The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 566 I Will Destroy the Sue Family, Even the Nelson Family

Neither Emma nor Edith had anticipated that someone would suddenly rob Edith of the milk tea, so they were all frightened.

When Scott said those words, Emma was scared. She didn’t expect that Scott would be watching her when she put the drug in the milk tea.

She immediately rolled her eyes. Then, she cried while glaring angrily at Scott, “It’s you again. What on earth do you want to do? Before, you went to our home to make trouble for us. Now, you follow us to here. Do you really consider the people of the Sue family to be the one to be bullied?”

When Edith saw Scott, she also frowned. Obviously, she was somewhat unhappy that Scott suddenly appeared and robbed her of the milk tea.

Scott ignored what Emma had said. After she finished speaking, he asked again, “What did you put in this cup of milk tea? Answer the question!”

There was immediately a hint of panic on Emma’s face. But soon she figured out a way to deal with it. She shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about? I didn’t put anything in the milk tea. Do you deliberately come to make trouble for us? It’s rare that our young lady has an opportunity to drink a cup of milk tea. But you came to stop her. You’re too bad!”

Edith stood in front of Emma, frowned at Scott and asked, “What on earth do you want to do? We’ve been very forgiving of you before. Why do you harass me again and again?”

“Edith, she has put some powder in this cup of milk tea. It’s highly possible that she wants to harm you. She is not as good as you think she is.” Scott spoke to Edith.

Hearing that, Emma immediately became angry, saying, “Miss Sylvie, don’t listen to him. He’s talking nonsense and sowing discord between us. He has ill intentions. We had better leave here as soon as we can.”

“If you didn’t put any drug in this cup of milk tea, drink it now. As long as you drink it, I’ll immediately apologize to you.” Scott said.

Emma was immediately afraid and let her gaze wander, saying, “Who knows if you have put something into it after you rob Miss Sylvie of it? I won’t be tricked by you.”

“Well, I’ll take this cup of milk tea back and ask someone to make an identification. If I find what you’ve put into it, I won’t let you get away with it.” Scott sneered.

Emma was immediately in a panic. After giving the cup of milk tea a glance, she stretched out her hand to rob Scott of it.

Still staring at Emma with a cold expression, Scott raised his hand, so that Emma failed to rob Scott of the milk tea.

Emma became anxious at once. She turned her head and spoke to Edith, “Miss Sylvie, this is our milk tea. We can’t let this hateful guy rob us of it. He’s even going to slander me with it. He’s so sinister! Miss Sylvie, help me get it back.”

Then Emma rushed to Scott again.

Scott dodged easily and said coldly, “If you didn’t do anything wrong, why would you be afraid that I’ll ask someone to make an identification of it?”

“Obviously, you want to use this cup of milk tea to slander me. The reason why I want to take it back is that I want to protect myself from being slandered by you. Give it back to me now!” Emma spoke in a shrill voice.

Scott was so good at fighting that it was impossible for Emma to rob him of something he was holding.

Seeing that she couldn’t rob Scott of the milk tea, Emma simply held Scott, hoping that Scott would drop the cup of milk tea on the ground. If that happened, Scott wouldn’t be able to take it back for identification.

Scott didn’t anticipated that it was so difficult to deal with Emma. Seeing Emma held him, Scott gave her a kick without mercy, causing her to fall to the ground.

Seeing that, Edith hurriedly went to help Emma up and spoke to Scott with anger in her eyes, “Enough! What on earth do you want to do? If you want money, I can give you that. Why did you beat Emma for no reason?” Although Edith was angry, she was still tender. It made Scott’s heart ache to see that. Emma’s putting drug in milk tea meant

that someone wanted to harm Edith. Under this circumstance, he wouldn’t let Edith stay with the people of the Sue family.

“Miss Sylvie, make a phone call to Mr. Sue and ask him to send someone to help us, otherwise we’ll be harmed by this guy.” Emma spoke.

Edith hurriedly nodded, after which she took out her mobile phone and was going to make a phone call to Darius.

Scott sighed helplessly. Then, he approached Edith, took her mobile phone and said, “Edith, when you remember everything, you’ll Know that I don’t bear you any ill will. Now you’re just blinded by people of the Sue family. I can’t allow you to go back to the Sue Villa now. You might be in unknown danger there. Therefore, I have to let you suffer a little now.”

“You!” Edith shouted at Scott. Scott stretched out his hand and hit Edith’s back, after which she passed out.

Seeing that, Emma became even more anxious. She glowered at Scott and spoke, “Do…Do you know what you’re doing? The Sue family is the most powerful family in H City. You’ll regret having done this to our young lady in the future!”

“Stop acting. You had better tell me the fact. In this way, I may show you some mercy. Otherwise, I’ll destroy the Sue family, even the Nelson family!” Scott said coldly.

Emma’s expression changed. She didn’t expect that Scott dared to say those words. However, she thought that Scott was just trying to frighten her, so she was not going to tell Scott the fact.
“Stop trying to frighten me. You can’t afford to offend the Sue family, not to mention the Nelson family. If you insist on doing that,

you’ll be done!” Emma shouted.

Seeing that Emma was unwilling to tell him the truth, Scott no longer talked to her. He took out his cell phone and made a phone call to Nadia, asking her to send someone to pick him up.

Seeing that Scott was not going to let her go, Emma immediately stood up and tried to run away. Scott caught her, after which he hit her leg, making it impossible for her to run away.

Before long, the people Nadia sent drove a car to the small garden. Scott got on the car with Edith in his arms. Then, he took Emma into the car. After that, they left this place.

In the corridor of the rest area of Lan Couch building, Scott was walking back and forth.
He had put Edith in a room. After being hit by him, Edith might sleep for one day.

Emma had been locked up by someone sent by Nadia. Before she told the truth, it was highly possible that she wouldn’t be released.

That cup of milk tea had been taken away by someone for identification. Now, Scott was waiting for the result of the identification. At the same time, he was thinking about this matter.

After a long time, he heard the sound of high heels hitting the ground. Nadia was approaching him with an identification report.
Scott immediately walked towards her and asked, “What’s the result?”

Nadia answered with mixed feelings, “There is indeed some drug in that cup of milk tea. According to the doctor who had made the identification…”

“It’s abortifacient.”


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