The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 571 Edith Became Jealous

In the next few days, Scott spent most of his time on accompanying Edith. He wanted to help her revive her memory by having more contact with her.

After watching that video, Edith was much less hostile to Scott. However, Scott was still a somewhat stranger to her because she hadn’t remembered the story between her and Scott. So she couldn’t completely lower the guard against Scott.

To make Edith closer to him, Scott told her a lot of things related to them.

Certainly, to avoid Edith from having a bad impression of Scott, Scott just told her what had happened after their relationship got better. He didn’t mention that he used to sleep on the floor and do housework every day.

Scott talked to her about the banquet in TY Manor and the wedding ceremony in Crystal Castle and Edith was attracted by it.
She somewhat doubted whether what Scott told her was true or not. After all, it was like the plot in the fairy tales.

To convince Edith, Scott specially found the love stories based on Crystal Castle and showed them to Edith.

After reading them, Edith was surer that what Scott said was not true. She thought that Scott was fooling her with these stories.

Scott was somewhat helpless. Edith was in such a state. When he talked to her, he felt as if he were fooling an innocent girl.
However, because of this feeling, Scott felt as if he had just fallen in love with Edith.

Before, he married into and lived with Edith’s family, having no love experience with Edith. In these days, he got along with Edith and had the feeling of being in love.

Edith completely got along with Scott in the way she did with a stranger. And after Edith lost her memory, Scott didn’t know her well. They were all curious about each other, just like the lovers who had just fallen in love.

To make Edith happier, Scott told many jokes to Edith every day. Hearing those jokes, Edith would laugh happily. Because of it, they were closer to each other.

Apart from spending time with Edith, Scott also discussed the details of dealing with the Nelson family with Nadia. After Edith came here, especially after Nadia knew that Scott successfully climbed high ladder in Guanling, Nadia treated Scott in a more reserved way.

As a person ranking high in Guanling, Nadia knew how horrible it was to climb high ladder. People who could successfully climb high ladder were all more powerful than people could imagine. She was afraid that Scott would kill her because she was too “enthusiastic” to him when Edith was there.

In the morning, after Scott got up, Nadia asked him to go to the office and told him the situation of their people’s infiltrating into the Nelson family.

After hearing that, Scott went to Edith’s room. They were “just in love”, so Edith was still unwilling to sleep in a room with Scott.
When he approached her room, he knocked on the door and then entered the room.

“Edith, it’s time to have breakfast. What do you want to eat? I’ll take you to breakfast.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith had long been dressed. Now, she was sitting at the dressing table with light make-up, looking very beautiful.

However, it seemed that she was a little unhappy. After hearing what Scott said, she just spoke, “I’m not going.”

Scott was immediately stunned. Then he went to behind Edith, put both hands on her shoulders and asked, “What’s wrong? My young lady, it’s bad for you not to have breakfast.”

Edith shook her shoulders, so that Scott could no longer put his hands on her shoulders. She said while looking obviously somewhat angry, “I’ll go to have breakfast on my own.”

Seeing that, Scott hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Did I annoy you?”

“Humph, no. I won’t become angry because of you. I’m not familiar with you.” Edith said so, but her expression completely betrayed her.

Scott realized that Edith wouldn’t have such a reaction without anything wrong at once, asking hurriedly, “Edith, what on earth happened? Tell me what mistake I have made, and I’ll apologize to you for that now.”

It seemed that Edith was still unwilling to talk to Scott. However, after hesitating for a moment, seemingly being too angry, she asked while staring at Scott, “You say that we’re a couple, right?”

Scott nodded right away and said, “Yes, it’s really true. It can’t be false.”

“Then why do you come to the woman with big boobs every day? Is it because your wife doesn’t have boobs as big as hers? Or is it because you’ve fallen in love with her and you’re just fooling me now?” Edith questioned angrily.

She was in a good mood in this morning. Considering that she would go to have breakfast with Scott later, she even put on makeup after getting up.

After putting on makeup, she went to the door of her room to see if Scott had gotten up. However, the moment she came out, she saw that Scott was going to Nadia’s room.

She was angry as if Scott had betrayed her. She had paid attention to Scott and Nadia for a few days, finding that Scott nearly went to Nadia’s room every day. She suspected more that Scott had an affair with Nadia.

That was the reason why Edith was angry now.
Hearing that, Scott didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He didn’t expect it to be the reason why Edith was so angry.

Besides, he was surprised to find how Edith described Nadia. He couldn’t help wondering if all women would attach importance to that part of body.

“Edith, you’ve got me wrong. I just come to Nadia to discuss how to deal with the Nelson family. I really don’t have an affair with her.” Scott explained.

Edith didn’t believe what he said, speaking, “Humph, stop trying to fool me. That woman is so…so… I don’t believe that you just come to her to talk about that every day.”

Scott became a little anxious. He indeed didn’t know how to explain to Edith, so he hurriedly asked Nadia to come here.

After Scott told Nadia the whole story, Nadia put on a playful smile. Then she turned her head, gave Scott a glance and said, “Leave this room now.”

Scott was stunned and said, “I ask you to explain for me…”

“I know it. Just leave the room. I’ll explain it to her. Don’t worry. I won’t bully her.” Nadia said.

Scott was somewhat hesitant. However, finally, he listened to Nadia and went to the corridor outside the room.
About fifteen minutes later, wnen Scott became a little impatient, the door of the room was opened.

Scott hurriedly turned around and had a look. Then, he immediately widened his eyes. Edith and Nadia was coming out of the room hand in hand!

“You…” Edith stared at Scott, saying, “Humph, Nadia’s right. There’s no need to argue with you. I’m going to have breakfast with Nadia.” Nadia gave Scott a playful glance and then went to have breakfast with Edith.

Scott was puzzled. Judging from Edith’s reaction, she should be not angry now. However, he couldn’t figure out how Nadia successfully did that.

In this moment, Edith regarded Nadia as a rival in love; but later, Edith began to call Nadia intimately.

Women were indeed unpredictable.


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