The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 565 Drug

In a Western restaurant.

Scott and Nadia was sitting at the table while a foreigner in a suit was playing the violin elegantly beside them. It was a comfortable restaurant which made its customers feel comfortable.

“In my opinion, the girl named Nova is pretty good. Finally, it’s decided that she would be given an offer. Unexpectedly, she refused to work in our company. Does she fear you?” Nadia said with a smile.

“People have their own objectives. What choice to make is her business. It has nothing to do with me.” Scott said.
“You’re really boring. I’ve never failed to continue a conversation before I knew you.” Nadia said.
Scott shrugged. He didn’t care about how Nadia viewed him at all.

“The young master of the Nelson family has come back. He is called Rocco, and is a fighting fanatic. In the past few years, he has been learning how to fight from a master in fighting in R Country.” After some thought, Nadia moved to another topic.

“No matter who he is, as long as he dares to marry my wife, I’ll annihilate him, even if he is a legend master in fighting.” Scott smiled. He had always been very confident in his skill in fighting.

“After Rocco came back, he began to go to various underground boxing field in H City. He’s really very good at fighting. So far, no one can defeat him. If you’re really so confident in yourself, why not go to have a fight with him?” Nadia joked.

“I shouldn’t do that now. At the right time, I’ll have a good fight with him.” Scott answered, “How is what I asked you to do going?”

Nadia smiled, saying, “With I’m in charge, you can be at ease. When the right time you mentioned arrives, I’ll definitely make the Nelson family suffer a lot.”

Scott nodded. Then, he ate the last piece of steak in the plate.

At this moment, Nadia received a short message on her mobile phone. After a glance, she handed it to Scott.
“The person you’ve been thinking about is leaving her home. Aren’t you going to protect her secretly?”

Scott read the message, knowing that Edith and Emma had left the Sue Villa and were seemingly going to have a walk in People’s Square.

After Scott came back from the Sue Villa last time, he had already asked Nadia to send someone to keep an eye on the Sue Villa 24 hours a day. According to his requirement, if Edith left the villa, the news must be reported immediately.

After wiping his mouth with a napkin, Scott headed out of the restaurant without saying goodbye to Nadia.

Of course, Nadia knew what Scott was going to do. She was immediately angry and murmured, “You leave here without saying goodbye to me. It’s really annoying.”

After spending some time with Scott, Nadia had roughly got to know Scott’s personality. Besides, she had made Scott lower his guard with some tricks. Otherwise, Scott wouldn’t have a meal in this Western restaurant with her.

At ordinary times, after lowering his guard against Nadia, Scott would have a word with Nadia. However, if something involving Edith happened, Scott would immediately ignore Nadia. It made Nadia very upset.

Watching Scott walk out of the restaurant, she ballooned her cheeks like a little girl with a hint of jealousy in her eyes.

At People’s Square.

After arriving here, Scott began to look for Edith earnestly. At the same time, to prevent himself from being found by Edith, he specially bought a peaked cap.

Now, Edith got Scott wrong. Therefore, Scott could only protect Edith secretly. If Edith found him, Edith might try to run away from him.

After having a wander around in the People’s Square, Scott didn’t found Edith. He thought: Edith came here to have a walk, she would definitely not go to a crowded place. So he headed for the small garden at the edge of People’s Square.

When he was halfway there, Scott saw a familiar people in a milk tea shop: the maidservant of Edith, Emma.

Since Emma was here, Edith should be somewhere nearby. He immediately looked around the milk tea shop.

However, after quite a while, Scott still didn’t see Edith.

He was not anxious. He had already found Emma. As long as he followed her quietly later, he should be able to find Edith.

So he waited a moment outside the milk tea shop. When Emma came out of the milk tea shop with two cups of milk tea, he pulled the cap low and followed her quietly.

Emma indeed headed towards the small garden. However, when she reached a place where there was not many people, she looked around, after which she approached a stone bench, put down the two cups of milk tea, opened one cup and then poured the powder in a paper bag into the cup.

Seeing this, Scott immediately frowned. He didn’t know what Emma had put into the cup of milk tea.

If he was right, one of the two cups of milk tea would be given to Edith. Scott believed that Emma was not going to drink the cup of milk tea which she had put some powder in.

When Emma continued on her way, Scott stopped thinking and followed Emma to the small garden.

From the previous contact, Scott had known that Emma was not a good person. In his opinion, it was impossible that Emma had put some medicine in milk tea to help Edith revive her memory.

Darius knew that he couldn’t deal with Scott, and he was unwilling to ruin the relationship between the Sue family and the Nelson family. Could it be that he wanted to kill Edith with poison and then tell others that Edith had died accidentally? Did he try to dig himself out of a hole in this way?

No matter what Darius wanted to do, Scott wouldn’t let Edith drink that cup of tea.
Soon after Emma arrived in the garden, Scott saw Edith reading a book on a bench under a tree.

Emma approached Edith with the milk tea. With a relaxed smile on her face, she spoke, “Miss Sylvie, I’ve got the milk tea for you. It’s delicious. I’m sure that you’ll love it.”

As she spoke, she handed the cup of milk tea to Edith. It was exactly the one in which she had put some powder.

Edith took the milk tea with a smile, saying, “It smells yummy. I don’t remember whether I liked drinking milk tea or not before, but I want to drink it just because of the smell.”

Emma said with a smile, “You liked milk tea very much before. Sometimes, you drank several cups of milk tea a day. Try this.
The milk tea with this taste is their specialty.”

Edith nodded. She opened that cup of milk tea and was going to take a sip.
Right at this moment, someone robbed Edith of that cup of milk from behind Edith.

“What did you put in this cup of milk tea?” Scott stared at Emma coldly.


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