The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 567 It’s Just that You Didn’t Use the Right Method

Scott immediately looked at Nadia with his eyes wide open in disbelief and asked, “What’s that?”

Scott had always been calm. Now, there was a panicked expression in his eyes. Nadia stared at him. Knowing why he reacted in that way, she repeated, “There’s abortifacient in that cup of milk tea.”

Scott was instantly filled with dread. There was abortifacient in that cup of milk tea. Didn’t it mean that Edith was already pregnant?

As aman, what Scott thought of first was that if it was his child. After all, Edith had been missing for more than two months.
During such a long time, anything could happen.

Thinking of this, Scott became angry. Previously, he thought that Edith was taken good care of in the Sue family. He had never anticipated that something like that would happen.

Seeing his reaction, Nadia immediately smiled, asking, “Are you wondering if it’s your child?” Scott gave her a glance and didn’t deny it.

“As expected, in this respect, you’re not different from other men.” Nadia smiled as if she had found something funny, “In fact, if she’s really pregnant, the child she’s carrying is highly likely to be yours. The people of the Sue family wants to build connections with the Nelson family with her marriage, but they haven’t met yet. Before that, I guess that the people of the Sue family won’t let her have any contact with other people.”

Hearing that, Scott immediately calm down. He thought that what Nadia said made some sense. Just now, when he thought of that kind of possibility, he did lose control of himself.

“Quick, ask your doctor to get her checked. I want to know if she’s really pregnant.” Scott said.

Nadia nodded, after which she went to ask a doctor to have Edith checked at once.

Before long, several doctors went into the room Edith was in with some equipment. After the check, the doctors told Scott that Edith had been pregnant for three months or so.

Hearing that, Scott was immediately breathless. Three months ago, Edith was still in J City. In this case, the child Edith carrying was Scott’s. This also explained why the people of the Sue family would put abortifacient into Edith’s milk tea.

After feeling glad, Scott began to blame himself. It never occurred to him that Edith suffered all these when she was pregnant.
When Edith had an accident, he was not in J City. However, he still thought that it was his fault.

“It’s been confirmed that your wife is pregnant. The reason why they want your wife to have an abortion is probably that they still want to build connections with the Nelson family with her marriage. What’re you going to do next?” Nadia asked while looking at Scott who had been lost in thought after knowing the result.

Scott raised his head, gave Nadia a glance and said in a cold voice, “I’ll come to Darius and ask him if he really doesn’t take Edith as his daughter. If he can’t give me a reasonable explanation, I’ll kill him.”

Nadia knew that Scott was really angry. If Scott hadn’t specially gone to People’s Square to protect Edith and therefore hadn’t seen Emma put the drug in the milk tea, he would have lost his child.

It was intolerable to Scott. Even if it was Edith’s biological father that had done this, Scott wouldn’t forgive him.

He had tried to make Edith have an abortion with abortifacient. Under this circumstance, he was not eligible to be treated as Edith’s biological father.

Scott always knew it.

“That maidservant is somewhat stubborn and is unwilling to admit it. What’re you going to do with her?” Nadia went on asking.
Scott sneered, saying, “There is no stubborn person in the world. It’s just that you didn’t use the right method. Take me to her.” Now Scott was angry. He needed to vent his anger. It was Emma that put the drug into the milk tea. How was it possible that he would let her off easily?

Nadia didn’t say anything more and went to the room in which Emma was locked up with Scott.

In the dark room, Emma was huddling in a corner and staring at the two strong men in the room with some fear. She had just been beaten up, so she had a bruised face now.

“Let…Let me go now. I’m a member of the Sue family. When our Mr. Sue knows that you did this to me, he won’t let you off!” Emma shouted at that two men.

Bath of the strong men were angry. They had never met such a stubborn girl. However they beat her, she just didn’t tell them the truth.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, your Mr. Sue will never know what you’ve been through here. Besides, you’ll soon disappear from the world.” At this moment, someone said while the door of this room was opened.

Hearing that voice, Emma shivered all over.

She raised her head, looked at Scott and gritted her teeth, saying, “Kidnapping me for no reason and falsely accusing me of drugging our young lady, your behavior is unforgivable. The people of the Sue family would punish you for it.”

Scott approached Emma and then crouched down. He smiled at her and pulled one of her arms.

“So, you’re still unwilling to tell me the truth, right?” Scott asked.

Emma tried to withdraw her arm several times, but she failed.

“What… What do you want to do?” Emma asked with some unease.

“You have only three seconds.” Scott asked.

Certainly, Emma wouldn’t be frightened after hearing these words. She just stared at Scott and didn’t say a word.

Soon, three seconds passed. Seeing Emma didn’t say a word, Scott grabbed her little finger and then broke it with some force, making a clear sound. Emma screamed loudly.

“I’ll give you another three seconds.” Scott said again.
Emma cared only about her finger and therefore didn’t answer Scott’s question. She kept struggling, looking helpless and weak.
Three seconds passed. Scott broke another finger of Emma without any hesitation.

Even Nadia and that two strong men, who were watching, couldn’t help gasping, especially that two strong men. Previously, they believed that they had been quite cruel. Now, they knew that they were too gentle to Emma.

This scene repeated. Scott broke Emma’s six fingers in total. When Scott was about to break the seventh finger of Emma, Emma spoke while enduring the severe pain, “It’s Old Lady Sue who asked me to drug Miss Sylvie. She said that Miss Sylvie couldn’t marry into the Nelson family while she was carrying other’s child. Old Lady Sue had asked me to do all that. Please, spare me. I know that I was wrong. I’ll never do that again.”

Hearing that, Scott narrowed his eyes, in which there was a murderous expression.


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