The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 569 Scott Was Being Obscene

When Scott came out of the Sue Villa, he was smiling. After negotiating with Darius for a long time, he finally persuaded Darius to help him deal with the Nelson family.

After Old Lady Sue asked Emma to make Edith take abortifacient, it was impossible for Scott to calm his anger. Darius knew that. He also knew another thing: if he refused to cooperate with Scott, he would finally suffer.

If he cooperated with Scott, Scott would forgive his past misdeeds. Besides, Scott would also help him take all the power from Old Lady Sue and help him completely control the Sue family.

Moreover, what Scott asked him to do was very simple. He just asked Darius to play some tricks on the meeting between Edith and the young master of the Nelson family.

Although Darius was not sure whether Scott could deal with the Nelson family, he was willing to help Scott. These days, he had been thinking about the mistakes he had made in the past. Whenever he saw Edith, he would feel guilty.

This was also the reason why he didn’t want to harm the child Edith was carrying.

He clearly knew that Edith wouldn’t be in a much better situation than she was now after marrying into the Nelson family.
Considering that Edith was tender and kind, she would definitely be bullied.

These days, from what Scott did, Darius realized that Scott loved Edith very much. So he was willing to take a risk.

What Darius somewhat resisted was that Scott wanted Old Lady Sue to die. However, considering how Old Lady Sue treated him over these years, Darius had long not had any affection for her.

Finally he promised Scott that he would help him deal with the Nelson family. However, he would neither help him deal with Old Lady Sue nor prevent him from doing so.

After Scott left the Sue Villa, Darius looked at the sky at the door of the villa and murmured, “I’m afraid that the situation of H City is going to change.”

When Scott was back to Lan Couch building, it was already dark. There were only a few people who were still on duty in the building.

Scott went to Edith’s room, opened the door carefully and then entered the room.

Edith was still asleep. She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. From time to time, she would frown, as if she was having a nightmare. It made Scott’s heart ache to see it.

These days, Scott had consulted many well-known doctors about how to revive her memory. After listening to what Scott said, the doctors all advised him to let Edith have more contact with something familiar in the past. It would help Edith remember what happened in the past.

Scott had also made a phone call to Luna and asked her to consult Owen. The advice Owen gave was similar to that given by those doctors. After all, brain was the most mysterious part of the body of human beings. So far, human beings didn’t have much understanding of the brain.

Therefore, Scott could only slowly help Edith revive her memory. Moreover, the top priority now was to break down the barrier of hostility between Edith and him.

He put a chair beside the bed and sat on it, staring at Edith. After being anxious and missing her for such a long time, Scott considered it to be a kind of happiness to stare at Edith just like this.

At midnight, Scott was a little tired. Then he stood up and was about to go back to his room.
Right at this moment, Edith turned over and said slowly, “Scott, you’re on my hair.”

Scott was stunned. Then he smiled and thought: although you’ve lost your memory, you still subconsciously remember me and will even dream of me.

After staring at Edith for a while, Scott decided that he would stay here. Anyway, it was a double bed and was big enough for

him and Edith to lie on it at the same time.

Having long not met Edith, how was it possible that Scott didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with Edith? Edith still didn’t remember him. However, considering that Scott was her husband and that Scott was not going to do something immoral to her, no one could blame him for sleeping in the same bed with her.

After convincing himself, Scott lied down beside Edith. Smelling the faint fragrance Edith had, Scott was even a little nervous.
“I just lie here and I’ll definitely do nothing.” Scott said to himself.

Before, Scott turned his head and looked at Edith. When he saw her lips, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

“I’ll just kiss her once. I promise that I’ll just kiss her once. And I won’t do anything else.”

After struggling for a while, Scott slowly approached Edith’s lips.

Kissing Edith again, Scott was very excited and began to kiss her in a violent way.

After kissing Edith for a long time, Scott licked his lips with satisfaction. Right at this moment, he saw Edith’s breast and couldn’t help reaching out his hand.

“Why do I feel it a little obscene for me to do this…” Scott had a strange idea.

“Anyway, she’s my wife. It’s not obscene for me to do that at all. Isn’t it normal for a couple to do that in bed?” After convincing himself, Scott no longer hesitated and stretched out his hand to…
The next morning, Scott was woken up by a scream.

He opened his eyes, finding that there was someone in his arms. After lowering his head and having a look, he found that Edith was looking at him with fear and that she was trying to keep away from him.

Scott let Edith go right away, after which Edith moved to the edge of the bed and wrapped herself with the quilt. She glared at Scott somewhat angrily and said, “You… You’re sick. What did you do to me last night?”

Scott was a little anxious at once and thought: what could I do? I just did something a couple should do.

“Edith, don’t get me wrong. I…I miss you very much, so I slept here last night. I’m really your husband. I’ve long not been with you, so I…” Scott explained.

“You’re lying. I’m not your wife. I remember that you came to make trouble for us again yesterday. You not only slandered Emma, but also knocked me out. Now, you…you did this to me…” Edith said with an aggrieved expression between sobs, looking poor.

Scott was somewhat in a panic. He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and found a photo, saying, “I’m really not lying. We’re really a couple. Look at this photo. It was taken when we hanged out together.”

As he spoke, he handed the mobile phone to Edith.

Edith took the mobile phone and saw that it was indeed a picture of her and Scott. In the picture, she put her arms around Scott’s neck and was smiling happily.

Edith frowned and had a flash of inspiration, saying, “I remember it!”


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