punch. His punch just now used all of his strength, in order to solve Scott with one punch and let the people around see his power. It was amazing that Scott would survive it.

“Being able to resist my punch, you are considered qualified to make me take it seriously, but I don’t know how many punches you can tolerate from me!” Rocco shouted, before smashing Scott with another punch.

Scott dodged and kicked towards Rocco. Rocco also stretched out his hands hurriedly to block, however the strength from Scott’s legs made Rocco move two steps to the side.
The two had already fought a dozen strokes in just ten seconds, and Rocco, who had been very disdainful of Scott, frowned at

this time.

In the best state, he could defeat Kacper after fighting against nine masters on the List of the Ares. Now he had only one opponent, Rocco, so he could easily deal with Rocco with 80% of his power.

And Scott didn’t want to end the battle too soon, after all, there was still a long time left before the half an hour ended.

As time went by, all people present became quiet. Those who originally thought Rocco would be able to defeat Scott in minutes shut their mouths. Now it was obvious that Scott was more dominant.

Lochlan also frowned at this time. He didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful that he hadn’t been defeated by Rocco yet.

Darius’s frowning brow slowly eased because of the situation in the middle of the field. It seemed that Nadia did not lie to him.
Scott’s strength was no worse than Rocco.

After almost twenty minutes, Rocco was already out of breath, and Scott still looked vigorous.

Scott stared at Rocco and said with a smile, “It’s almost half an hour. You are not weak, so you are qualified for my full blow.
With this punch, I will not give you any chance. If you are fortunate, you can live through it. If not, you deserve it. Let’s see!”

Rocco snorted coldly, and he didn’t dare to neglect. He stared at Scott rushing towards him with great care.

Scott clenched his fist, and before he rushed near Rocco, he had already smashed into Rocco’s chest. The speed was so fast that most of the people in the lobby didn’t see how Scott punched.

Rocco had no time to fight back, so he could only cross his hands on his chest to block the punch. Scott’s fists hit his arms directly. Then, there was a click, and Rocco’s body flew backward instantly. He fell heavily to the ground, and the blood sprayed out of his mouth, staining his entire face.

The lobby was in an uproar.


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