The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 563 The Real Boss

Elodie and the others all looked at Scott who walked in with some doubts, wondering why a driver came to such an occasion.

“Why does this guy come here? Didn’t he know that the interview is going on here? Does he want to come over and make trouble?” Elodie said with a deep worry on her face. She was very afraid that Scott ran over to make trouble because of them.

“Relax! The chairman of Lan Couch Group is sitting here. No matter how courageous Scott is, he won’t dare to make trouble in front of the chairman. Otherwise, he will be fired.” Aydin spoke thoughtfully.

Elodie felt it made senses, so she nodded. But she still couldn’t understand why Scott appeared here.

After Scott came in, he walked straight to Nadia. When he was walking, he glanced at Elodie, Aydin and Nova, with a deep smile on his face.

Seeing Scott’s smile, Elodie immediately said to Aydin next to her, “Why does that guy smile at us and smile so gloomily? Wouldn’t he really come in and make trouble?”

Aydin frowned as well. He really didn’t understand what Scott’s smile meant.

Although Nova on the side was also puzzled, she still said, “I guess it’s just a casual smile. There shouldn’t be any other meanings.”

“No, we can’t let him ruin today’s interview. If this guy does something terrible and then puts the blame on us, we will get into the trouble.” Elodie said with a nervous face.

Aydin hesitated for a moment, and said, “I’ll get this guy out. Anyway, I have a relative here, and it seems that Scott is here to make trouble. Maybe the chairman will compliment for me because I solve this trouble.”

Elodie nodded immediately, thinking that the method Aydin said was feasible.

Aydin stood up from his seat immediately, looking like he was going to solve Scott, such a trouble, in front of the chairman.
At this moment, Nadia also stood up, smiled at Scott, and then gave her seat to Scott and then sat on the chair beside her.

Aydin was dumbfounded right away. He didn’t expect that this would be the case. Nadia took the initiative to give her seat to Scott. What did this mean? He, who was about to speak, was suddenly speechless, standing still a bit at a loss.

The HR manager glanced at Aydin and asked, “This gentleman, may I ask what is wrong with you?”

Aydin swallowed, and said with some embarrassments on his face, “It… it’s okay, but I feel a little uncomfortable sitting, so I stand up to adjust.”

“Then sit down as soon as you adjust yourself well.” The HR manager was obviously dissatisfied with Aydin’s behavior.
Aydin sat back immediately, with some cold sweat on his forehead.

Under everyone’s gaze, Scott sat in the position that Nadia had just given it to him.

“Crap. Isn’t that guy the driver? How could he sit in the position where the chairman just sat?”

“What’s the situation? Does this driver have a hidden identity?”

“It shouldn’t be, right? Didn’t the three people say that he was the toy boy who was abandoned by the chairman? Why could he sit in that position?”

After Scott sat down, the HR manager clapped her hands to calm everyone down, and then said with a smile, “I told you before that you are lucky today because the driver who picked you up today is the real boss of our Lan Couch Group. This can be regarded as a small investigation for you. I believe that in the process of coming here, our boss will also have a general impression of you. Next, let our boss say a few words.”

After hearing the words of the HR manager, everyone suddenly showed a stunned face. Many people subconsciously opened their mouths and looked towards Scott.

This seemingly ordinary driver turned out to be the boss of Lan Couch Group! For them, it was not lucky at all. It was terrible.

On the way, they all more or less despised Scott because of Aydin and Elodie. If Scott had heard them at the time, their interviews would be screwed up today.

Everyone was nervous. They were afraid that Scott would be angry because of what they said before. At the same time, they also cursed Elodie and Aydin secretly. The fact was completely different from what they said. The two of them really got everyone into the trouble.

Elodie, Aydin and Nova were all in shock at this time. They all looked at Scott incredibly. They didn’t expect that the personnel manager actually said that Scott was the real boss of Lan Couch Group.

Aydin turned his head and glanced at Elodie, with a questioning look on his face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Did you f*cking say that this guy is a toy boy abandoned by the chairman of Lan Couch Group? He also provoked the Sue family. Why is he now the boss of the Lan Couch Group? Are you kidding me?”

Elodie’s face turned pale. Her palms were full of cold sweat. She murmured, “How…how could he be the boss of Lan Couch Group? Doesn’t he come from other cities?”

Nova didn’t expect Scott to have such an identity. Thinking that she gave up those good feelings for Scott because of Elodie’s words, she regretted it. After a long time, she said to herself, “Maybe, from the beginning, we misunderstood him. All our gossips about him were guesswork. He never admitted them, and even bothered to argue with us. We never tried to verify.”

There was a sense of powerlessness in the three of them. Now, Elodie really understood who the self-righteous one was.

Scott glanced at everyone present, and then said with a smile, “I am a more easygoing person. Because I have nothing to do in the company, so I acted as a driver today. If this incident scares you, please forgive me.”

“You are all excellent college students. In fact, I have nothing to say. As long as you meet the standards, you will have the opportunity to come to our company for internship.”

“But if I have to say something, I will pick some of the problems that exist among you guys.” After Scott finished speaking, he looked at Aydin, who was already sitting on pins and needles.
Aydin felt Scott’s gaze, and immediately trembled.

“This sir, I would like to ask you, do you still think that I am a toy boy who is raised by Nadia? Where did your confidence come from when you said this?”

Scott’s question was like a needle piercing Aydin’s heart, causing Aydin’s hands to tremble, too.


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