The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 573 Kick the Vicious Dogs

When Scott finished speaking, everyone’s face changed.
How dared he cuss that the Lord Nelson was as cruel as a wolf in front of everyone probably at the expense of his life.

“There must be some mental problems with this guy. He even ran up to the Lord Nelson and yelled at him. I’m afraid he is going to be misfortunate.”

“Fuck, he is really not afraid of death. He even dared to say that the Lord Nelson was as cruel as a wolf. Even if he didn’t know who the Lord Nelson was, he should have seen the pomp just now. Couldn’t he figure out who Lord Nelson was?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, it seems that this guy can’t see the sun tomorrow. If he is sensible and kneel down to beg for mercy, Lord Nelson might give him a chance to die more decently.”

Lochlan squinted at Scott, then he said with a smile, “You are the first one who dares to say that to me.” Scott curled his lips and said, “You haven’t realized your problem for so many years, so you can see how stupid you are.”

Lochlan didn’t expect that this young man in front of him would not put him in his eyes. The smile on his face disappeared suddenly, and he became quite gloomy.

The little girl looked at Scott worriedly and said, “Big brother, you don’t need to worry about me. You will get into trouble by helping me. Please let me go. We can’t afford to offend them.”

Scott smiled at the little girl and said, “Don’t worry, I will be fine. If they are bad guys that have done something wrong, they will be punished, otherwise there is no justice in the world.”

The little girl stared open-eyed at him, and she seemed not to fully understand.

Scott had wanted to come here to see what kind of person Lord Nelson and Rocco were. He didn’t expect this could happen.

When Lochlan started to deal with the little girl, Scott had already made up his mind that the Nelson family should be got rid of.
This so-called world-class family didn’t deserve to exist in the world.

No matter what, he would deal with the Nelson family tonight, so he was not worried that what was happening now would have influence on his plan.

Lochlan snorted coldly, and said, “You look quite young, but when you speak, you are like a person from the last century. No one can talk about justice in front of me. If we must talk about it now, I represent justice!”

As soon as Lochlan finished speaking, the bodyguards walked towards Scott, with sneers in their eyes, obviously disdainful of this guy who suddenly appeared to seek trouble for himself.

“Brother, run, there are so many of them, you must not be able to beat them.” The little girl shouted to Scott anxiously.
Scott smiled at her and said, “Hold me tightly. Today, I will show you what it is like to kick vicious dogs!”

As soon as he finished, the bodyguards had already rushed towards him. Scott raised his foot and kicked directly on the bodyguard at the front. The bodyguard fell back with little resistance.

At first everyone thought that if Lochlan’s bodyguards struck out, Scott would not be able to resist for over three seconds, but now seeing what was happening, they were all surprised.

Those bodyguards who didn’t put Scott in their eyes didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful. They no longer underestimated Scott, and stared at Scott seriously, determining to beat him to the ground.
However, what they didn’t expect was that even if they got serious, they still couldn’t even bear a strike of Scott.

The little girl hugged Scott tightly with both hands, watching Scott kick the bodyguards down to the ground in confusion. She was so surprised that she opened her mouth wide.

Rocco, who was standing next to Lochlan, noticed Scott’s movements and became interested in him. As a combat maniac, how could he ignore Scott’s strength.

Scott was even qualified to fight him, and Rocco showed an expression of eagerness immediately.

Lochlan squinted his eyes, and he muttered to himself, “I didn’t expect him to have some competences, no wonder he dared to be so arrogant.”

“Father, he is not as weak as we thought. Your bodyguards are not his rivals. I will catch him and let him make amends to you.” Rocco said.

Lochlan wanted to say yes originally, but soon he noticed that there were people taking pictures and video recordings around, and he said to Rocco, “No, there are so many people around now, and today we are organizing a banquet We should not let him mess it up. Let him go night, and wait until tomorrow to deal with him.”

Hearing what his father said, Rocco had no choice but give up, but showed a glimmer of expectation in his gaze at Scott.

Lochlan glanced at Scott and said loudly, “Okay, stop now. I won’t haggle over what happened tonight. This young man is ignorant. I don’t blame him. I only hope that you can consider the consequences before you decide to do anything like this in the future, otherwise, you may never wake up the next morning.”

After speaking, Lochlan walked into the hotel. Rocco glanced at Scott again to remember his appearance, and followed Lochlan into the hotel.

The bodyguards also stopped fighting with Scott.

Everyone began to praise Lochlan’s generosity of not disputing with this junior, and then walked in by surrounding him

Scott hugged the little girl in his arms and watched Lochlan walk in, with murderous expressions in his eyes.

The little girl looked at Lochlan’s back and asked, “Brother, will he let us go? His eyes were so terrible just now, as if he would come to us again.”

Scott smiled and patted the little girl’s head and said, “Don’t worry, even if he has this idea, he won’t have a chance to realize it.
After tonight, there will be no more Nelson family in this world.”

The little girl didn’t understand what Scott was talking about, but the big brother gave her a very reassuring feeling. Since he said it was all right, it should be all right.

“Where is your mother, take me to her.” Scott asked.
There was a hint of gratitude in the little girl’s eyes, and tears fell off again.

Then Scott put the little girl down and asked her to take him to her mother. There was a bridge hole in which a thin woman was lying in. After Scott arrived, he gave her the water and food he bought to fill her belly.

After that, he left a sum of money for the mother and daughter. Although the money was not much but enough for them to fill their bellies for several days. After the mother and daughter were settled, Scott walked towards the Beach Hotel.

Before Scott left, the little girl knelt down and kowtowed to him for several times, and promised Scott that she would work hard in the future and repay him.

Scott didn’t take these words seriously. Now he was going back to the Beach Hotel to start his plan of destroying the Nelson family.


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