The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 576 You Are Not Worthy

Old Lady Sue looked at Darius in disbelief. She didn’t expect Darius to stand behind Scott. What this meant was quite obvious.
“Darius! You rebel! What are you doing on his side? Were you bought by him?” Old Lady Sue’s eyes were bloodshot and puffy.

“I was not bought by him, just gambling. By now, Scott and the Nelson family are in a life and death struggle. I have to make a choice. This time, I bet Scott can win.” Darius said.

Old Lady Sue looked at Darius like an idiot, and said, “It doesn’t matter if you say you are incapable of managing family affairs.
How can you be so silly at this time? You choose him, an outsider. Do you think he could beat the Nelson family?”

Darius was too lazy to argue with Old Lady Sue, and said, “Let’s wait and see.”

At this time, Lochlan sneered and said, “What? Are you all neglecting our Nelson family? And making choices? Is this unknown guy qualified to compare with our Nelson family? You all made a scene today.”

“I will let neither this guy nor your Sue family go today. You are going to let my son marry a woman who has been married. How dare you. After tonight, I will put your Sue family on the Nelson family’s blacklist, and it’s up to fate what your Sue family will be like in the future.”

Everyone at the scene looked at the Sue family and Scott with some sympathy. They understood the weight of Lochlan’s words, and they didn’t doubt whether Lochlan could do as what he said.

Nadia took a step forward with a smile, and said, “Don’t talk like this, the night is so long, how can you be so sure that your Nelson family will still exists in the world later?”

Lochlan squinted at Nadia and said coldly, “Nadia, chairman of the Lan Couch Group, a small cosmetics company, where do you get the courage to say so?” Nadia was not angry because of what Lochlan said, and she continued to smile and said, “Of course my courage comes from

him. This guy looks mediocre, but soon, you will know how powerful he is.”

Lochlan’s gaze returned to Scott again. When he met him outside at that time, he had already decided to kill Scott. Now this guy dared to make trouble for him again. Of course, he would not give Scott any chance to escape this time.

“Then I want to know, how do you want to fight against our Nelson family, or what are you going to fight us with? The Lan Couch cosmetics?” Lochlan mocked him.

When everyone present heard Lochlan, they all burst into laughter. In their opinion, even if Scott had the help from the Lan Couch Group, he would not be able to beat the Nelson family.

Scott raised his hand to look at the time and said, “After half an hour, everything of the Nelson family will fall apart. If you have nothing to do right now, you can wait here for half an hour. In half an hour, you will know what I could use to fight the Nelson family.”

Everyone laughed contemptuously, obviously not believing that the Nelson family would fall apart in half an hour.

“I think this guy is from the lunatic asylum. He even dared to say that he would destroy the Nelson family in half an hour. Does he think the strength accumulated by the Nelson family over so many years is so easy to be destroyed?”

“Ha-ha, what a frog at the bottom of the well. With a little achievement, he dares to brag like this. I’ve seen a lot of people like him. When the Nelson family deals with him, he will see how weak he is.”

“It’s the first one who dares to provoke the Nelson family in so many years. Let alone the other things, this guy’s courage is incomparable. It’s a pity that he could only be described as reckless and stupid.”

Rocco became intolerant of Scott’s bragging, and said to Lochlan directly, “Father, don’t talk nonsense with him. I will kill them directly, so they won’t be so noisy here.”

Lochlan felt that Rocco’s proposal was feasible. No matter what Scott said, if he was killed, these ants would no longer be able to continue to jump in front of him.

When Scott heard Rocco’s words, he took a step forward and said, “I agree. Half an hour is a suitable period of time. How about we have a fight now to amuse those people present?”

Rocco snorted and said, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on for a minute.” After speaking, he signaled to the people around him and asked them move backward.

“Today, let me teach this reckless guy a lesson, and I will let you know what it will be like to provoke our Nelson family!” Rocco shouted at everyone.

And the people present began to cheer, thinking that Scott would be beaten to the ground and begging for mercy.

Rocco stood in the middle of the field, and looked at Scott arrogantly.

Scott also walked towards the center of the field and stood opposite to Rocco.

If it was before, when Nadia saw Scott want to fight with Rocco one on one, she might be a little worried, but after knowing that Scott had climbed high ladder successfully, she no longer had such concerns.

Edith was a little nervous. Nadia grabbed Edith’s arm and said with smile, “Don’t worry, he is amazing. No matter how powerful Rocco is, he can definitely cope with him easily.”

Edith nodded and gazed on Scott.

“Originally this is a marriage banquet between me and the woman from the Sue family. I didn’t expect the banquet to be destroyed by your fellow. This means that you want to grab my woman from me. As a man, I cannot tolerate this.”

“Even if this woman is just a tool for venting lust, you are not qualified to get involved with my woman, so today you will pay the price of your life!”

Scott curled his lips and said, “I have already said that Edith is my wife, and you are not worthy of her at all.” Rocco was full of ire now, with his fists clenched, he rushed towards Scott immediately.

“Il kill you!”

Scott squinted his eyes and after feeling the power from Rocco, he could hardly wait and itched to fight.

He hadn’t moved his muscles and bones for so long, and he finally got a human sandbag now. He would not miss it definitely.


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