The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 564 Beyond Reach

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly became serious. Everyone’s nerves became tense. Everyone knew that the boss of Lan Couch Group might be going to lose his temper.

The personnel manager did not expect that among these people who came to the company for interviews, there was someone who slandered Scott. This kind of person couldn’t be kept. After the interview was over, she had to kick this kind of person out.

Aydin raised his head and stared at Scott. At this time, he had already regretted it. He even had the urge to beat Elodie up.
After all, the reason why he said that to Scott was all because of what Elodie told him about Scott.

After a while, Aydin got up from his seat and said, “Sorry… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those words. I only misunderstood you because of her.”

When Aydin was speaking, he pointed directly to Elodie who was beside him. In order to reduce his own fault, he could only choose to betray Elodie at this time.

Elodie was dumbfounded immediately. She didn’t expect Aydin to point at her directly. For a while, she regretted it so much.
Unfortunately, she already knew there was no room to save.

Scott stared at Elodie, then continued to question Aydin, “So you can directly slander others just because you heard from others? Are you defending yourself?”

Aydin was speechless and didn’t know how to respond to Scott.

“Our company does not need someone like you. Your interview is over. You can leave. I won’t get even with you this time, but if 1 hear you talk about me like this next time, I won’t sit here and talk to you so peacefully.” Scott said.

Aydin suddenly looked anxious, and begged Scott, “Mr. Scott, I was really deceived by others so that I would say those words.
Please forgive me! This internship opportunity is very important to me. Please give me another chance. I will definitely work hard to make up for my faults.”

At this time, the HR manager suddenly remembered something and asked Aydin, “Your name is Aydin, right?” Aydin nodded immediately.

“I remembered today there was a colleague who asked me to take care of you and your two classmates. Originally, I thought it was okay. If you are really good, it will be not impossible. But I didn’t expect you to be such a person. I’m really angry. I want to go to ask that colleague what kind of person he introduced to me.” The HR manager was a little angry.

Aydin’s face became even more terrible. He didn’t expect that one thing that should have been very happy would turn out to be like this.

Scott turned his head and glanced at the personnel manager. Then he said, “Go and let the colleague you mentioned come over.”

The personnel manager nodded, and immediately left the conference room to find that colleague.

After a while, the manager brought a middle-aged man into the conference room. The middle-aged man obviously didn’t know what was going on. With a smile on his face, he respectfully asked Scott, “Mr. Davies, I don’t know what’s the matter that you called me over?”

Scott pointed at Aydin and asked, “Who is he?” The middle-aged man glanced at Aydin. Then he had a bad feeling, but he dared not hide it, so he said, “He…he is my nephew.”

Scott snorted coldly and said, “Then you really have a good nephew. With his behavior, you still want to pull strings for him and let him work in our company. Do you want our company to be destroyed by this kind of person?”

The middle-aged man’s face changed abruptly. He quickly asked, “Mr. Davies, I don’t know what my nephew did that made Mr.
Davies so angry?”

“Ask him yourself.” Scott said.

The middle-aged man immediately walked up to Aydin and asked with his eyes widened open, “Little bastard, wnat have you done?!”

Aydin told the middle-aged man the story of his mockery, provocation, and slander Scott in the car. After hearing this, the middle-aged man slapped Aydin on the face angrily.

“Bastard! How dare you! You even dare to slander the boss! Who do you think you are?” the middle-aged man roared.

Aydin was aggrieved, but he didn’t dare to resist. He could only lower his head and admit his mistake.

Scott stared at the middle-aged man, and then he said, “Since you are his elder, you must have something to do with that he has developed this kind of behavior. Starting today, you go to work in the bottom of the company. Go ahead and reflect on why you want to pull strings for this kind of person.”

The middle-aged man’s body suddenly stiffened, but he knew that it was wrong to pull strings for his relatives. Besides, his nephew slandered Scott so much. It was already pretty good that Scott didn’t expel him directly.

“I got it, Mr. Davies.” The middle-aged man said.

“You can take him away.” Scott continued.

The middle-aged man didn’t say anything. He turned around and grabbed Aydin’s ears, and took Aydin out of the room.

“Little bastard, you really made me so miserable this time!”

The two people left the meeting room. Everyone heard a curse from outside, as well as Aydin’s begging for mercy.

There was a brief silence in the meeting room. No one dared to make a sound. Elodie was even more nervous. Scott punished Aydin in this way. How could he let her go? Maybe the accusation against her would be stricter than that of Aydin.

She was ready to be embarrassed. She knew it was her faults, and she couldn’t escape it.

However, what Elodie didn’t expect was that Scott only glanced at her lightly and said, “You can also leave now. Our company doesn’t need someone like you.”

The simple single sentence made Elodie a little dumbfounded. She originally thought that Scott would take this opportunity to retaliate against her severely.

.. [can leave like this?” Elodie was still a little dumfounded and asked.
“Otherwise, do you still want me to drive you back?” Scott said coldly.

Elodie saw Scott’s cold face and instantly understood the reason. Scott never took her seriously. She felt that Scott might retaliate against herself because of her previous attitude. In her mind, the conflict with Scott was no longer a trivial matter.

However, in Scott’s eyes, he never regarded this as something worthy of attention.
This made Elodie feel helpless. It was more uncomfortable than Scott revenged on her.
It turned out that from the beginning, Scott didn’t take her seriously. It was her who was self-righteous.

After understanding this question, Elodie got up from her seat and walked out toward the outside of the conference room, dejectedly. She knew that she was no longer qualified to come here.

Nova thought she would be kicked out directly by Scott because of Elodie, but what she didn’t expect was that after Scott let Elodie leave, he also got up and left the room, leaving the rest things to Nadia and the personnel manager.

She was not stupid. She understood why Scott did not drive her away directly. It was just because her previous attitude towards Scott was not that bad, but it was nothing more than that.

Scott never looked at her from beginning to end, which made Nova feel extremely downhearted. Without the misunderstanding of Scott, she still had a lot of good feelings for Scott.

However, only now did she understand the distance between herself and Scott. This man was far beyond her reach.


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