The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 575 Photos

Everyone present was attracted by the three people who came in suddenly. After hearing what Scott said, they were all shocked. They didn’t expect anyone would dare to say so in front of Lord Nelson.

The people who had seen Scott outside a few moments ago were all surprised. They were deeply puzzled by what Scott was doing. They didn’t understand that Lochlan had already let him go once. Why did he come here again to seek trouble for himself?

Old Lady Sue noticed that Edith was next to Scott, and pointed at her and said, “That’s Sylvie. How could she be with that arrogant junior? Darius, what is going on?”

Darius lowered his head directly when he heard Old Lady Sue, as if he hadn’t heard it.

Both Lochlan and Rocco took a look at Edith, and they also noticed Nadia standing on the other side of Scott. The Nelson family did know something about this well-known socialite in H city.

Old Lady Sue became anxious seeing that Darius did not answer her, and she shouted at Edith, “Sylvie, you come here quickly.
The banquet today is for you and Rocco, how could you stand with this nondescript guy?”

Edith stared at Old Lady Sue, with some ire on her face. At that time, she saw what the Nelson family did. As a kind girl, how could she tolerate this kind of people?

And after learning the truth, Edith had no good impression for Old Lady Sue.

“My name is Edith, not Sylvie Sue as you mentioned. For the past 20 years, I have nothing to do with your Sue family at all. I will never allow you to use me as a tool to please the Nelson family!” Edith said.

Old Lady Sue’s face changed abruptly. She didn’t expect Edith to say so, and the cold sweat broke out on her forehead.
“What nonsense are you talking about here, your brain must be broken, come over here, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you!” Old Lady Sue said angrily.

Edith stood motionless. With Scott there, she was not afraid of the threat from Old Lady Sue.

Lochlan turned his head and glanced at Old Lady Sue, and asked coldly, “What the hell does this mean? How could she have another name?”

Old Lady Sue looked at Lochlan with embarrassment, and said, “Lord Nelson, this was all because of him, that nondescript guy.
He abducted and deceived Sylvie. He is finding fault with my Sue family. ”

At this time, Old Lady Sue remembered that Darius had mentioned to her about Scott. At that time, she didn’t put Scott in her eyes. She didn’t think that Scott would cause such a big trouble for her at this time.

“Boy, give her back to me quickly. Do you know that today we are holding the banquet for her and Rocco? If you do this, you will not only offend my Sue family, but also offend the Nelson family. The Nelson family is not what you can afford to pick on. If you don’t know chalk from cheese, you will die without a place to bury yourself in the end!” Old Lady Sue shouted sharply.

“I’ve already said that this so-called Rocco doesn’t deserve her at all, and Edith is my wife, so why should I give her to you?” Scott sneered.

“What nonsense are you talking about! You, a hillbilly wno came from nowhere, dare to covet the daughter of our Sue family!” Old Lady Sue’s face flushed with anger, and her both hands trembled.

Scott squinted his eyes and didn’t speak any more. Instead, he patted his hand. Then, all the curtains covering the wall fell off.
All the people present turned their heads and looked around. They saw beautiful pictures on the walls. The pictures were all

about Scott and Edith’s best times.

There were pictures took in the TY Manor among the countless flowers, where Scott and Edith were looking at each other, and pictures in the Crystal Castle, when Edith in Chinese clothes were embracing with Scott affectionately. And the selfies took while cooking at home. As well as the pictures of Edith took by Scott when she was working seriously…

In the middle of the lobby, there were the wedding photos of Scott and Edith paved with flowers, just like the Crystal Castle in the past.

Everyone was shocked by these photos. They all stared at the wall with surprise on their faces. These beautiful photos of Scott and Edith even made the people in the lobby touched.

Edith didn’t know that Scott had mad such preparations before they came. When these photos were presented in front of her, she was also deeply shocked.

These photos recalled in her mind again and again, as if to awaken the fettered memories in her mind.
Not long after, lvy was so excited that she covered her mouth and tears flowed down from her eyes uncontrollably.

Nadia looked at these photos with emotions. She did not expect that there were so many romantic and beautiful memories between Scott and Edith. At this time, she came to understand why Scott could not be attracted by other beauties. It turned out that this guy loved his wife so deeply.

Old Lady Sue shivered with anger when she saw these photos. She walked quickly toward the wall, trying to tear all these photos off. However, she was too old to tear off the photos.

“What are you guys doing? Get these photos down for me, they are all fake!” Old Lady Sue shouted.

However, no one responded her.

Lochlan and Rocco were already furious at this time. They never thought that the daughter of the Sue family who wanted to marry their family turned out to be someone else’s wife.

Old Lady Sue walked up to Lochlan and wanted to explain to him, she said, “Lord Nelson, these are all fake. These photos are forged by him. Don’t believe it!”

Lochlan kicked Old Lady Sue to the ground directly.

“Do you really think that our Nelson family are all fools? This banquet was prepared by your Sue family. These photos are hung there. Is it not planned by you? I think you are making fools out of us now!” Lochlan said angrily.

Old Lady Sue endured the severe pain in her body. After hearing what Lochlan said, she looked at Darius, thinking that this banquet was prepared by Darius, and he must have allowed them to hung these photos.

“Darius, what do you mean? You put these photos here to doom our family to death!”

Darius sighed helplessly, and said to Old Lady Sue, “Mother, you are too obsessive. I have been under your oppression for so many years. Now, I don’t want to be controlled by you anymore. All of this was the consequence of what you have done.”

After speaking, Darius turned around, walked behind Scott, and stopped.


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