The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 574 Still Got Some Self-awareness

In the lobby of the Beach Hotel.

Everyone followed Lochlan into the hotel. Many people were still discussing what happened just now, cursing Scott for not having self-awareness, and not taking the opportunity to please the Nelson family.

At this time, Old Lady Sue was standing in the lobby. In order to participate this banquet, Old Lady Sue took out her most precious jewelry and clothes to show her dignity.

Seeing Lochlan being surrounded by people, Old Lady Sue perked herself up immediately and greeted him with a smile on her face.

“Lord Nelson, long time no see, you are really getting more and more handsome and debonair. Your temperament is rarely seen in contemporaries.” Old Lady Sue smiled and said.

Lochlan greeted Old Lady Sue with a fist-and- palm salute and responded with a smile, “Old Lady Sue, you are joking. You look in really good spirit. It seems that you are getting younger and younger.”

Old Lady Sue was far more excited to be praised by Lord Nelson, and she continued to praise Lochlan.
Lochlan only responded symbolically. To Old Lady Sue, he was not so indifferent, but he was not enthusiastic either.

Although today’s banquet was for the marriage between the two families, they all knew what the other side were thinking about in mind. The Nelson family was stronger than the Sue family, and the Sue family was marrying their daughter. It was normal for Lochlan to bear an arrogant attitude towards Old Lady Sue.

“Did Darius come today? I haven’t seen him yet.” Lochlan asked.

“Of course, he is here. How dare he miss such an important banquet? He was standing here just now and chatting with me, who knows where he has gone.” Old Lady Sueanswered, and she turned her head and looked around for Darius, but Darius was nowhere to be not found.

“Well, in fact, it doesn’t matter if you see him or not. As long as you and I agree on the matter today, there will be no problem.” Old Lady Sue said, showing that she didn’t care about Darius at all.

It looked like that what she said about the Sue family counted, and it didn’t make much sense whether Darius, the Mr. Sue, would come or not.

Lochlan smiled and nodded. He also knew the situation of the Sue family, so he didn’t say much.
“This is my son, Rocco.” Lochlan pointed at Rocco who was standing by and said.
Old Lady Sue stared at Rocco and said with a smile, “What a handsome boy. He is the perfect match for Sylvie.”

Rocco just glanced at Old Lady Sue coldly, and didn’t say anything. He was still thinking about the person who was in front of the hotel just now, thinking that after today, he must find him and break a lance with him.

“Since today is the banquet for my son and Miss Edith, would you please invite Miss Edith out here?” Lochlan stared at Old Lady Sue and said.

Old Lady Sue nodded at once, and then looked around, trying to find Darius, because Edith was with Darius, and she didn’t know where Edith was.

“Sylvie is with Darius now, but I don’t know where he has gone. I can’t find him now. How useless he is.” Old Lady Sue muttered.
Lochlan frowned when he heard Old Lady Sue’s words. He didn’t expect that the Sue family would let them wait. For Lochlan, it

was already nothing but a provocation to him.

At this time, Lochlan also noticed the curtains hanging on the wall of the lobby, and asked, “Old Lady Sue, what are the curtains

on the wall for?”

Old Lady Sue turned her head and stared at the curtains, with embarrassment on her face, and said, “These are all arranged by Darius. I don’t know what they are used for. It is probably a little surprise that Darius prepared for everyone.”

Lochlan suddenly snorted, obviously dissatisfied with what the Sue family had done.

“Father, it’s just a woman. It doesn’t matter if I see her or not. Anyway, even if I marry her, I will only vent my desires on her.
There is no difference with the ones I got with money. I think we can just go back and forget it.” Rocco said.

Old Lady Sue’s face changed suddenly, and she said in a hurry, “Don’t worry, I’ll let them bring Sylvie here.”

After speaking, Old Lady Sue shouted directly in the lobby, “Darius! Where are you, get out of here!”

At this time, a man came out from the crowd, it was Darius who dared not look at Old Lady Sue.

He had chosen to help Scott, which was equivalent to standing on the opposite side of the Nelson family. At this time, he’d better have less contact with the Nelson family. Therefore, as soon as Lochlan came in, he went to hide in the crowd.

When Old Lady Sue saw Darius, she questioned, “Where is your daughter? Have you forgotten what day it is today? Why don’t you bring her here quickly!”

Darius stared at Old Lady Sue, then looked at Lochlan, swallowed and said, “Mother…1, I don’t know where Sylvie is now.”

Old Lady Sue opened her eyes wide, and she shouted, “What did you say! She is your daughter. How could you not know where she is!”

Darius sighed helplessly, Edith was with Scott now, how could he know where Edith was.

“Old Lady Sue, what do your Sue family mean? I promised that my son would marry the daughter of your family, because I think highly of you. What do you mean by doing so now? Is it possible that the daughter of your family doesn’t think my son is worthy of her, so she refuses to come out?” Lochlan said with a long face.

Old Lady Sue became anxious, and explained, “Lord Nelson, our Sue family didn’t mean that absolutely. This is all due to Darius, my useless son. I don’t know what he is doing.”

Those present didn’t know what happened, so they all looked confused.
At this moment, the gate of the hotel was opened, and then three people walked in, Scott, Edith, and Nadia.
They walked straight to the center of the lobby and stopped under everyone’s gaze.

Lochlan also looked towards Scott, and squinted his eyes after figuring out who came in was the one who had caused trouble for him .

Scott stared at him, smiled and said, “I didn’t expect the Nelson family to have some self-awareness. Of course, your son is not worthy of Edith.”

“And your Nelson family, you are all about to die, so don’t think about marrying Edith!”


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