The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 572 A Vicious Creature

Time passed quickly.
Soon, it was the day on which the banquet was held.

These days, Edith had been with Scott. As agreed, Darius didn’t inform Old Lady Sue and the people of the Nelson family of it.
Now, both people of the Sue family and the people of the Nelson family believed that Edith was in the Sue Villa, safe and sound.

At the Beach Hotel. The Sue family rent a floor of this hotel to hold this banquet. Now, as Darius requested, it had been delicately decorated.

There were flowers here and there in the hall, and the decorations there were quite romantic. The Beach Hotel even specially used crystal lamps for this banquet. The crystal lamps were giving out golden light in the hall. Under the light, the flowers looked very beautiful.

There were curtains covering many places on the wall of the hall. Guests didn’t know what was under the curtain, and just found it mysterious.

At this moment, Darius was still busy checking the arrangements of this banquet in the hall. It seemed to be a banquet held for Rocco and Edith, but only he knew that the most important person of this banquet was actually Scott.

After giving the curtains on the wall a glance, Darius went to the staff in charge of arranging the hall again to confirm if everything was right. After being sure that everything was right, he asked someone to open the door of the hotel and began to let guests come in.

At this moment, a lot of luxury cars had been parked near the door of the Beach Hotel. The Sue family was going to build connections with the Nelson family with marriage. It was a big event. People who were somewhat powerful in H City wouldn’t miss it. Being recognized by the Sue family and the Nelson family was originally something to be proud of.

To get to know some big shots from the upper class in such a banquet, some people even spent huge sums of money on buying gifts.

Scott arrived early at the door of the Beach Hotel, but he didn’t go in. He just waited at the door to what sort of person the head and the young master of the Nelson family were.
It was already dark. There were many cars in the street. Everyone knew that there would be a banquet at the Beach Hotel in the

evening. However, none of them knew that there was something very serious behind the banquet.

Before long, there was suddenly a disturbance in the street in front of the Beach Hotel. People who came to watch all looked at somewhere not far away. At that place, there were five cars occupying the entire driveway. Two of those car were leading the cars on either side of the driveway; two cars were driving on either side of the driveway at the back; the last car was driving in the middle of the driveway and also in the middle of other cars.

“Look! Those cars are so imposing! Who are in those cars?”

“Maybe people of the Nelson family, the family that is going to build connections with the Sue family with marriage. I’ve never heard of the Nelson family before. Now, judging from it, it seems that it’s more powerful than the Sue family.”

“As a matter of fact, the Nelson family is a low-key family. The Nelson family had become the most powerful family in H City in the 80s. After it became more and more powerful, it no longer showed up in public in H City. To be honest, the Sue family is not as powerful as the Nelson family.”

Hearing that, people all nodded thoughtfully.

Before long, that five cars stopped in front of the door of the Beach Hotel. People who got off from the car driving on the side of the road were bodyguards. A somewhat fat middle-aged man and a young man with an air of forcefulness got off the car driving in the middle.

After a glance at them, Scott knew that they were Lochlan Nelson and Rocco, the head of the Nelson family and his son.

There was nothing special about Lochlan. It could be found in a glance that he was a leader ranking high and living a wealthy life. Rocco was quite impressive. He was not like the dandies of powerful families. He had an air of forcefulness, making people feel that it was not easy to approach the youth.

After Lochlan and Rocco got off the car, many people went to greet them.

Lochlan coldly looked at these people. After saying a few words casually in return, he was going to go to the Beach Hotel.

Right at this moment, a little girl with a dirty face dressed in rags approached Lochlan, looked at him with pleading eyes and said, “Uncle, please help me. I haven’t eaten anything for three days. My mother is so hungry that she can’t stand up. Can you please give me some food and save my mother?”

Seeing this little girl, Lochlan immediately frowned and then gave her a kick, making her fall to the ground a few meters away.
“How dare you approach me? Do you consider me to be a philanthropist?” Lochlan said.

None of the people seeing that thought that it was wrong for Lochlan to give that little girl a kick. A few people even applauded and praised Lochlan for being strong and for being able to make that little girl fall to a distant place.

“That damn little thing almost makes my clothes dirty. Hurriedly drive her away, so that other people won’t be affected.” Lochlan said as if he was right.

His bodyguards immediately came close to that little girl and was going to threw her away.

After being kicked by Lochlan, the little girl had been wailing. She had thought that she could get help from these rich people today. However, she didn’t anticipate that these rich people would be so cruel.

Seeing those bodyguards approaching her, the little was even more frightened.

“I know that I was wrong. I’ll leave here right now and won’t obstruct you anymore. Don’t beat me, please.” The little girl pleaded.

Those bodyguards would of course not care about what she said. After working for Lochlan for a long time, they all knew that ordinary people were unimportant. For poor person like the little girl, even if they were killed, no one would redress the grievances for them.

Just when one of the bodyguards was about to grab the little girl by her neck, someone came to behind the little girl and carried her into his arms.

“The head of the Nelson family should do this to such a weak child. Could it be that you have no conscience?” Scott said ina deep voice while staring at Lochlan coldly.

Lochlan was listening to the flattering remarks from people around. When he heard what Scott said, he immediately turned his head and looked at Scott.

When he found that Scott was just a young man dressed in plain clothes and that Scott had no features, there was immediately a hint of malicious look in his eyes.

“Why? Could it be that you want to teach me a lesson for it? You want to realize that I was wrong?” Having ranked high for years, Lochlan had long not taken moralities seriously.

All people looked at Scott with sympathy. In their opinion, interfering in something that had nothing to do with him when the head of the Nelson family was involved, Scott must be out of his mind.

Scott stared at Lochlan coldly.

“If you don’t know that people should pity the weak, I don’t mind teaching you, a vicious creature, a lesson for this girl.”


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