The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 570 Haven’t You Heard of My Experience

Hearing that, Scott’s eyes brightened immediately and asked somewhat excitedly, “Edith, do you really remember it? Great! 1 thought that it’ll take a long time to revive your memory.”

As he spoke, he tried to hold Edith into his arms. He didn’t expect that Edith would remember everything so easily. She should remember everything just after looking at a photo!

To Scott’s surprise, Edith still moved back warily. Judging from her eyes, she was on guard against him.
Scott was a little puzzled, asking, “Edith, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t you remember everything?”

Edith looked at Scott with an angry expression and said, “I remember that there was a software that could process images when I was in college. With that software, you can turn two pictures into one naturally. I remember that I got myself a picture of Jay Chou and me in that way at that time. You must have got this photo in that way.”

Scott was a little speechless. He thought that Edith remembered that she was his wife, but she actually remembered that pictures could be processed.

“You’re a bad person. Let me go. I won’t give in to an evil person like you. I want to meet my father and ask him to punish you!” Edith spoke excitedly.

Scott gave her a glance helplessly. Then he took his mobile phone and said, “There’s no need for you to meet your father. He had agree to let you stay here.”

“You’re lying! How is it possible that my father would agree to let me stay here with you?” Edith didn’t believe what Scott said at all.

Scott found a video in his mobile phone and showed it to Edith. He specially recorded it after discussing with Darius yesterday.
In the video, Darius told Edith her true story and the lies he told to her before. He told Edith that Scott was indeed her husband and that Emma was sent by Old Lady Sue to watch her.

While Edith listened to what Darius said, there were gradually a complicated expression in her eyes. She clearly knew one thing: Scott could process the picture, but he couldn’t process the video. This time, Scott didn’t lie to her.

She had a mixed feeling even after she watched the video. She didn’t herself to have such an experience. When she was a baby, she was abandoned. After that, she was brought up by her adoptive parents. Later, she had a car accident for some reasons. In this accident, she lost her memory. Then she was taken to H City by Darius.

This man, who she always considered to be someone trying to make trouble for her, was really her husband.
In the past more than twenty years, she was called Edith Patel, not Sylvie Sue.

For a person who had lost her memory, it was very painful to suddenly get so much shocking information. She was in a turmoil.
She felt that she should remember many things. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember anything.

After a long time, Edith stared at Scott in a daze and asked, “Are…Are you really my husband?”

Scott nodded seriously at Edith, after which he approached her, held her into his arms and said, “Don’t worry. In the future, I won’t let you suffer any grievance. I’ll definitely figure out a way to help you revive your memory.”

This time, Edith didn’t try to push him away. She nestled against Scott’s chest, finding that she was familiar with his temperature and heartbeat, as if she usually leaned against it in the past.

Finally, Edith lowered her guard and leaned her head against Scott’s chest.

Having received too much information in a short time, Edith was dizzy. Soon, she fell asleep in Scott’s arms. Scott put her on the bed. After staring at her for a long time, he quietly left the room.

In Nadia’s office.

Scott looked at Nadia and asked, “How’s the preparation going?”

“It’s basically completed. These days, I use all the resources of Guanling in H City and put all the industries related to the Nelson family under control. The moment you give an order, what the Nelson family has would all be destroyed. Besides, I’ve reported it to the boss. The boss asks you to do as you like. He wouldn’t take the Nelson family it seriously.” Nadia replied.

Scott nodded. He was also a bit surprised at how powerful Guanling was. Although the Nelson family was not as powerful as the Turner family, it was still a top family in the world. However, when people of Guanling wanted to destroy the Nelson family, the people of the Nelson family was even unable to save itself at all.

“What did the young master of the Nelson family do recently?” Scott asked.

“He was indeed a fighting fanatic. After he came back, he has almost fought in every underground boxing field in H City.
Moreover, no one could knock him down. Walker also has several boxing fields and the young master of the Nelson family has fought in all of them. These days, Walker is unhappy because of it.” Nadia spoke.

Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that the young master of the Nelson family would be so crazy about fighting that he fought in nearly every underground boxing field in H City not long after he come back.

“Just let him do this. I’ll teach him a lesson on the day of the banquet.” Scott said with a smile.

Nadia looked at Scott up and down, saying with a smile, “Lord, you’re so confident in defeating Rocco before you watch him fight even once. If you lose to him then, you’ll lose face.”

Scott smiled. He looked at Nadia, asking, “Could it be that you’ve never heard of my experience?”

Generally speaking, if one knew that he successfully climbed high ladder, one would not doubt how good at fighting he was. After all, only top experts in fighting could climb high ladder.

Nadia was stunned asking, “What experience?” In these years, she has been working in H City, so she didn’t know much about what had happened in Guanling.
Scott smiled and then said, “Well, I’ll explain itin this way. Do you think that the Nelson family could defeat Kacper?”

After thinking for a moment, Nadia said, “Kacper is indeed very good at fighting. However, Rocco has learned from an expert in fighting in R Country. He’s also very good at fighting. It’s hard to say who fights better.”

“You ask me that question. Could it be that you’re going to tell me that you fight as well as Kacper does? Lord, I don’t look down upon you. But Kacper is a top expert in fighting in a hundred years. It’s not easy to fight as well as he does.”

Scott calmly looked at Nadia and spoke, “I’ve defeat Kacper.”

Nadia immediately widened her eyes and looked at Scott in shock.

“Really? When did you defeat him?” Nadia asked.

“Some time ago. When I climbed high ladder, he was the last person to fight with me.”

Nadia gasped at once and admired Scott a lot.


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