The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 568 Could It Be that He Is the Bodyguard You Mentioned

At the Sue Villa.

The car, in which Darius sat, drove into the courtyard of the villa. He got off the car, finding that it was extremely quiet today. He was a little puzzled.

A middle-aged man got off the car after Darius. This man was Darius’s bodyguard. He was better at fighting than most goon of the Sue family.

Darius turned his head, gave the bodyguard a glance and asked, “Have you found anything wrong around the villa?”

The bodyguard looked around, after which he said with a smile, “It’s just a little quite. You might be a little tense because of what had happened recently.”

Darius sighed helplessly. He thought that the bodyguard was right. Recently, he had been tense. On one hand, he was trying to build connections with the Nelson family with Edith’s marriage. On the other hand, he had to pay attention to Scott. He was really tired.

Not worried about his own safety, he headed towards the villa. With the bodyguard, even if Scott came to him again, he wouldn’t be afraid.

After what had happened last time, Darius was always with this bodyguard. In his opinion, Scott was good at fighting, but Scott was definitely no match this bodyguard.

Then entered the villa together. After coming in, Darius found that it was still a bit quiet. So he went upstairs and had a look at Edith’s room, finding that there wasn’t any people in this room. Neither Edith nor Emma was there.

He frowned. He knew that Edith would go out with Emma. However, at this time, they should have been back.

Darius immediately took out his mobile phone and was about to make a phone call to Edith, asking where she was. At this moment, he heard some noise coming from downstairs. He hurriedly went downstairs to have a look.

However, when he was downstairs, he found that there was not a single person in the living room. Even his bodyguard was not there.

Darius immediately became alert. Realizing that there was something wrong, he hurriedly went to a corner and picked up a baseball bat to protect himself.
He looked around warily with the baseball bat and then walked towards the door. He guessed that the bodyguard had gone to

the courtyard to smoke.

When Darius was at the door, he suddenly felt that there was someone behind him. Then, he heard someone say, “What’re you going to do?”

Darius was so frightened that he was gooseflesh all over. He immediately turned around and attacked the person behind him with the baseball bat.

However, before he hit that person with the baseball bat, that person took it with one hand and robbed him of it.
Darius swallowed his saliva and gave that person a glance, finding who that person was.

“Scott! It’s you again. What do you want to do?” Darius shouted.

Scott lightly hit his palm with the baseball bat while saying with a smile, “I come to you to settle the score.”

Darius sneered and said, “Don’t think to highly of yourself. My bodyguard is here. He’s very good at fighting and could easily knock you down. You had better leave my home now, otherwise you’ll suffer.”

Scott smiled more brightly and then pointed at the person who was lying on the ground behind the sofa, asking, “Could it be that he’s the bodyguard you mentioned?”

Darius looked at that person, after which his expression changed at once. Unexpectedly, his bodyguard, who was so good at fighting, had already been knocked down by Scott.

When he was upstairs, he heard only a slight noise. That noise should be made when Scott was fighting with his bodyguard.
Seeing that his bodyguard was lying on the ground, Darius had to re-valuate how good at fighting Scott was.

This guy was too good at fighting!

Previously, he believed that this bodyguard was so good at fighting that he could easily knock Scott down. However, to his surprise, Scott knocked down his bodyguard easily.

Besides, Scott approached him from behind quietly just now. If Scott wanted to kill him, he would have been dead.

Darius swallowed his saliva. He had become the head if the Sue family for a long time, but it was the first time for him to feel helpless.

“I’ve already talked to my mother about you, but she doesn’t believe it. So far, I can’t deal with it, either.” Darius said.

“I don’t come to you to talk about it. I’ve taken Edith away. From now on, I’ll protect her.”

While speaking, Scott went to the sofa and sat down.

Darius frowned at once and said, “What do you mean? Do you think that I can’t protect Sylvie?”

Scott sneered, saying, “You can protect her? Could it be that you protect her by making her take abortifacient?”

Darius’s expression changed right away. He approached Scott, asking, “What did you say? What abortifacient?”

“Stop acting. You asked the maidservant named Emma to put abortifacient in the milk tea. If I hadn’t seen it… You should know what would happen.” Scott stared at Darius coldly.

“The child Edith is carrying is mine. Even if Emma didn’t succeed in doing that, I won’t let you get away with it!”

Darius immediately became anxious and said, “Stop talking nonsense! I’ve never thought of making Edith have an abortion.
Besides, I ask someone to prepare the most nourishing soup for her every day in fear that her child will be unhealthy because of her being weak. You’re slandering me. I’ll definitely not admit itt”

Seeing his reaction, Scott understood that it was Old Lady Sue alone that asked Emma to put abortifacient in the milk tea and that Darius didn’t know it.

Besides, finding that Darius had attached so much importance to the child Edith was carrying, Scott had a new opinion of Darius.

Being sure that Darius was not the person who asked Emma to do that, Scott was going to talk to Darius about other matters.

“Scott, could it be that you try to take Sylvie away from me by randomly finding an excuse and slandering me?” Darius asked while staring at Scott.

Scott took out his mobile phone, found a video and handed it to Darius.
In the video, Emma admitted that Old Lady Sue asked her to put abortifacient into the milk tea which was given to Edith.
After watching the video, Darius frowned at once. It never occurred to him that Old Lady Sue would do this.

“I don’t know it. Now Old Lady Sue doubts that I want to use some tricks in the process of building connections with the Nelson family with the Nelson family. Now, she just lets me to make arrangements for the meeting between Sylvie and the young master of the Nelson family.” Darius said.

“No matter what, you’re a member of the Sue family. Even if it’s your mother that asked that maidservant to do that, you should still be held responsible for it. If you don’t want me take revenge on you, cooperate with me. You have no better choice.” Scott said.

“Cooperate with you? What do you want to do?”

Scott narrowed his eyes, saying, “To destroy the Nelson family…and your wicked mother.”


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